Days Short Recap Thursday, December 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady confirmed the kidnapping plans with Eric on the phone. Kristen arrived and told Brady that she didn’t think she was going to the wedding. She saw John and Marlena leave and she didn’t want to leave Rachel alone. He let her know that Eric was going to watch her. Kristen thought he was going to a lot of trouble to get her to go to the wedding. He made it seem like he wanted people to see them together and that he wanted a future with her. Everyone was getting ready for Gabi and Li’s wedding. Kristen and Brady arrived for the wedding. They ran into Nicole and EJ. Kristen and EJ talked for a little while. She wanted to take a picture with Brady so she could send it to Rachel. Nicole and Rafe saw each other when he walked in the room with Jada. Li walked to Rafe and Jada to let them know that Gabi was late for the ceremony. Kristen started drinking and told Brady about Chloe being in Miami with Stefan. He informed her that she couldn’t keep them apart forever. She would have to accept it soon. Kristen wanted to know what that meant. Brady dismissed her concerns. More guests arrived for the ceremony. Rafe went to look for Gabi. Johnny talked to Wendy. He noticed that she was stressed out about the ceremony. Li announced that they were ready to begin the ceremony.

The guests saw Gabi arrive for the wedding. The Justice of the Peace started the ceremony. The Justice of the Peace wanted to know if anyone objected to the wedding. Wendy announced that she had something to say. She told Gabi she was happy to be getting her as a sister. Li was angry and told her that she could have said that at the reception. They continued with the ceremony. Gabi hesitated when it was her turn to say her vows. Memories of Stefan came flooding back to her. She went through with the ceremony and they were married. After the ceremony, Rafe welcomed Li into his family. Li’s phone rang. He thought he turned it off. Rafe wondered if it was Dr. Rolf again. Gabi was concerned when she heard that he talked to Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf left Li a message warning him about the CRS 17 could wear off in weeks with certain triggers. He hoped that didn’t happen with Gabi. At the reception, Rafe gave Gabi a drink. He asked her if she was okay. She flashed back to Dr. Rolf’s lab. She announced that Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan to hate her. Li tried to get Gabi out of the room, but she refused to move. Gabi remembered Dr. Rolf telling her that Kristen made him do it to keep Brady from Chloe. Brady got upset and looked at Kristen. She said if she was involved, it wasn’t her idea to do it. Gabi remembered Dr. Rolf saying it as Li’s idea to brainwash Stefan. Gabi glared at Li.

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Days Short Recap Friday, December 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi yelled at Li. She told him it was his idea to brainwash Stefan. Li said Rolf was lying. Li said he could never betray her like that. She thought about Rolf’s confession. She accused Li of trying to kill Stefan in his sleep. She said he tried to murder the man she loved. She thought about Rolf injecting her with something to make her forget the truth. She yelled at Li He asked her if they could go somewhere so they could talk. Rafe said they weren’t going anywhere. He said Kristen wasn’t either. Jada put handcuffs on her. Rafe handcuffed Li. Brady went with Jada and Rafe while they were taking Kristen and Li away. Gabi asked for Wendy’s phone so she could call Stefan. Stefan was planning a night with Chloe, so he didn’t hear the phone. Gabi left a message on his phone. Gabi asked Nicole if she knew where Chloe and Stefan were staying. Nicole gave her the name of the hotel. Gabi left. Johnny went too so he could give her a ride.

At the police station, Rafe told Li and Kristen that they weren’t charged with anything yet. Rafe said it was a preliminary investigation. Li and Kristen said they wanted their lawyers. Rafe didn’t let them contact their lawyers. Jada told Rafe they needed to call their lawyers. She said their case would be ruined if they didn’t call their lawyers. He agreed to let them call their lawyers. He said Li and Kristen would think the police couldn’t make a case and have a false sense of security. Rafe said he would build a case against Li so he could put him away. Brady showed up to find out what was going on. Rafe and Jada told him they were going to let Kristen go. Li ran into Wendy and Johnny at the town Square. She told Li that Gabi went to Miami. Wendy told Li he was on his own from now on. Stefan and Chloe had fun with each other. He noticed Gabi’s message but didn’t listen to it. Chloe told him she had a great time and didn’t want it to end. They kissed each other.

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GH Transcript Friday, December 30, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Applause ] Don’t worry, gal pal. We all know how much you hate the birthday song. But there is one tradition we must insist on. Mm-hmm. Make a wish.Make a wish. Ohh. Okay. Ohh.

[ Laughs ] Okay. We should go in. People will wonder why we’re not there. That is the point. To make people wonder about us so that word gets back to esme. Did he wake up? Oh, no. He’s completely zonked out. Poor guy. He was so determined to make it to midnight. Well, he got to see midnight… in london. Which was genius on your part. But wiley really wanted to stay up and ring in the new year here in port charles. Well, there’s always next year. Why did you want to come here for dessert instead of staying at the restaurant? Because nothing on their menu looked as good to me as an ice cream sundae. And I hope that doesn’t disappoint you. Nothing with you ever disappoints me. I’m just glad it’s just the two of us. Yeah. I’m really sorry to make you wait out here. I just need some privacy to talk to cam. Take as long as you need. Thanks. What, are you trying to match me?

