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Recap written by Eva

Maxie (temporarily being played by Nicole Paggu) has a tough time running a meeting with Lucy and Tracy when they argue. Lucy thinks Tracy bought Deception because she is lonely since Luke died. Brook Lynn defends Tracy and Lucy stomps out of the meeting. Lucy tells Scott he is going to marry Tracy so they can take everything she has away from her.

Brook Lynn tells Chase Gregory asked her not to wait too long to get married because he wants to be at their wedding.

Finn is notified that his dad is in the hospital. Gregory tells Finn that he got dehydrated during his hot yoga class. The yoga instructor who came with Gregory tells Finn Gregory collapsed and was unconscious for a few minutes. Gregory’s doctor tells him he has to run tests to find out if his collapse is a symptom of his ALS. Chase tells Gregory that he and Brook Lynn will get married in the spring.

Alexis tells Molly that genetic surrogacy isn’t enforceable in the state of New York so Molly will need to adopt the baby after Kristina gives birth. Kristina and Molly tell Alexis they will look into it but they trust each other because they are sisters and nothing will come between them.

Sasha advises Cody to tell Felicia he is Mac’s son because she is investigating and will find out the truth. Cody tells Sasha he could go to jail for perjury since he signed an affidavit claiming to be the son of Leopold Taub when he was going to sue the WSB. Sasha tells Cody she will support him no matter what he decides to do.

Scott tells Felicia he is upset with Cody since he dropped the lawsuit against the WSB and Cody never got the expensive necklace that belonged to Leopold Taub. Felicia tells Robert she is very sure Cody is Mac’s son and she is going to prove it.

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