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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the hospital, Sloan found the cop in Colin’s bed. He told her Colin left. She yelled at him for not doing his job. Rafe came in and uncuffed the cop. She ended up yelling at Rafe. He reminded her that she could have stopped this sooner. She told him she didn’t know where Colin was. Abe called out to Paulina. The nurse said she was his wife. She said she was going to take him far away from anyone who was going to hurt him. Chanel looked for Abe. She told Paulina that he wasn’t scheduled for any tests so he should have been in his room. Eric showed Nicole the swab. He told her he knew she was pregnant. She tried to lie, but he said Sloan told him everything. Nicole admitted that she was pregnant. He was upset with her for lying to him. She said she lied to EJ too because she didn’t know who the father was. Rafe put out an APB on Colin. He and Sloan continued arguing. Paulina and Chanel ran into them. Paulina told him Abe was missing. He told her Colin was missing too. She was afraid Colin took Abe. The nurse took Abe to her house. He asked if that was where they lived. She had cat pillows, stuffed animals and figurines in her house. He asked her about the cats. She said she was allergic to cats and he loved them. He said that didn’t sound familiar. She started sneezing. He said she wasn’t allergic to dust. She said she didn’t have time to clean up with him in the hospital. She said Whitley wasn’t much of a housekeeper. He asked who Whitley was.

Nicole told Eric she didn’t want to get his hopes up only to break his heart. She said she would do it anyway if he was the father and she can’t carry the baby to term. He said he would never blame her for that. He said there have been medical advancements. He said a fertility doctor could tell her what to do. She said she couldn’t think of that until she knew who the father was. She apologized for being a wreck. He told her not to apologize. He said they were friends. She said they were. He asked what they were going to do next. She said there was nothing to talk about until she found out who the father was. He gave her the swab and left. The nurse told Abe that Whitley cleaned for them monthly. He said he didn’t remember her. He said he needed to rest, but he needed to know what was going on. He told her they should call Chanel. The nurse asked who Chanel was. He said her daughter. She pretended to call her. Paulina had a panic attack. Rafe and Chanel tried to help her with her breathing. Paulina was going to be admitted in the hospital because her blood pressure was high. Rafe told her Abe was going to be okay because he was strong and a fighter. Paulina said he just had brain surgery. She asked how he was supposed to fight. Chanel said her love for Abe will get him through it. Paulina said he might not even know who he is. She said he might not know he is in danger.

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