[ Laughs ] Hi. Hey. Happy new year. Happy new year. What brings you to kelly’s on new year’s eve? I’m not just worried about you. I’m worried about spencer. If you know something, you should tell me. I can’T. Why? Has victor threatened you? Listen, no one is at risk if we play his game. But if you insist on taking victor down, I will go down with him. Leave him alone, or you will lose your son. I’m not going to let him do this to you. He can’t take you away from me. Don’t be so sure. Are you saying that you have fallen so far that victor is your only way back? One day you’ll go to school, ace, and I’ll teach you about the fire triangle. The three things you need to start a fire. Oxygen, fuel, and heat.

[ Sighs ] I wish — no, don’T. If you tell, your wish won’t come true. Forgive me. This is my first birthday party.

[ Laughter ] There’s still time, you know. Britt, you can stay here. Change your mind and stay.

I know you’re new to this, but the tradition is that you blow out all the candles. Hey. Here. Oh.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo! Happy birthday! Happy birthday. Dr. Westbourne, will you do the honor of performing surgery on your cake? I need the practice. For all those surgeries I’ll be picking up on your vacation. You ready? I’m going to do it. Aaah!

[ Cheers and applause ] Yummy. All right. Ooh. There we go. The birthday girl gets the first slice. Thank you. Besides cake, we have another special treat for the birthday girl. Mommy dearest, you’re on.

Mutter, you?

Ja, liebchen. This is a song I sang at the nurses’ ball, which brought the house down, if I do say so myself.

[ Cheers and applause ] Whoo! Elizabeth. Hey, I know this is none of my business. But I’m still a doctor, and I — I still care about you. You know that drinking this early in your pregnancy isn’t good for the baby. Finn, there is no baby. We should join the party. Hey, just a little longer. We want everyone to miss us, remember? Spencer… this is a very dangerous game. It’s not all a game. I-I came to talk to cam. Oh, joss, cameron’s not here. He’s filling in for one of the catering crew. Oh. Do you know when he’ll be back? Not till after midnight. Oh. Okay, well, I guess I’ll have to talk to him another time. Happy new year. Yeah, you too. Wait. Joss, wait. What’s — what’s the rush? You, uh — you want to join us? I’m the only one to blame for the errors in my judgment. And I won’t let you get involved. Oh, nikolas. You don’t understand. I am involved. It’s like I made it my life’s work to disappoint you. Oh, no. Don’t say that. Please don’t say that, nikolas. There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you. The cassadines have been trying to take you away from me since the day you were born, and I am not going to let them win. Mother, I love you. For fighting for me, for whatever… bit of soul that I have left. But it’s not just about me. It’s a long shot. I may end up trapped instead of with a way to escape. But it is the only chance I’ve got. No. The only chance we’ve got. Brace yourself. It won’t be long now. You were wunderbar. -A real star. -Incredible. Bravo, mutter. I only wish there could be an encore. There will be if I have anything to say about it, hm? What do you mean there’s no baby? I had a miscarriage. You know, this may be britt’s first birthday party, but she did it right, didn’t she? Everyone’s enjoying themselves. Yeah, I don’t care. I just care that you’re — you’re enjoying it. Yeah. People must be asking about us by now. If they are, then good. We want it to get back to esme. Okay. We should — we should get back. Yeah.

[ Rattling ] What was that? I don’t know. The wind? Probably people at the party.

fine if you want to opena bottle of champagne. I won’t feel deprived.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t be so noble. I know you love champagne. I do, especially the kind you buy. And since we have a rack full of it, you should open one. Sit here and what, guzzle champagne while you go without? No. I am very happy with my sparkling cider. So am I. We can have champagne next year. I thought we were going to celebrate with wiley next year. Well, we can do both. Champagne for us and cider for wiley. Then maybe we can wake up the baby, and all four of us can ring in the new year together. Because nothing says “happy new year” like a screaming baby. Well, maybe our daughter will be a night owl, and she’ll like staying up at midnight. Then you can be the one to get her back to sleep. Okay. You have my solemn promise. Michael… what if I’m not here next year? I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks. I wouldn’t blame you if you said this was poetic justice. I would never say that. You know, you and — you guys could try again. What happened with nikolas was never going to last. Ava knows, but I never told the boys. Not that you owe me anything, but — they won’t hear it from me. No one will. Thank you. Happy new year. Elizabeth. You probably want to know what that was all about. And when you’re ready, you’ll tell me. Or not. Ohh. May I have your attention? You’re not going to sing, are you? Baldwin, please say you’re not. I couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles. So if there’s no more hecklers, let’s get on with this. We had great music. We had a great cake. And now there’s one thing missing, though. Presents?

