Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara, Claire, Shawn, and Hope talked to Chloe about Eve possibly bombing the church. Chloe couldn’t believe Eve could do that. Eve continued to make Ben think he was strangling Ciara. He thought about her and couldn’t go through with strangling her anymore. Sonny confronted Sami about going to Rafe about Allie’s baby. He let her know that she ruined everything. She wanted to know how it was her fault. Allie wanted to know why Lucas kept Sami’s secret. He tried to explain himself, but she went off on him. She said the only person she could trust was Will. She didn’t want to see Lucas anymore. Allie called Rafe and wanted him to come to the hospital. Will spoke up when Sonny yelled at Sami about what she did. Rafe went to Allie’s room and she confronted him about knowing what Sami did. Ben tried to escape the warehouse, but Vincent and Eve caught up to him. Vincent continued to brainwash Ben to kill Ciara. Chloe talked to Hope and company about the way Eve changed.

Sonny wanted answers from Sami about her intentions of keeping him and Will in the dark about the baby. She wanted them to be the ones to get the baby. He had trouble believing her, but she didn’t care. Rafe explained what happened when Sami talked to him. Allie wanted to know why he didn’t tell her so he explained that too. Chloe continued to tell everyone how Eve was talking about Ben and wanting revenge. She also mentioned how Eve met a new man. Hope asked if Eve gave her a name. She told them that the guy’s name was Vincent. Eve continued to torture Ben. Sami wanted to sign the adoption papers, but Sonny didn’t want her to do it. He and Will wanted to talk to Allie themselves. Eve told Ben that she didn’t care who she had to hurt because of what he did to Paige. He warned her that she wouldn’t get her daughter back. She didn’t think that he should live happily while she suffered. Sonny and Will checked on Allie and were ready for her to sign the papers. Vincent continued to give Ben electric shocks. Hope and Ciara went to the warehouse, but didn’t see Ben or Eve.

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