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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do you have two sites?

We were originally at this site, but now we’re at this new site, which we think is a lot better. However, we only have a small staff of volunteers, so it’s going to take us a long time to move it all over. We like to update it as we move it, too, so it takes even longer. Thank you for your patience!

2. Can you help me get a job in Hollywood / meet an actor / write stories for my favorite show?

No, sorry, we can’t. We have no connection to the shows or movies, or the people who run them. Sometimes they allow us to review DVDs, watch shows ahead of time, or interview their actors. That’s it. That is all done via public relations people, not the stars themselves.

3. Can I buy an ad for your site?

Yes! To place a text or banner ad, it’s $75 for a year on either of our main pages. Rates are negotiable.  Use the contact page at right.

4. Can I place ad for gambling, casinos, porn, or cannabis on your site?

No, sorry. We don’t have any trouble with those things, but we aren’t going to run ads for anything controversial or that could get us into trouble. This is NOT negotiable.

5. Do you allow guest posts?

Yes, but they must be about TV actors or TV shows. They cannot be about any other subject. They can be any length, and they can have (follow or do-follow) links to your desired site (as long as the link doesn’t lead to a page about one of the items mentioned above).  A guest post is considered a contribution to our site, so you do not have to pay. In other words, they are free. Just send us your article. It should be at least 3-5 paragraphs long, spell-checked and proofread. They should not be published anywhere else but our site. Whether they are opinion or factual articles, please make sure you check your sources or facts.

We do not accept guest posts that are NOT about TV for any amount of money! If you want to buy an ad, then buy an ad.

If you email me about this, and I tell you to read this FAQ, and you still offer me money for a guest post, I will ignore your email.


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