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. So, you guys are super dressed up. Are you going somewhere fancy to watch the ball drop? Oh, we did fancy. Now we’re just enjoying sundaes. That’s a fun way to start the new year. Bet you guys are excited. Yeah, I’m excited for all the cool projects we’ve got planned. Projects? Yeah, our new year’s resolution is a do-it-yourself remodel of the den. That’s impressive. What about you? Any resolutions? To become a doctor. What? Yeah. Wow. Since when? Well, a lot of it has to do with when I found ava after she had been stabbed. And I just felt so helpless. I just didn’t know what to do to help her. And then I realized that I can learn what to do. So I decided to submit my application to switch my major to pre-med. Wow. That is amazing. You’re going to be an incredible doctor. Good for you for going through something terrible and finding a positive way to take action. Thank you. And, god, I hope the police find esme and locks her up and throws away the key. Yeah. Look, I want to catch the hook killer, too, but we don’t know that it’s esme for sure. And we both know what happens when we jump to conclusions, right? What am I missing? Well, for a while there, sony thought that dex was behind the killings. Right, joss? I should have never come back to port charles. I would have done everyone a favor if I just — I stayed dead. No, don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that. Nikolas, I was heartbroken when I thought that I had lost you. And spencer, that’s when he began to spiral. And actually, I don’t think he ever really recovered from it. We need you to fight for yourself and to fight for us. You know, if you give in to victor now, he will never let go, honey. What if it’s too late? It’s not. It is not too late. I will back you up with every possible resource I can muster. Everything, I promise you. Look, if you could have a clean slate, wipe it clean and start over, would you do it? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. It is never too late. It can start tonight. All you have to do is decide — do you belong to victor or do you belong to yourself? Trina: I hope joss and cam join us before midnight. Spencer: Yeah. They will if he can get off work on time. Spencer, trina, what are — what are you guys doing out here? You’re missing all the fun. There’s cake and birthday presents. We were just getting a breath of fresh air. In the cold. We didn’t realize how long we were out here. Yeah. It didn’t feel that cold to me. Shall we? Something to remember our first christmas by.

The party’s going very well. I hope britta’s happy. Yes, yes. Okay, everyone. After a slight delay to round up some stragglers, it’s time to get back to the business at hand. Britt, some of your nearest and dearest worked together to give you a very special birthday present. Happy birthday, britta. Thank you, mutter. Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] A remote control.

[ Laughter ] Bring it in, boys. All: Ooh.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Do you have any idea what’s going on? Just watch. I don’t know what this is. Lights, camera, action! Hit play. Britta westbourne, this is your life. We’re so prepared

[ Laughter ]

Our practice done all the work we put in now the time has come standing tall, shoulders back there’s nothing you need or lack a tiny voice says, “I am here to win” make the score, do the deal bets are down, spin the wheel there’s no doubt I am here I am here to win the planets shift the earth will move we waited long for this moment there’s so much to prove we have belief like no one else every night we prayed to the heavens just to be ourselves standing tall, shoulders back there’s nothing you need or lack a tiny voice says, “I am here to win” make the score, do the deal bets are down, spin the wheel there’s no doubt I am here to win mistakes were made along the way if we don’t ever fail can’t learn to fight another day standing tall, shoulders back there’s nothing you need or lack a tiny voice says, “I am here to win” make the score, do the deal bets are down, spin the wheel there’s no doubt I am here to win if you’re asking about what sonny did to dex, then you already know the answer. Well, michael made some pretty serious allegations, which dex denied. Lucky you. How’s dante lucky? Well, because he doesn’t have to arrest his own father. You know, michael was really worried about that, you know. He didn’t want you stuck in the middle. Even though you are. Sonny put you there, and he keeps putting you there. Well, all I can say is that sonny has been who he’s been long before I came to town. There you go, making excuses. Is that what I’m doing? Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. No, no, no. I do want to know. I’m asking. I’m asking. Look, look, I can’t tell you how to feel. All I can tell you is how I feel. And I feel that sonny’s a fraud. All of that talk about honor and loyalty, they’re just words. He doesn’t live it. You do, dante. You’re a good cop. You put your life out on the line to protect and to serve. And sonny just sits back and he lets other people put their lives out on the line. To what? To make him richer? And then when he almost kills someone, he expects them to lie and to cover for him. And yeah, now he’s protecting me. But what? I’m supposed to feel grateful? It’s not happening. …Am here to win

[ Applause ] Speech. Speech! Thank you. Thank you, everyone. That — that was… fantastic? Terrific? One of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me. Aww. I did prepare a speech, but being here now and seeing all your faces, the faces I love, I just want you to know how much, how very, very much… blame austin. The photos were his idea. Yeah. And, you know, in case you don’t want to haul a huge monitor around with you everywhere you go, we got you this cute little digital frame. You can just kind of throw it in your purse. Yeah. Brad, liesl, and I, we have the password so we can upload photos. That way, we can be with you. On your vacation or wherever you go. Thank you. Yeah. Happy new year, mother. I don’t think it’s midnight yet. You still have time to make a new year’s resolution. I promise I’m going to think about what you said. And if there is a way to disentangle myself from victor — we can manage on our own. Throw victor out. Throw him out. Change the locks. And then you stand back and you dare him to do his worst. Because you are not just a cassadine. You are my son. And you are spencer’s father. And as long as we stick together, we’re going to be just fine. I love you. I love you. So much. Okay, ace, no matter what happens, no matter how scary it gets, just remember that I… that mommy is with you. Womb to tomb. Why are you taking me away from the party and out here? I will get you back before the ball drops. Will you get me back before I freeze to death? You warm now? Mm. Yeah. Okay. I’m getting there. Remember last new year’s eve? Yeah, I do. When you were at charlie’S. Yeah. It was a tough point in my life. Dante grabbed my keys, wouldn’t let me go home, and then… you came along. Yeah. Right? Yeah. I took you home. Thought that would be the end of us. You know, that you would sober up the next day and you’d go back to carly. Here we are a year later. Mm-hmm. Are you sorry how it ended? Are you kidding? Who said it was ending? It’s only just begun. Kiss me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Smoke alarm beeping ] Maybe this wasn’t such a brilliant plan after all.

