Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle warns Audra that Jack is planning to release the information about the famous pop singer who was involved with underage girls. Kyle tells Audra that he persuaded Jack to keep her name out of the scandal.

Tucker tells Ashley that if she wants war that is what she will get because he isn’t done yet.

Nate catches Nikki drinking from her flask at the Athletic club. Nate goes to tell Victor and when Nikki sees them talking she goes home to drink alone.

Victoria goes to visit Claire and finds that she is gone but Jordan’s bracelet is on her pillow. One of the employees of the hospital tells Victoria that the security camera shows a blonde nurse taking Claire out of the building in a wheelchair. Victoria calls the police, Cole, and the Newman security team to look for Claire. Victoria sees Victor at the Athletic club and tells him that Jordan kidnapped Claire and he should be careful.

Victor goes to find Nikki because he is worried she has started drinking again. Jordan calls Nikki and makes her want a drink and then she tells her she has Claire and if she wants Victoria to see her daughter again then she will have to take Claire’s place.

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