GH Short Recap Friday, April 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

rook Lynn persuades Maxie to plan Michael and Willow’s wedding even though it is very short notice. Maxie persuades Brook Lynn not to give up on Chase and advises her to go to the Civilian Review Board hearing which will decide if Chase will get back his job.

Finn and Chase persuade Gregory to talk to Alexis and try to renew their friendship.

Trina is able to find a satellite phone in the communications office of the ship and call her mother. Portia rushes the phone to Curtis, Laura, and Jordan who are talking by the hospital elevators. Portia puts Trina on speaker phone and Laura helps Trina find the coordinates of the ship’s location and the coordinates of where the ship is going so Jordan is able to give those coordinates to the police IT department.

Victor considers it a betrayal that Spencer held Liesl at knife point so he tells Spencer that he will now be treated like a prisoner.

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