Happy birthday to you oh, thank you, handsome. Thanks for coming. Yeah. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Where’s your plus one? Trina, come here. There’s someone who I’d like you to meet. Come say hi. Happy birthday, britt. I was telling trina how much you mean to me and how alike we are. Oh, god, I hope not. If you’re truly spencer’s friend, make sure he does not turn out like me. I’d be very proud to be exactly like you. All I seem to do is cry. He’s the best. Okay, you two. Break it up. Last dance. What? Before the old year ends. Come on. Let’s show them how it’s done. What did britt say to you over my shoulder? I’ll never tell. I’m sorry. I did not mean to go off like that. Not the best way to ring in the new year. Oh, dante started it. I kind of did, actually. All I’m trying to say is that I think you’re awesome. And I’m just sorry that you’re stuck in this position. Okay, first of all, thank you, but I’m okay, all right? Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m a lucky guy for many reasons. And don’t you forget it. Can I make an observation? Please. I have it coming. I think you’re smart and strong. Especially for realizing that you want to become a doctor. Focus on that. Being hung up on sonny, that is — it’s a waste. You have better things to do with your time. Thank you, sam. I will try to remember that. Hey, speaking of time, it’s almost midnight, and times square may have the crowds, but port charles has the fireworks. There’s a pretty good view outside of kelly’S. Why don’t you stay and watch them with us? You’re so sweet. Thank you for the invitation, but I’m going to try to make britt’s birthday party. Oh. Yeah. Happy new year. Happy new year, doctor-to-be. Happy new year. Happy new year, joss. Thank you, guys. Bye. Hey. So I’m going to head home and change, and then I’m going to head over to the party at the haunted star. Sonny will be there. You don’t have to worry. Sorry. For what? We were having such a nice time, and I… I was going to say killed the mood, but that just sounds morbid. Well, then, be morbid. Scared or angry. Look, willow, you don’t have to put up a front for me. I mean, wiley’s different. He’s a child, and he has to feel secure, so you have to pretend with him, but you don’t have to pretend with me. I’m not pretending. That’s the crazy part. As scared as I am that I’m going to die, this is the happiest time of my life. I love you, michael. I love wiley. I love our daughter. I love where we live with your squabbling relatives right up the driveway. There was a time, a long time, when I was alone. And now my life is so rich and so full. Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And most of it came from you. Well, I think I got the better half of that bargain. What are you talking about? Come here. You… you changed my life, willow. Yeah, it wasn’t — it wasn’t a bad life before. I’ve been blessed with a lot. I’m lucky. And I know that. But… but with you, there’s a connection I have never felt with anyone. You know, the love, the trust, the compatibility.

[ Chuckles ] Compatibility? I know, it sounds totally unromantic, but… not to me. I feel compatible with you, too. Hold that thought.

[ Smoke alarm beeping ] Esme! Esme! Esme! Esme! You can’t get far!

Hey. Remember this? Your great-grandmother’s ring. Well, to me, it’s your ring. It has been ever since you accepted it the first time. I gave it back when we had our marriage annulled. Yeah. Yeah. I hated signing those papers. So did I.

[ Sighs ] Look, it’s a family heirloom, and I could have put it back with my great-grandmother’s jewelry, but I held on to it, hoping that you would accept it again. But this time forever. Willow tait, will you marry me?

[ Coughing ] Okay. Ace, let, uh… mommy catch her breath.

[ Panting ] And then we’re out of here.

[ Coughing ]

[ Door closes ] Hey. Nice up there, huh? Yeah. It’s beautiful. Yeah, we thought so, too. Okay, party people, it’s that time! Out with the old year and in with the new. So chill the champagne, grab someone you love, or at least you don’t hate, and get ready for the countdown! Whoo! You took your best shot, esme, but the fire’s out, and there’s only one way to go, which is down. Or did you forget what happened last time? I haven’t forgotten. Esme. Oh, hey, hey. I know you care about that baby. Okay, once we get to cassadine island, you can have whatever you need or want until the baby’s born, I promise you. Just take my hand. Esme, take my hand. Just take my hand.

Hey, where are you going? The — the emcee said you should be with someone you love. So, um… I’m going to go home and bring in the new year with my daughter. Happy new year. Yeah, happy new year. Aww. Ohh. Thank you. What, for the gift? You already said thank you. Don’t worry about it. No, that’s what you gave me. But by being quiet about where I’m going, you’ve given everyone that I love something to remember me by. All right, beautiful people. Here we go! Ready? Together: 10, 9, 8… yes, michael. Yes, with all my heart. I’ll marry you. Here. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. As long as we both shall live. …7, 6… should I have driven josslyn home? Oh, she had sonny’s bodyguard. Right. Besides, she’s probably having fun at the party right now. Right. Truth? Yeah. Of course. I didn’t wanna share you with anyone tonight. …5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy new year!

[ Noisemakers blowing ]

And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and the days of auld lang syne? Happy new year, trina. Happy new year, spencer. Happy new year, my friend. It’s going to be a better year for you next year, I promise. It has to be. For you as well. I’ll drink to that. Maxie: Hey. Have you seen britt? She’s missing the best part of the party. Yeah. And say what you want about britt, that woman knows how to make an exit. Happy new year. Happy new year. What are you doing? Get down from there! I’ve survived the drop once before, and I’ll do it again. No!

