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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Kristen. She told him that she didn’t think Thomas was the one who kidnapped Kayla. Brady wanted to know who she thought did it. She thought about her conversation with Megan. She told him that he would find out when he brought Rachel to see her. He wasn’t sure he could trust her. She said the news was explosive and would change lives. Chad and Stephanie found Thomas Banks at a warehouse in Greece. Thomas aimed a gun at Chad and Stephanie. She accused him of kidnapping her mother. Thomas denied taking her. Thomas said he followed them because he wanted Victor’s list of properties. Stephanie pulled out a list and Chad tried to distract him by talking about Susan. Chad pulled out a handkerchief as he started crying. Chad threw it on Thomas’ face and they fought over the gun. The gun went off. Hope learned that the police officer gave the prisms to an imposter. She showed him a picture of Thomas Banks. The cop said he didn’t recognize him. She wanted him to describe the man. He described him, but it didn’t help her. She wanted to look at the security footage. He told her it was erased. The guy said Steve mumbled something about Shane, but he couldn’t remember what it was. She offered her number in case he remembered something.

Bo opened the door to Harris. He realized he was Hope’s late husband. Bo recognized him too. Harris realized that Megan used the prisms to save Bo. He thought he was the one who kidnapped Kayla. Bo denied kidnapping her. Harris wanted to look around. Bo pulled a gun on him and told him to go home. He said he was going to tell Hope that he was still alive. Bo warned him that he would lose Hope if he did that. He wanted to know if he was ready for that. Megan and Kirsten talked at the prison. Megan was upset that Kristen called Brady to tell him about Bo. Kristen admitted that she did it. She would do anything to be able to see Rachel. Megan told her that she never confirmed that Bo was alive. Megan wanted to work with Kristen. Megan warned her that no one would believe a dead man kidnapped anyone. Chad got control of the gun. Thomas held on to his bleeding ear. Chad wanted to take Thomas to the police station. Harris was confused by what Bo was telling him. He was surprised he wanted him to be with Hope. Bo said that he was starting a new life without Hope. He was tired of people trying to drag him back to his old life. He told him that Hope moved on with her life. He didn’t want to break her heart. He wanted Harris to stay quiet about seeing him. Brady went to see Kristen. She told him that she was wrong about the information. She said Megan was telling the truth about Thomas Banks. She said he did kidnap Kayla. Megan smirked as she listened to their conversation. Hope went back to Harris’ hotel room. She told him what she learned at the station. She wondered if he had any luck. He thought about the deal he made with Bo. He told Hope that he didn’t find anything at Victor’s childhood home. He said the place was deserted.

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