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Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed and tells him that they need to decide if they are going to burn down Dimitri’s house of cards by telling his wife that he’s having an affair with her gay best friend.

Kristen joins Dimitri in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen comments on Dimitri working up quite an appetite and asks if he was with Gwen or with Leo. Dimitri tells her to lower her voice. Kristen suggests he worry more about convincing the lawyer that he and Gwen are happily married. Dimitri tells Kristen not to concern herself with that. Kristen states that he needs to turn in an Oscar worthy performance. Dimitri tells her to hand him his trophy then. Kristen questions how he managed to convince Mr. Roth that he didn’t need to see Gwen in person. Dimitri asks who says he didn’t see her. Kristen questions how he arranged for Mr. Roth to meet with Gwen without telling Gwen about the money. Dimitri responds that he had a stand-in.

Leo remains dressed as Gwen in his room until Gwen shows up at his door.

Julie joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Julie apologizes to Maggie for not coming to Victor’s service as Doug wasn’t feeling well. Maggie assures that she understands. Julie says Doug is better today and asks how everything went. Maggie responds that the service was lovely, but then they had an uninvited guest. Julie asks who. Vivian then enters the room and announces that would be her.

Alex and Brady arrive at the hotel in Athens, Greece. Alex comments on the long flight and jokes about the flight attendant giving him the look. Brady reminds him that they didn’t fly to Greece to chase tail. Alex hopes they didn’t come for nothing as he worries it’s a longshot that they find what Victor was up to before his plane went down. Brady says the burning question is why Victor destroyed his will but says it’s the only shot they’ve got. Alex brings up the lead from Andrew and suggests going to see Constantine which Brady agrees with. Brady says he’s jet lagged and going to take a shower, then they will head out. After Brady heads to the shower, Theresa then shows up at the door, surprising Alex. Alex asks what the hell she’s doing in Greece. Theresa reminded him that she offered to help find out what Victor was up to while Alex reminds her that he told her Brady would hate the idea. Theresa says she got her own flight and Brady is not their boss. Alex tells Theresa that she should not be there. Theresa responds that she is there and suggests Alex tell Brady that he doesn’t give a damn if he likes it or not and that he’s grateful that she came to help solve Victor’s mystery.

Julie thought Vivian was rotting away in prison. Vivian responds that she was released on good behavior. Julie complains about the justice system. Vivian brings up Lani still being in prison. Julie tells Maggie to ask Vivian to leave. Vivian asks Julie about her great grandchildren and says maybe she should pop over to Washington DC to get reacquainted with Lani and Eli’s twins.

Leo tells Gwen that he was just thinking about her and wondering how married life is treating her. Gwen responds that it’s been wonderful and couldn’t be better. Leo says he’s so glad to hear that. Gwen talks about being worried at first when they had to cut the honeymoon short but it hasn’t put a damper on the romance. Gwen adds that Dimitri seems more in love than ever as he can’t keep his hands off of her.

Stefan asks Gabi if they are 100% certain that Dimitri is sleeping with Leo. Gabi informs him that she and Rachel finished their game of 20 questions while Stefan was sleeping and Rachel admitted that she saw Dimitri and Leo in bed together. Stefan realizes that Dimitri really did just marry Gwen for the money. Gabi talks about Gwen strolling around like the happy newlywed while her husband is being a completely, slimy dirtbag. Gabi tells Stefan that they have to figure out how to use this fascinating information to their advantage.

Kristen questions Dimitri thinking he could convince Mr. Roth that Leo in drag was his wife. Dimitri acknowledges that it sounds like a bad SNL sketch, but it worked. Kristen asks how if he said Mr. Roth saw right through Leo’s disguise. Dimitri explains that when Mr. Roth realized that he and Leo have genuine feelings for each other, he felt empathy for them. Kristen argues that Dimitri convinced her that he was just stringing Leo along to keep it from Gwen. Kristen asks if Dimitri has gone soft for Leo. Dimitri then confirms that Leo is the man he loves.

Leo asks if Gwen is saying Dimitri can’t keep his hands off of her. Gwen assures that Dimitri has been in a great mood the last few days and he’s always in the mood. Gwen talks about Dimitri’s appetite. Leo claims he’s so happy for them. Gwen thanks him and talks about how she can barely keep up with Dimitri. Gwen jokes that Leo’s joke about Dimitri having a magic penis is quite accurate.