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Days Update Friday, December 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss until Chloe stops and says she can’t do this.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen asks if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan and says it wasn’t fair to him. Stefan tells her that they both just had their lives turned upside down, so they would be idiots to expect to be rational, fair, or predictable. Stefan says that Chloe pulling back wasn’t a conscious choice, so maybe they should both let it go because it doesn’t matter. Stefan declares that there is only thing that matters to him right now.

Li questions what Gabi is talking about. Gabi tells him not to lie to her anymore as she remembers Dr. Rolf admitting that this was all Li’s idea. Rafe realizes Gabi was right that Stefan was brainwashed. Gabi argues that Dr. Rolf made Stefan hate her. Li argues that it doesn’t make any sense as to why Dr. Rolf would incriminate himself like that. Gabi reveals that she had a scalpel to Rolf’s throat and he admitted it was all Li’s idea. Li claims that she’s mistaken and that Dr. Rolf had to say that to prevent her from killing him. Li says he could never do something like that to her and he could never betray her like that. Gabi continues flashing back to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where Rolf added that Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Gabi then declares to everyone that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li tried to kill Stefan in his sleep which Rafe questions. Gabi announces that Li tried to murder the man that she loves.

Eric watches cartoons with Rachel as they eat popcorn together at John and Marlena’s. Eric comments on Rachel’s good mood. Rachel says she still misses her mom and dad but now she knows they are getting back together. Eric questions why she would think that. Rachel says it’s because they went to a party tonight. Eric says that doesn’t mean they are getting back together. Rachel knows that’s what Brady says, but she points out that it’s New Year’s Eve which means at midnight, they will have to kiss.

Gabi argues that when Dr. Rolf wouldn’t let Li kill Stefan, he took over his mind. Gabi complains that Li knew she loved Stefan and he lied to her over and over and over. Kristen remarks to Brady that they say the first five minutes are the hardest. Rafe asks if Gabi wants to go home. Gabi questions what Li tried to do to Stefan while he was in a bed, defenseless. Li argues that she can’t believe he would do something like that and that it must be some kind of false memory. Li reminds Gabi that she told him that Dr. Rolf said he hadn’t brainwashed Stefan and that she believed him. Rafe admits that seemed weird to him and questions why anyone would believe what Dr. Rolf says. Li insists that something happened because he didn’t try to murder Stefan. Li questions Gabi not rememberring before now. Gabi’s flashbacks continue and remembers Dr. Rolf injecting her with a drug. Gabi then reveals that Dr. Rolf injected her with something that made her forget what Li did to Stefan, but now she remembers all of it.

Stefan wants to make sure that he and Chloe can remain friends. Chloe says of course and that she’s so grateful to him for everything. Chloe assures that she was really having a good time and didn’t want to spoil the evening. Stefan insists that she didn’t and wonders if it was his fault for coming on too strong, but they agree that neither of them should be sorry. Chloe then asks if they can have their dessert now.

Gabi asks how Li could do this to her when she trusted and believed in him. Li asks if they can go somewhere to talk but she yells at him not to touch her. Li argues that they can’t talk about this here in front of all these people and insists they can work this out. Rafe declares that Li is not going anywhere and neither is Kristen.

Eric and Rachel play Go Fish together. Rachel wins the game and then asks Eric why he is here. Rachel questions if he didn’t want to go to the party too and if that wouldn’t be more fun than playing Go Fish with her. Eric thinks back to he and Brady’s plan to fake kidnap Rachel. Eric then tells Rachel that he was going to ask her if she’d like to join him on a top secret adventure.

Kristen questions what Rafe thinks he’s doing. Rafe says it’s his job. Li asks if he’s really going to arrest them while Kristen argues that it’s on recovered memories from a clearly unstable woman. Kristen remarks that Gabi’s dress alone proves she’s not in her right mind. Rafe warns Kristen to watch how she talks to him or his sister. Kristen says she’s refusing to go. Rafe then calls Jada over and Jada then handcuffs Kristen. Jada asks if Kristen wants her to read her rights or if she has it memorized by now. Rafe then handcuffs Li, who questions if this is really necessary. Rafe thinks it’s best to do this by the book. Rafe asks if Gabi will be okay. Gabi instructs Rafe to just get Li out of her sight. Kristen asks Brady if he’s coming. Brady responds that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Rafe and Jada escort Kristen and Li out in handcuffs while Brady follows out after them.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dessert together. Stefan suggests they go out and get crazy. Chloe says he’s being really sweet but he doesn’t have to pretend. Stefan assures that he didn’t bring her to Miami to sleep with her, but to bring in the New Year with her. Stefan points out that there’s still a few hours left and suggests they go dancing at a nightclub. Chloe questions if he’s sure he wants to go. Stefan says if she’d rather stay in and watch the ball drop, that’s okay too as he just wants to be with her. Chloe decides they will go out. Stefan pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to the New Year. Chloe asks if they’re supposed to wait until midnight. Stefan decides it’s close enough and a new beginning can’t come soon enough.

