Y&R Short Recap Friday, December 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sharon calls Chance to tell him she can’t go to a concert with him, so he asks Summer to go with him to the concert. Summer considers turning down the invitation because she doesn’t want to come between Chance and Sharon, but Daniel advises her to face her feelings for Chance.. Summer calls Chance to tell him she will go to the concert with him.

Billy decides to leave Jabot and go help Jill battle Tucker at Chancellor-Winters. Tucker goes to the Abbott house to tell Jack he wants to call a truce and that he won’t go after Jabot. Tucker also tells Ashley to name her price for her half of their company. Ashley sends Tucker the contracts for his signature. Tucker later tells Kyle that he needs information on a new product that Jabot is working on so his new company can launch it first and then he will frame either Billy or Diane as the mole inside Jabot. Kyle thinks Tucker plans to frame him as the mole. Kyle asks Aura to help him turn the tables on Tucker before he leaves them both out in the cold.

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