Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ asked Wendy what she was doing with his phone. She lied to him and told him she was going to bring it to him. He said he didn’t believe her. He said she was looking for evidence that he tried to have Ava killed. She asked if she would have found any evidence. He said he left the phone there to trap her. He said Tripp put her up to snooping in his office. She said Tripp didn’t want her to do it. She told him she thought he sent the hitwoman after Ava. She said he didn’t need to do that because Susan was alive. She told him Ava remembered seeing Susan outside of the car before it exploded. He said he didn’t believe her. He asked how she knew what Ava remembered. He realized she must have seen Ava since she broke out of Bayview. He thought Wendy knew where Ava was. She said she didn’t know where Ava was. He ended up firing. When EJ went to the mansion, he told Johnny that he fired Wendy. He told Johnny that Wendy said Susan was alive, Johnny wondered if it could be true. EJ said he didn’t believe it. Rafe told Tripp he was going to charge him with aiding and abetting if he didn’t tell him the names on the passports. Tripp tried to brush Rafe off. When Rafe said he thought Wendy made the passports, Tripp said he did it. He said he learned how to do it by watching a YouTube video. Rafe said he didn’t believe him, He threatened to send Trask after Wendy. When Rafe was about to call Trask, Tripp told him to hang up the phone. Rafe hung up the phone. He said if Tripp told him where Ava and Harris were, he wouldn’t have to go after Wendy. Later on, Tripp and Wendy met at the hospital. She told him what happened with EJ. Tripp said he felt bad that she got fired. She said she told him the truth about Susan being alive, He said he understood why she told him. He told her about Rafe questioning him and what he said to him.

Jada asked Talia if she slept with Shawn. Talia tried to evade the question, but Jada kept pushing the issue. Talia admitted to sleeping with Shawn. Jada was appalled. She reminded Talia that everything was going well for her. Talia told her that Chanel dumped her for Johnny. Talia said she felt bad. She said she didn’t understand how she ended up sleeping with him. She told Jada what happened between her and Shawn. Jada asked if she thought about Belle. Talia said she wasn’t thinking about anything but feeling better. She beat herself up for what she did. She said she and Shawn knew they made a mistake. Jada comforted her and let her know that she was proud of her for being a doctor. When Talia left, Rafe showed up. He asked Jada if she wanted to go to London with him to find Ava and Harris. Belle asked Shawn where he slept last night. He said he slept in Jada and Talia’s room while they were working. Belle said she was glad he was safe, but she was worried when she didn’t hear from him. He apologized for worrying her, He also apologized for everything he said during their fight. He said he didn’t deserve her. She said they both made mistakes. She said they were going to get through this together. She didn’t want to let anything come between them. He said he wasn’t able to break the cycle he is in. She wanted to know where they would go from here. He admitted to having a problem and said it was too big for him to handle it alone. She was convinced that he was sincere. He said he would call Brady and go to a meeting with him. She said he was in Greece. He asked her to go to a meeting with him. She agreed to go.

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