Days Short Recap Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was talking to Sloan about the custody case. Maggie showed up. He was happy to see her, but she was upset with him. She yelled at him for going after full custody of Victoria. He said Sarah lied to him about being the baby’s father. He said she lied to him too. Maggie apologized to him for not telling him. She said she tried to get Sarah to tell him the truth but she was Sarah’s mother and had to respect her decision. He said he understood and apologized to her for yelling at her especially now. She said it has been hard, but Konstantin has been there for her. He said he was glad that Konstantin was there for her. He said Konstantin doesn’t like him. He said he was there for her too. She said she hoped for the baby’s sake he and Sarah got along. Konstantin was talking to Theresa on the phone when Sarah walked in and heard him mention Xander’s name. He got off the phone and talked to Sarah. She wanted to know what he was talking about on the phone. He lied and told her he was telling someone in Greece about the things Xander has done. He said they all knew his reputation and didn’t like him. She talked to him about the custody case. He said he supported her. She said she was trying to look like the perfect parent for her daughter. She said she knew how to do it. She wanted the nanny to put Victoria down for a nap, but he offered to do it. She handed him the baby and left. He insulted Victor to the baby. He said he was going to get all of Victor’s money.

When Maggie went home, Konstantin gave her a portrait of Victor. She loved the portrait. He put it on the mantle. She left to fix her makeup. Konstantin told Victor’s portrait that he was going to steal all of his wife’s money. Marlena, Steve and Kayla put Halloween bags together at the pub. Kate brought Thomas and Charlotte to the pub. Kayla pulled Steve to the side and told him to leave Chad alone about marrying Stephanie. She told him about Chad and Stephanie’s conversation. Chad and Stephanie showed up at the pub. Steve wanted to talk to Chad. Steve said he heard Chad was talking to Stephanie about marriage. Chad said he and Stephanie were on the same page when it came to marriage. Steve told him he was wrong. He said if Chad wasn’t going to marry her he needed to end it for her sake and the kids. Stephanie came over and asked if everything was okay. Steve said everything was okay. Chad asked Kate to watch the kids so he could talk to Stephanie. Stephanie wanted to know what was going on. He said he had to ask her something important. He said he needed her to be honest with him. He asked if she meant it when she said she didn’t want to get married now. Sarah met with Kayla at her office in the hospital. Sarah told Kayla about the custody battle. Sarah said it would look better for the court if she had a job. She asked if there were any openings. Kayla asked if she was ready to go back to work. Sarah said she didn’t have a choice. Kayla told her a part-time job was opening up. Sarah said she would take it. When Sarah left, Steve showed up and said he did something that could hurt Stephanie and Chad’s relationship.

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