Days Short Recap Monday, June 19, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel found Talia putting up Abe’s picture near the pub. Chanel wanted to know what she was doing. Talia said she wanted to do something to help. She thanked Chanel for saving her from Colin. She apologized for what she said about Chanel when she was talking to Colin. She said she didn’t want to hurt her more than she did. Chad ran into Theo at the Town Square. Theo was looking at one of the missing flyers. Theo said Abe’s office wanted him to make the Juneteenth speech. He said he was scared to speak in public. Chad said he knew he would get through it with the support of his family. Theo said he didn’t want to let his father down. Chad said he would make his father proud. Eli went to see Julie and Doug. Eli said he had days off so he wanted to help find Abe. Talia told Chanel that seeing Marlena has helped her see that Colin was emotionally abusing her. Chanel sympathized with her. Talia said she never thought about being with a woman until Colin made her go after her. She said she felt something when they got closer. Chanel thanked her for saving her and Paulina from Colin. Paulina looked at a wedding picture of her and Abe. She told the picture happy anniversary. Olivia showed up. Paulina was glad to see her.

Abe asked Whitley about their anniversary. He said her daughter said they got married on Juneteenth. She said they did. He asked her to tell him about the wedding. Eli told Julie and Doug that Lani was going to be up for parole in six months. He said he hoped she would be home by Christmas. He said she was mentoring prisoners. He said she wouldn’t be a cop again when she got out, but she would be great at whatever she did. He and Julie decided to go to the Juneteenth celebration. Whitley told Abe when they got married, their daughter Lani confessed to murder. He wanted to know why he was hearing about it. She said Lani was in prison. She said he had a son, but he lived out of the country. Abe asked why he hasn’t called. He remembered something. She told him not to push himself, Someone knocked on the door. Whitley opened the door. It was Talia. She had a missing person flyer with Abe’s picture. She said she was there because her sister was a cop. She said her sister had the address written down so she decided to check there. Whitley said she already told the police she didn’t see anything, Abe had a memory of his wedding day. When Whitley showed up, he said she wasn’t his wife.

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