GH Short Recap Friday, July 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Molly advises Kristina to take some business management classes so she can feel more confident when she opens the youth center. Kristina decides to talk to Michael and ask for his help to see about business management.

Nina asks Michael to consider making peace with her for Willow’s sake.

Dante and Charlotte go to visit Lulu at the long-term care facility. Charlotte cries and begs her mother to wake up because she misses her very much. (Lulu’s face isn’t shown on screen.)

Trina and Spencer decide to keep their relationship low key for now so Portia won’t have extra stress right now. Esme is jealous that Trina is more important to Spencer than her and Ace, so she decides to do something to change the situation.

Valentin and Laura arrive at the house in Chechnya where they believe Nikolas is hiding but the new owner of the house says he isn’t there. Laura thinks Nikolas is being held against his will.

Sonny has his bodyguards following Nanny Betty so she can lead him to Mason’s boss. Sonny tells Ava that once they discover the identity of Mason’s boss, the person won’t know what hit them.

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