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Recap written by Suzanne

Ned and Olivia wake up in bed together; she’s relieved again that he’s Ned and not Eddie. They make love again. Later, he remembers Nina being the one who turned in Carly and Drew. He wants to expose her, but Olivia asks him not to tell, to keep the peace with Sonny and everyone else. Ned’s angry that everyone blames him for it, but he agrees to wait for a while.

Brook Lynn asks Lois for help in promoting Blaze’s career – beyond pop music into country or folk. Yuri puts in his own two cents about country music, which helps them. They look through her songs and find one she wrote that talks about an unrequited love. Ned and Olivia tell them that Ned is no longer Eddie, so they’re overjoyed. Brook Lynn hugs Ned, who’s all dressed up in a suit, ready to go to ELQ. Lois hugs him, too. Ned apologizes to them all for how he acted while was Eddie and explains how he got his memory back. They’re shocked but touched that Olivia was his siren and saved him from drowning.

Ned and Olivia have breakfast, served by Yuri. Ned wonders where his briefcase is, so she tells him Michael borrowed it during an ELQ crisis. Ned wonders what that was about, but she doesn’t know. He hopes to run ELQ again, and Michael can focus on Aurora.

When Wiley begs Willow to go see Nina after school, Willow can tell that Michael still isn’t too fond of Nina. He admits that he still doesn’t like Nina because she’s pushy and can be unpredictable. Willow thinks that Nina has learned from her mistakes and that they should forgive her (because of Wiley).

Nina goes to Kelly’s to get breakfast to go. She and Carly chat briefly about Anna shooting Charlotte by accident. Nina sees Martin and gives him a hard time for betraying her to Michael. He tells her that Michael already knew, from someone at the SEC. She frets that Michael is blackmailing her. He suggests that he admit to everyone what she did, so Michael can’t blackmail her any more. She’s worried about Sonny and Willow cutting her out of their lives. He suggests that she be nicer to him because she needs friends.

Drew surprises Carly at Kelly’s, looking nice (all dressed up for work). He suggests they have breakfast. Carly is upset about Charlotte. They hug and kiss. Carly walks out of Kelly’s just after Martin leaves, bringing Nina her coffee and yogurt. Nina is happy to hear that Drew was there and is back at work. She tells Carly she’s happy for both of them. Nina explains that she’s been too busy lately with Crimson, her family and the Metro Court, so she’d like to sell her half of the Metro Court back to Carly. Willow walks up to bring Carly a baseball cap that Wiley had borrowed. She apologizes for interrupting their conversation. She thinks it’s great that Nina wants to sell the Metro Court back to Carly. Carly looks shocked and suspicious. Willow innocently suggests that they get Michael’s help.

Anna goes to the PCPD to tell Dante and Jordan about how Charlotte has been stalking her for months. They discuss all the details. Jordan realizes that Charlotte didn’t shoot at Anna at the pool. They figure that Sonny must have been the target at the Metro Court pool. Anna can’t believe that she thought it was some criminal from her past after her, but it was just a teenager. Dante is uneasy about the fact that Charlotte burned down her house, but Anna still insists that they not charge her, since Anna shot her. Anna blames herself for trusting Valentin and wants to know why Charlotte was after her.

Charlotte walks around G.H., with the help of Elizabeth (to get her strength back). Jake brings Charlotte flowers, making them both smile. Elizabeth leaves the teens alone in Charlotte’s room. Charlotte apologizes to Jake for sneaking away from him on Halloween. She explains that she had to protect her father from Anna and that Anna is not as nice as she seems. She tells him that Victor warned her about Anna and claims that Anna shot her on purpose. Jake wonders why she would do that, but Charlotte doesn’t know. She hopes the police can figure it out.

Chase gives Gregory a ride to G.H. for his appointment; he insists on waiting for him. Gregory returns with his hand wrapped up because he had a recent fall. He admits to Chase that he’s supposed to be using a cane, so Chase tells him that he should do that. Chase supports him but wants Gregory to do better about sharing things with him and Finn. They sit down, and Gregory pours his heart out; he’s been in denial about having ALS. Chase listens while Gregory talks about everything he’s lost, and seeing Chase reminds him of how he used to be. He’s always stayed fit and wonders how his body could betray him. Chase tells him what a great dad he’s always been (supporting him) and now it’s Chase’s turn to help him.

Drew greets Michael at Aurora. Drew is impressed with how Michael has been running things. Drew thinks they should try to take over ELQ again.

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