Days Short Recap Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was ready for his trip. Belle saw him and wanted to know where he was going. He noticed that he was upset and wanted to know what happened. She told him about Shawn drinking and their argument. He tried to comfort her, but she was still worried. Marlena walked in and wanted them to meet someone. John brought Timothy in the room to meet them. Brady and Belle were happy to meet him. John told Timothy about his other son. Timothy looked at pictures of Paul when he showed up. Paul told him about himself. Andrew showed up to meet Timothy too. Marlena pulled Belle aside and she told her what happened with Shawn. Marlena was willing to talk to him, but she didn’t want her to do it. Theresa went to see Alex. He wondered how she knew where he lived. She told him that Stephanie told her where he lived. He wondered why she was there. She told him that she wanted to confirm their plans for dinner. He reminded her that he was going to Greece with Brady so they had to wait.

Alex and Theresa were surprised when Alex showed up. Alex wondered if Theresa and Andrew knew each other. Theresa told him that Andrew was her brother. Andrew said he was there to talk to Alex about his trip to Greece. He warned him that the crash was still an open investigation. He wanted him to stay out of the ISA’s way. Alex promised to stay out of their way. He told him what happened with Victor and Vivian. Alex asked Andrew if he knew why Victor was in Greece. He told him that he met with Konstantine Meleounis and where to find him. After Andrew left, Theresa suggested that she go to Greece with him and Brady. She let him know that her father was part of the ISA so her connections could help them. Alex didn’t think Brady would be okay with that. Shawn and Talia were drinking their sorrows away. He told her about Belle and his guilt over Bo’s coma and Victor’s death. Talia told him about Chanel dumping her. The pub was closed so the bartender wanted them to leave. They went up to her room. They went back to drinking. Belle called Shawn, but he ignored it. He asked Talia if Jada would be mad that they are partying in her room. She said Jada was working all night so they had the place to themselves. Shawn put their bottles down and kissed her. Talia pulled away from him briefly and kissed him again. They ended up falling on the bed.

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