B&B Short Recap Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Eric tries to play the piano, but his fingers won’t cooperate. He puts on a recording of the music. Donna comes in, thinking he’s playing. He tells her that he can’t play. They’re still waiting to hear from the doctor about getting more tests run (to find out what’s wrong with Eric). RJ comes in and greets them. He’s a bit worried about Eric, but Eric tells him not to worry about praises his loyalty. Eric plans to put diamonds on one of his designs, which are very expensive. When Eric leaves, RJ manages to pry out of Donna that Eric’s doctor thinks he might have cerebrovascular disease or TIA’s, and a blood clot could kill him. Meanwhile, Eric goes to take his pills, but he has another terrible coughing fit.

Hope brings Kelly’s favorite pillow by for Finn, so he can send it to her in Europe. They end up having a heart-to-heart talk about their love lives and hugging. He thinks she’s too good for Thomas, and the only reason she’s with him is that he only loves her.

Deacon and Sheila celebrate their engagement at breakfast. She feeds him strawberries. They plan to tell everyone they’re engaged, but they have to figure out how to do it first. He plans to get her a ring, too. Sheila just wishes that Steffy wasn’t a problem for her relationship with Finn, but she assures a worried Deacon that Steffy is in no danger from her.

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