B&B Short Recap Monday, August 28, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke can’t believe that Liam won’t forgive Hope, but she supports her daughter. However, she advises her not to go back to Thomas, whom she still believes is dangerous. Hope angrily blames herself for what’s going on with Liam. Meanwhile, Thomas visits Liam to ask him to forgive Hope, but Liam refuses. Thomas calls him a fool. He goes back to Hope and tells her what happened. He urges her to be with him, and they kiss passionately.

RJ goes by the Forrester Mansion, noticing that Eric is not happy. Eric tells him that he wants to do another collection, but Ridge wants him to retire. RJ is outraged. Eric asks RJ to help him, since his hands hurt him now, due to arthritis.
Meanwhile, Ridge mentions to Steffy that Eric is annoyed with him, but he seems a bit clueless about why. He asks Steffy what’s going on with Thomas and Hope. He’s worried that Thomas will become obsessed with Hope again. Brooke comes by and tells them that she’s worried that Hope will run back to Thomas.

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