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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex and Xander ran into each other at the pub. Xander made fun of Alex for Bella not doing well. He said Alex shouldn’t have put Theresa in charge. While defending Theresa, Alex wondered why he would take advice from the person his father hired to mow the lawn. Xander tried to make peace by suggesting they break bread at Maggie’s Christmas gathering. Alex said they would break more than bread if he kept starting with him. Konstantin was upset about Theresa thinking she could walk away without consequences. He decided to call her. When Theresa’s phone rang, she saw Konstantin’s name. She ignored the call and hugged Andrew. Andrew told her Shane gave him Victor’s case. He said he saw Theresa’s face in one of the enhanced pictures. Theresa lied about Konstantin wanting to impress Maggie. She said he came up with the save the baby idea. Theresa said she wanted to help because Maggie was lonely. Andrew believed her because it sounded like something she would do. He said it made her an accomplice to kidnapping. Konstantin showed up and overheard Maggie talking to Sarah about Victor. Maggie told Sarah how sad she was. Sarah asked if Konstantin moving out made her feel lonely. Maggie said he had nothing to do with it. It was time for him to go because he put her family at risk. Sarah said she didn’t want her unhappy.

Jada complained to Rafe about not solving the Victoria kidnapping before Christmas. Rafe reminded her that Victoria was at home. He wanted her to let him know if she was moving in with him. Jada told him about Stephanie breaking up with Chad. It reminded Jada of her marriage breaking up. She said she moved too fast with Bobby. Jada didn’t know Bobby as well as she thought she did. They started to resent each other. They haven’t seen or heard from each other since then. She said running into Eric was another reminder that she moved too fast. When Sarah and Maggie finished talking, Maggie ran into Alex. Konstantin continued to listen to her conversation. Maggie told Alex how upset she was that Bella outweighed the ad revenues. Alex said it was a one time start up cost. She ripped into him for putting money in a dying commodity and for putting Theresa in charge. Theresa apologized to Andrew and wanted to know what he was going to do. He said he would tell John and Steve he couldn’t enhance the kidnapper’s face. She felt relieved. He told her what she was going to do. Jada told Rafe she wanted to take things slowly and do the right thing. He thought he could have avoided some of his pain if he did the same thing. Rafe wanted her to set the pace for them. He said he loved her and wanted her to let him know when she was ready. Alex told Maggie it would be better if he and Theresa didn’t show for Christmas given the way Maggie felt about him. Maggie tried to convince him to come. She said Justin missed him. Alex didn’t want anyone to have a bad time so he declined. Andrew warned Theresa to do the right thing and stay away from Konstantin. He told her he wasn’t covering up for her anymore.

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