Alex tells Theresa that he wishes they could hang out but he has to go get ready because he and Brady are going to meet Constantine. Theresa teases him and then tells him to go shower. Alex tells Theresa to book herself a flight back home and that she can charge it to Basic Black. Alex goes to shower as Brady then returns to the room and questions what the hell Theresa is doing there. Theresa tells him that Alex is in the shower because he just worked up quite the sweat.

Julie calls Vivian despicable. Julie tells Maggie to just say the word and she will kick Vivian to the curb. Vivian doesn’t think Maggie will be able to do that. Julie asks what she means. Vivian explains that the house is not Julie’s or Maggie’s either. Julie calls her out of her mind. Vivian doesn’t understand what Maggie is doing there as Justin and Bonnie left last night, so she suggests Maggie and Julie leave as well. Julie questions Victor destroying his will and that he and Vivian never divorced. Julie asks if this is some kind of joke. Vivian calls it no laughing matter and states that when Victor passed away, he was her husband and not Maggie’s. Maggie doesn’t give a damn and shouts that Victor was her husband in every way that mattered. Vivian says except legally. Vivian adds that she has some errands to run, so if they are still there when she comes back, she will have to call the authorities. After Vivian leaves the mansion, Julie calls her a bitch.

Stefan tells Gabi that they have two options, either expose Dimitri or extort him for every share of DiMera Enterprises that belongs to him and his mom which Gabi prefers. Gabi suggests they get the ball rolling by going downstairs to have a chat with Dimitri. Gabi thinks they better get the show on the road, so they get up and leave the room together.

Brady complains about Theresa following him to Greece when he’s on an urgent family matter. Theresa reminds him that she is family too. Brady questions why she would come uninvited. Theresa claims that she was invited by Alex, who thought she could help with their mission. Brady accuses her of lying as Alex would not invite her on this trip. Theresa argues that maybe Alex sees something in her that Brady doesn’t. Brady tells Theresa not to try playing her mind games. Theresa asks if he’s jealous. Alex comes out of the shower and asks Brady what’s going on. Brady hoped Alex could tell him because Theresa says that he invited her, so he questions if that’s true.

Kristen questions Dimitri falling in love with Leo Stark. Dimitri asks what difference it makes since Roth believed they were soulmates and that was enough for him to release the funds. Kristen asks where her cut is then. Dimitri says that’s on hold because he only brought the first installment of the trust and he has certain expenses. Kristen reminds him that he’s paying her to keep silent on his sham of a marriage. Dimitri argues that it’s only a matter of time before he gets the full inheritance. Kristen warns that if he crosses her, she will tell Gwen everything. Gabi and Stefan walk in as Gabi questions telling Gwen everything about what.

Gwen jokes with Leo that Dimitri and his magic penis might be the death of her. Gwen talks about her sex with Dimitri until Leo yells at her to shut the hell up. Gwen asks what that was about. Leo claims he doesn’t know what came over him and apologizes. Gwen thought he was happy for them. Leo says he is but he was up late last night and then admits he’s really jealous because Gwen has a rich, gorgeous husband and he has no one. Gwen asks what happened to his married boyfriend “Matthew Perry”. Leo says they broke up because he decided to work things out with his wife. Gwen says she’s so sorry. Leo says it was his own fault for getting involved with someone in the closet. Gwen encourages him not to let it get him down. Gwen calls Leo a real catch, praising him as clever, witty, smart, and intelligent. Gwen knows that one day, Leo will meet someone as wonderful as Dimitri. Leo then hugs Gwen.

Stefan asks Kristen what exactly she plans on telling Gwen and why it has Dimitri looking like he saw a ghost. Vivian walks in and greets them. Stefan questions his mother being there. Gabi asks how she got out of prison. Vivian asks if anyone’s ever heard of good behavior. Vivian asks how Gabi got Stefan to remarry her. Stefan clarifies that Gabi didn’t have to get him to do anything as they are in love more than ever. Vivian warns him to tread carefully because Gabi was in love with Nick Fallon and that didn’t work out for him. Gabi argues that Nick was an abusive jerk that she had to defend herself from and compares it to Carly Manning and Vivian’s nephew Lawrence. Vivian asks how dare she bring that up. Gabi complains about Vivian insinuating that she’s not good enough for her son which Vivian calls a fact. Gabi argues that Vivian is the reason they lost years because Stefan took a bullet for her. Dimitri interrupts to ask who Vivian is and what her issue is with the Von Leuschners.