Wendy asks if Gabi is alright. Gabi asks her not to try to tell her that she’s wrong about her brother. Wendy says she wasn’t going to. Gabi guesses Wendy doesn’t believe her but Wendy reveals that she does. Gabi questions that even though she just accused Li of trying to murder someone. Wendy responds that Rafe will sort that all out. Wendy asks if Gabi wants to go home, but Gabi says she needs to find Stefan. Gabi gets her phone to call Stefan.

Stefan asks Chloe if she’s ready to get crazy in Miami for New Year’s Eve while his phone rings nearby on vibrate with Gabi’s call.

Rachel asks about Eric saying they can’t tell anyone about their adventure, including her mom. Eric says they can tell her after and claims it’s like a surprise for her. Eric then gets a call from Brady, who asks where he is. Eric responds that he’s at Marlena’s. Brady says it’s good that he hasn’t left yet. Eric says everything is fine and they are about ready to go. Brady says they need to put the brakes on that. Eric argues that this is not the time to get cold feet. Brady reveals that there has been an unexpected development as Kristen has been arrested.

Rafe and Jada bring Li and Kristen in to the interrogation room. Li argues that Rafe should be with Gabi instead of throwing his weight around because she’s falling apart. Rafe disagrees and says Gabi is upset because the man she just married tried to play God with her life. Kristen questions Rafe being the cop, judge, and jury. Kristen argues that Rafe hasn’t said a word about lawyers. Rafe says that’s because there hasn’t been any charges yet and this is just preliminary. Rafe adds that they will have to do a follow up. Rafe orders Li and Kristen to write down their entire history with Dr. Rolf and everything they have done to Stefan DiMera. Kristen remarks that it will be short because she’s done nothing but rejoice in his return from the dead. Li says he concurs with Kristen. Kristen wants to confer with her lawyer and demands legal representation. Li says the same. Kristen questions if she can get a drink around here.

Stefan and Chloe exit their hotel room together. Stefan leaves his phone behind.

Gabi’s call goes to voicemail and tells Stefan to call her because she swears it’s urgent. EJ tells Johnny that it’s only a matter of time before Stefan learns the truth. EJ points out that it seems Dr. Rolf didn’t tell Gabi that he knew everything, so he doesn’t think there’s any reason for Gabi to find that out. Johnny mocks the idea of doing what’s best for Gabi. EJ says it’s up to Johnny if he thinks it’s necessary and declares that his fate is in Johnny’s hands. Johnny states that Li is the one who started all of this, so he doesn’t see a reason for EJ to be arrested too. EJ thanks him. Gabi complains that she can’t just stand around and she has to go find Stefan. Johnny offers to take her to the DiMera Mansion but Gabi points out that he’s not there as he went to Miami with Chloe. Gabi asks Nicole if Chloe told her where she is staying. Nicole admits that she’s at the Fountainhead Hotel. Gabi thanks her and says she has to go to the airport. Johnny decides they will drive her. Gabi calls Sonny to let him know that she’s going to Miami as she hurries out of the room. Nicole remarks to EJ that Chloe is going to have one heck of a New Year’s.

Four Hours Later…

EJ and Nicole return home to the DiMera Mansion and drink champagne. EJ comments that tonight shows that in Salem, making it through the vows does not mean you’re home free. Nicole notes that EJ seems to be taking this in stride. EJ responds that disastrous weddings are par for the course in this town. Nicole says she means that EJ doesn’t seem very taken back by the fact that Li had his brother brainwashed. EJ states that when one’s father is turned in to a computer chip, one develops a bit of imperturbability. EJ adds that the police is handling it and questions what else he can do. Nicole suggests that EJ fire Li. EJ points out that Li’s father is chairman of the board. Nicole argues that this is EJ’s family’s company and Li tried to murder a member of the family, so she doesn’t think it’s a hard sell to send him packing. Nicole questions if EJ isn’t angry and wanting to take Li down. EJ repeats that it’s not that simple which Nicole questions. Nicole says that’s unless it’s because Li could take EJ down with him.

Jada asks Rafe about Kristen and Li’s lawyer not being in with them yet. Rafe reveals he hasn’t let them call their lawyer yet. Jada points out that they demanded legal representation but Rafe remarks that you can’t always get what you want.

Kristen tells Li to just relax because Rafe is going to keep them as long as possible but he will have to let them call their lawyers. Kristen says it will probably be all night and that Rafe is going to play hard ball because Li wronged his sister. Li argues that he loves Gabi and declares that he has to get back to her.

Johnny comments on Wendy shivering and says she must be freezing. Wendy says at least Gabi made her flight and there was no stopping her. Wendy wonders what the hell is going to happen when she gets there.

Gabi arrives in Miami and knocks on Stefan and Chloe’s hotel room, saying she knows Stefan is with Chloe but they need to talk. When there’s no answer, Gabi declares that one way or another she is going to get in that room and walks away.

EJ questions why Nicole would say Li could bring him down too. Nicole responds that EJ is just like his father and nothing goes on in the family without him knowing about it. Nicole guesses that when EJ went over to Johnny, they weren’t talking about Gabi. EJ admits that she knows him too well. Nicole questions what he did and asks if he held Stefan down while Dr. Rolf went to work. EJ clarifies that he didn’t do anything and he had no idea what Li was up to until after the fact, but he chose to keep quiet which Nicole questions. EJ points out that he didn’t know until tonight that Li had tried to kill Stefan. EJ then explains that they had already redirected Stefan’s affections from Gabi to Chloe and admits he wanted Stefan on his side to get his votes so they could oust Gabi from DiMera. EJ guesses Nicole thinks he’s a terrible person now.

