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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to see Eric at the pub. Sloan left them alone to talk. Brady asked if everyone hated her. Eric said he wasn’t one of the people who hated her. He said they are taking things to the next level. He asked why Brady wanted to see him. Brady said he needed to find a way to keep Xander away from Chloe. Eric said Chloe would see through Xander’s act. Brady said Nicole didn’t. Eric said he had a point. He told Brady to forget about Xander. He said Xander wasn’t the problem. Brady said he was the problem because of the way he handled things between Rachel and Chloe. They believed Chloe wouldn’t let Xander in her life in a personal way. Brady said it wasn’t like they were moving in together. Xander suggested that he and Chloe move in together. He said she could clean the place while he pay the rent. She didn’t want to be his housekeeper. He said it would make up for what he did to her. They look for a place online. Chanel ran into Alex. He said he felt bad about what she was going through. She said if he really felt bad, he would get Sloan in bed and get a confession out of her. He refused to do it. He said Marlena help him realize he was screwed up. He said if he slept with Sloan, he could end up back where he started. He was willing to give her a loan. She said she appreciated it but she would be okay.

Talia kissed the man at the motel. She told him the police didn’t know he put her up to drugging the biscuits. He said it was his idea, but they were in it together. She said she was the one who was out there taking the risks while he was laying low. He was upset about what she said. He said his mother was the one Chanel pushed off the roof. He asked if she thought he liked sending her to do this for him. She apologized. She said she never should have said he put her up to it. She said she wanted to help him and still did. He said he knew how much she has done for him. She told Colin that Sloan was a suspect. She said Sloan had no idea he was the one behind everything. She thought about how she got Paulina’s keys from her purse when she and Chanel were fighting with Sloan. She told him there was no evidence connecting Sloan to the attack on Paulina’s office. He said since she used the keys, there was no forced entry. The police couldn’t pin anything they did on Sloan. She thought they should tell Sloan what they were doing. He said he didn’t want to make her an accessory. He said she would never risk her law license to do something illegal. While they were talking, Jada called her. Talia put the phone on speaker. Jada asked her what she did between leaving Chanel’s place and going home. Talia said she forgot that she had a headache and went to buy aspirin and took a walk. Jada told Rafe that Talia’s memory was good. She wondered how Talia forgot that she had a headache and went for a walk. She said as a doctor, Talia would have access to drugs. He asked about motive. She said it didn’t make sense. She said it went back to Sloan. Talia was concerned that her alibi wouldn’t work. Colin was upset. When she said Paulina and Chanel were nice people, he was upset again. He apologized for yelling at her. He asked if she was still with him. She thought they should back up a little, but he wanted to push the pressure on them. He said he needed her and couldn’t do it without her. He said he loved her. Sloan ran into Leo. She said she had a story for him. She said she had information on the police commissioner and his new detective. He said the story was boring. She said he could force Abe to enforce the fraternization policy against his friend and political allies. She said he could blow up the mayor’s office and the Salem PD. He liked the idea of being feared. He asked if she thought his column would throw Rafe and Jada’s investigation off track. She wanted to find out.

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