GH Short Recap Monday, June 19, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ava searched for information about Pikeman at Sonny’s penthouse but encountered Pilar and left in a hurry. Pilar appeared suspicious of Ava. At the hospital, Austin advised Laura against going to Chechnya to search for Nikolas. Later, Ava met Austin in his office and shared her unsuccessful search for information. Austin suggested having Sonny fire Pilar to gain access to Sonny’s office. Reluctantly, Ava agreed to find a way to have Pilar fired.

At the hospital, Nina tried to tell Sonny something important but was interrupted by Leo’s surprise visit. Dante informed Sonny and Nina about Ned’s memory loss, as Ned believed he was Eddie Maine. Leo called Ned his dad, but Ned denied it. T.J. examined Ned and explained the traumatic brain injury. Tracy found Leo and explained Ned’s confusion, assuring Leo that Ned was his dad. Meanwhile, the family worried about Ned’s memory loss.

Laura asked Jordan to resign as police commissioner to serve as deputy mayor, and Jordan eventually accepted the offer. At Metro Court, Zeke revealed to Portia that Curtis had kissed Jordan, and Trina sensed something was wrong. Outside, Zeke warned Trina to keep her distance from Curtis. Inside, Portia confronted Curtis about the kiss and accused Jordan of harboring feelings for him. Portia tearfully walked away from Curtis, questioning their relationship.

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