Johnny understands that Wendy has a lot to process. Wendy talks about feeling horrible all this time for not telling Gabi what Li had done, but it all came out anyway. Johnny points out that at least they didn’t have to be the ones to say it. Johnny then guesses that Wendy almost did and that she was about to stop the whole wedding. Wendy confirms that she was because when she saw Gabi about to marry a man who had lied to and manipulated her, she didn’t know if she could live with herself if she let it take place, but then she saw Li’s face and how much he loves Gabi and she couldn’t go through with it. Wendy repeats that it all came out anyway and even more than they knew. Wendy asks if Johnny really thinks Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Johnny admits he doesn’t know. Wendy prays for it not to be true. Johnny holds her hand to comfort her.

Li tells Kristen that when Wendy interrupted the wedding, he thought it was all over then, but for some reason she changed her mind. Kristen remarks that she probably realized what it would do to the Shin family fortune. Li calls her completely cynical. Kristen says Wendy was protecting him but none of it matters since the fact that Gabi remembered her encounter with Dr. Rolf. Li complains that it doesn’t make any sense and questions how her memory could come back like that. Li then remembers that Dr. Rolf kept calling him but he couldn’t talk because Rafe was there, so he wonders if Rolf was trying to warn him. Kristen asks if it would’ve made a difference because Gabi’s memory came back and Rafe is the police commissioner, who is very fierce about his family.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s not sure this is a good idea since all they have is what Gabi says she remembers and the longer they hold them, the more their attorny could claim false cause and the whole case could go up in smoke. Rafe says that’s right which Jada questions. Rafe acknowledges that they are going to have to let them go. Jada asks why the delay then. Rafe explains that Li and Kristen are in there thinking that they are scrambling to get a warrant and when they let them go, they will think they don’t have a case and that they backed down. Jada realizes they will leave with a false sense of security. Rafe wishes Gabi hadn’t been so public with her accusations since Li and Kristen would still think they got away with everything. Rafe says at least they got the warrant and decides Li and Kristen have been in there long enough. Rafe declares that tomorrow morning, he starts building a case against Li Shin to put him away for a very long time. Brady comes over and asks what’s going on. Jada announces that they are letting them go, so Brady and Kristen can still ring in the New Year together. Rafe tells him to enjoy as he and Jada head back to the interrogation room. Brady then calls Eric back and declares the plan is back on.

Stefan and Chloe return to their hotel room. Chloe calls it the most fun she’s had in a long time. Stefan checks his phone and Chloe asks if something is wrong. Stefan responds that there’s a message from Gabi.

Nicole tells EJ that hearing what he did doesn’t change her impression of him in any way and jokes that she always thought he was a terrible person. Nicole then adds that she thinks she’s a terrible person too, so maybe that’s why they get along so well. Nicole says they don’t have to maintain any illusions. EJ says they aren’t really the same, since in her own way, she’s a very decent person. Nicole responds that none of her other ex-husbands would agree with him. EJ states that none of her other ex-husbands deserved her. Nicole then stops and asks how long Johnny has known. EJ asks if she’s clairvoyant. Nicole points out that after Gabi spilled the beans, EJ went straight to Johnny which looked like damage control to her. EJ explains that Johnny knew that he knew, but promised not to say anything. EJ says none of it matters anyway since it’s only a matter of time before Stefan finds out everything. Nicole says there won’t be much time since she told Gabi where Stefan and Chloe are staying. EJ laughs and declares that Miami is going to see some real fireworks tonight.

Wendy and Johnny walk through the town square. Wendy talks about what Li did. Li approaches them. Wendy thought he was at the police station. Li says they let him go and asks where Gabi is because he needs to talk to her. Wendy reveals that he can’t because they took her to the airport and she went to Miami to find Stefan.

Chloe questions why Gabi would be calling Stefan. Stefan responds that he doesn’t know or care and that she probably wants to gloat about the wedding. Stefan says he will go downstairs to check about getting another room but Chloe says he doesn’t have to because she wants to stay. Chloe tells Stefan that she had a really amazing night with him and she doesn’t want it to end as she then kisses him.

Wendy imagines Gabi feels that Stefan has a right to know what happened to him and what Li did to him. Wendy tells Li that they have nothing to talk about and declares that from now on, he’s on his own.

Brady brings Kristen home and remarks that she’s been a busy girl in 2022. Brady asks if it bothered her at all to mess with her brother’s head. Kristen argues that she did it to be with him and Rachel and it was before she knew about the Orchid. Brady guesses Stefan was just collateral damage. Kristen tells him to be self-righteous alone because she’s exhausted. Kristen says she’s going to kiss Rachel goodnight and then go to bed herself. Kristen remarks that Brady can tip the babysitter generously since Eric’s been out of work, so he can use it.

Johnny and Wendy sit together in the town square. Johnny offers to take her home, so she thanks him. Johnny points out that it’s almost midnight.

EJ informs Nicole that it’s just about midnight and suggests they watch the countdown. They sit on the couch as EJ turns on the TV.

