Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie was surprised that Chad came to his senses about Everett. She was suspicious of him until he wanted to invite Everett over. Chad realized he was off base about Everett’s intentions towards her. Stephanie insisted that Chad wasn’t wrong. She admitted what Everett’s intentions were when she first saw him. Xander told Everett that he had to let him go. He wanted to know why. He thought about Chad’s offer. Xander lied about Gwen disapproving of his article about Leo. He told him that Gwen wanted him to fire him. Everett didn’t believe him. Steve thought Konstantin had an accomplice so he could look like the hero in the kidnapping. Kayla didn’t think that theory was true. Sarah agreed with Kayla that Konstantin was charming. She remembered that she was hesitant about him at first too and shared her thoughts with Maggie. Steve thought Konstantin probably heard them. She thought it was possible. Sarah admitted that her feelings about Konstantin changed when he saved her daughter. Steve thought his plan worked like a charm. They wondered who the accomplice was. Alex overheard Theresa and Konstantin talking about her going after Alex’s inheritance. He wondered why Konstantin cared about it. Maggie overheard them and wondered why it mattered to Konstantin as well. He covered his tracks by saying he was concerned about Theresa’s motives. Alex and Maggie defended Theresa.

Chad and Stephanie enjoyed their time together until Everett arrived. He let Stephanie know they won’t be working together anymore. She wanted to know what happened. He told her that Xander’s silent partner wanted him to go. He wasn’t sure what would happen to her because he hired her. She wondered what he would do now. He would figure it out. Chad pretended to be shocked about his firing. He wished him luck. He had dinner with Stephanie and assured her that things would be okay. It wasn’t her fault that Everett lost his job. Everett called Gwen, but he got her voice mail. Maggie talked to Konstantin. He let her know that Steve wanted her to leave town. She wanted to know why. He admitted that he lied to her about the tablecloth. Konstantin also admitted that he lied about his relationship with Victor. He swore that everything else was the truth. Steve suggested he tell her about the kidnapping. Konstantin was upset that he accused him of the kidnapping. He could tell them who really did it.

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