Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker thinks that Kyle is setting a trap for him and is going to tell Jack his plan. Kyle tells Tucker to give him a loyalty test. Kyle assures Tucker he will do anything he has to do to make sure he and Audra run Jabot.

Nate tells Devon and Lily that he saw a text from Tucker telling her they need to meet. Devon goes to talk to Tucker hoping that Tucker will tell him the truth. Tucker tells Devon that he wanted to meet with Mamie to ask her advice on how to improve their father/son relationship. Devon sees through the lie because Mamie doesn’t know him very well since she hasn’t spent much time with him.

Mamie talks to Ashley and Ashley tells her that Tucker’s anger towards her on their honeymoon scared her so much she had to get away from him. Devon warns Mamie to be careful when dealing with Tucker because he is selfish and will do anything he has to do to achieve his goals. Mamie tells Tucker she wants out of their deal because she found out awful things about him from Ashley and Devon. Mamie tells Tucker she is capable of getting Jill out of
Chancellor-Winters all by herself and she doesn’t need him to help her.

Jack tells Billy that Kyle will only return to Jabot if he gets the co-CEO job. Billy tells Jack Kyle isn’t ready for the job. Billy also tells Jack he intends to fight to keep his job because he deserves it.

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