Alex assures Brady that he did not invite Theresa. Theresa blows it off and says she’s here now, so they should just make the most of it. Theresa thinks they should go solve the mystery of Victor’s final days. Brady tells Theresa that there is no way in hell that she’s coming with them. Theresa says she’ll just stay here and do some sight seeing then. Brady offers to drop her off at the airport and book her a ticket home. Theresa argues that she did not take the long flight just to go right back. Theresa talks about adversity and says she can’t wait to explore Greece. Alex states that she clearly has no intention of going back so he thinks maybe they should just relax about it. Brady tells Theresa not to get in any trouble and warns her against following them which she says she won’t do. Theresa claims jet lag and tells Alex that she will just take a nap. Brady says they’ve wasted enough time and then exits with Alex. Theresa then grabs the phone and orders room service.

Gwen tells Leo that she must be off because Dimitri bought her sexy new lingerie to try on and she doesn’t like being away from her husband for too long. Gwen tells Leo that she will see him later and then exits. Leo mocks everything Gwen told him about their sex life and questions what kind of game Dimitri is playing.

Vivian introduces herself to Dimitri and asks who he is. Kristen informs her that he is Megan’s son. Dimitri brings up Carly being his cousin, who Vivian buried alive. Vivian goes over Dimitri being related to Carly and a DiMera, making him a Von Leuschner. Dimitri states that it makes him her sworn enemy. Vivian thinks she better get going. Stefan stops her and says she did a lot of talking and made it clear she’s as bitter as ever, but she hadn’t told them what she’s doing in Salem.

Maggie tells Julie that she can’t believe this is happening as she could lose her home and everything that she and Victor built to Vivian. Julie refuses to believe it and argues there must be something Justin can do. Maggie confirms that Justin looked in to Vivian’s claim and found out that it’s legit that Vivian and Victor’s divorce was never properly finalized. Julie argues that Maggie can’t surrender and she has to fight. Julie declares that a problem like Vivian Alamain can’t be solved over tea. Julie invites Maggie to her house where they can calmly plan her next moves. Julie says Maggie would only be gone long enough to get her bearings and so she doesn’t give Vivian the satisfaction of throwing her out of Victor’s house. Julie says it will better if Maggie leaves on her own so they can come up with a plan to throw Vivian out onto the streets. Julie encourages that Maggie has to fight and she’s going to fight with her.

Vivian tells Stefan that she has a slight infestation at the mansion before she moves in and then quickly exits. Kristen complains about Vivian being on the loose and says she’s going to call Eli to warn him. Kristen suggest she and Dimitri go finish their conversation but Dimitri convinces her that it can wait. Kristen then exits. Dimitri says he should get going too but Gabi stops him and says her question wasn’t answered, so she asks again what Kristen was threatening to tell Gwen earlier. Stefan then tells Dimitri that they’ll save him the trouble of coming up with a lie because they know. Gabi then reveals that they know Dimitri is having an affair with Leo Stark and tells him not to deny it because Rachel saw them in bed together and they know that he got Leo’s hotel in Iceland. Stefan tells Dimitri not to look so rattled, because they are willing to keep his dirty affair a secret. Gabi adds that they do have conditions.

Brady and Alex meet with Constantine. Constantine asks if they are related to Victor. Alex confirms Victor was his uncle and Brady’s grandfather. Constantine says he’s very sorry for their loss as Victor was a great man. Alex and Brady ask about Constantine’s meeting with Victor before he died.

Theresa waits on room service but is shocked when she opens the door.

Vivian returns home and sees Maggie is still there, so she threatens to call the sheriff. Maggie assures that she and Julie are leaving. Vivian comments on never seeing Maggie as the Matriarch of the Kiriakis clan. Maggie states that Vivian may have won this round but warns that the war is just beginning as she exits.

Stefan and Gabi talk about the look on Dimitri’s face when they demanded his stocks. Gabi says so much for Megan’s plan because now they got Dimitri and their shares right where they want them.

Dimitri goes to see Leo and tells him that they have a big problem. Leo agrees and complains that he is two timing him with his wife.

Kristen returns to the living room where she finds Gwen. Gwen asks if she’s seen Dimitri around. Kristen says he was there earlier but must have went out. Gwen calls that a shame as they were supposed to have breakfast together. Kristen states that there is something she feels she has to tell Gwen. Kristen adds that she wouldn’t have said anything but Dimitri has forced her hand. Gwen asks what it is. Kristen responds that it has to do with Dimitri and Leo. Gwen asks what about them. Kristen then reveals to Gwen that Dimitri and Leo are having an affair. Gwen then surprises Kristen by revealing that she already knew that!

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