GH Short Recap Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Marshall refuses to play a clarinet solo at Curtis and Portia’s wedding because he is afraid it will trigger a schizophrenic episode. Portia once again asks Marshall to take the test to find out if he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. Marshall once again refuses to take the test again.

Spencer thinks that Josslynn isn’t telling Cameron the real reason that she broke up with him. Cameron trusts Josslyn and he believes that they grew apart and didn’t intend to hurt him.

Nina tells her Aunt Liesl about Willow and how much she wants to make Carly pay for keeping the truth about Willow from her. Liesl persuades Nina to concentrate on Willow and deal with Carly later. Liesl is determined to make Esme pay because she thinks Esme killed Britt.

Michael tells Josslyn that Nina is Willow’s mother and that Carly knew the truth and kept fit rom Willow. Josslyn can see Carly’s side of things and encourages Michael to cool down before he talks to Carly.

Sonny and Carly argue about y reason that she kept the truth from Nina and Willow. Sonny thinks Carly enjoyed watching Nina suffer but Carly insists that she was trying to spare Willow pain.

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