Rafe and Jada walk past the Brady Pub. Jada comments that until the bitter end, it’s been one hell of a year. Rafe agrees and declares that next year has to be better as there’s no way to go but up.

EJ and Nicole wish each other a Happy New Year as they then kiss.

Rafe and Jada watch the fireworks at midnight and wish each other a Happy New Year.

Johnny and Wendy watch the fireworks and wish each other a Happy New Year and then they kiss.

Li returns to his hotel room alone and watches the fireworks out the window with tears in his eyes. Li looks down at his wedding ring.

Stefan and Chloe, now with their clothes off, kiss in bed together and agree that they like the way the New Year is starting out. Stefan comments that Chloe was more ready to move on from Brady than she thought as they continue kissing.

Kristen returns to the living room and frantically tells Brady that Rachel is gone.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing in bed until Gabi barges in to the room.

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GH Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Dex stood waiting for someone on the pier.  Michael descended the stairs to meet Dex on the lower level.  Dex drew his gun, prompting Michael to say, “it’s just me.”  Michael and Dex spoke on the dock. Dex told Michael all about Sonny’s meeting with Pikeman Security Group. Michael knew of Pikeman and their shady reputation for shipping military weapons to private security people.  Dex told Michael that Pikeman was notorious for supplying weapons to people who probably shouldn’t have access to those weapons. Dex said that during his time in the military, Pikeman was a constant headache. Michael stated that this move by Sonny would easily get him indicted for aiding terrorists.  “This is how we bring Sonny down,” Michael stated. Dex warned that things could get “messy” if Pikeman were ever able to tie the evidence back to Michael. Michael didn’t seem too concerned about that fact and believed that he could get the evidence into the right hands without exposing himself as the source. Dex wondered if Michael was prepared for Sonny to go to prison forever. But Michael, who was unswayed by Dex’s advice on the amount of time that Sonny would be facing if convicted, said that this was a new low (even for Sonny).  MIchael said that he didn’t want Sonny around his family. “Forever is fine with me,” Michael said.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth gave Nikolas a list of things Esme needed, and he said he appreciated her. “I’m not doing it for you,” she said, and headed upstairs.  The doorbell rang and Nikolas answered it to find Laura waiting outside. He told her it wasn’t a good time, but she entered, anyway. She told him about visiting Cyrus, and learning some information from him had made her wonder what else she didn’t know, especially about Nikolas. Laura was tired of being kept in the dark and wanted to know what Nikolas had done to alienate Spencer.  

Elizabeth entered Esme’s room, and Esme wasn’t happy to see her. As Elizabeth examined Esme, Esme begged Elizabeth to help her get out of Wyndemere, as she feared that Nikolas would kill her after she gave birth. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn’t let anything happen to Esme or the baby. Esme was concerned about complications, and Elizabeth said her pregnancy was progressing normally. She said that she would ask Nikolas for a portable ultrasound machine so Esme could have a picture of the baby. Elizabeth again urged Esme not to worry, and she left the room.

A short while later, Demetrius served Esme with a candlelight dinner. When she was done eating, she expressed how sorry she was that Demetrius couldn’t join her, but she toasted to his kindness. She wished him a happy New Year, and he took the tray and left. She pulled one match out of her pocket and said, “Happy New Year to us.”

“I’m leaving now!” Elizabeth called out as she arrived downstairs. Laura greeted her and proposed that they catch up soon, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura sensed the awkwardness between Elizabeth and Nikolas until Elizabeth left. “Tell me it wasn’t Elizabeth,” Laura begged, and she scolded her son. Nikolas told Laura that he had an affair with Elizabeth.  Laura was shocked and said that Elizabeth was like family and now she understood why Spencer was so displeased with his father.  Laura’s inquiries finally drew a rebuke from Nikolas as he told her that there would be no baby, because Elizabeth had suffered a miscarriage. Laura apologized for the loss of his child. However, she was still worried about Spencer, and Nikolas informed her that Spencer’s release was contingent on Victor’s guardianship. A shocked Laura knew that Victor would try to use Spencer, and she vowed to do anything she could to take Victor down. Nikolas pleaded with her not to, he said that if she took down Victor, she would also take him down in the process. 

Trina arrived on the deck of the Haunted Star for Britt’s party, and Spencer said she looked beautiful. He said that they should take a selfie and suggested they could post throughout the night to drive Esme crazy. Sonny and Nina arrived, and Sonny was disappointed that Spencer hadn’t visited him since his release. Spencer apologized to Sonny for not coming to see him following his release.  Sonny said that he was only kidding that he knew Spencer had a lot on his plate. Nina expressed her sympathy for Trina’s loss, and they talked about what a good man Rory had been.

When Sonny and Nina were gone, Spencer took his coat off and put it on Trina, and she reminded him that no one was watching. Trina feared that the Hook killer could be someone they’d never expected, but Spencer thought that Esme was the likeliest suspect. Trina apologized for telling Spencer that they weren’t friends and insisted that she hadn’t meant it. Spencer was glad to hear it, as he had few. He talked about how Britt had always stuck by him, and how much they had in common, like pushing people away when they needed them most. She suggested that they go in, but he asked for five more minutes. As they got closer, they invented a story about how they’d gone out for air, and old feelings had resurfaced.

Terry arrived at the party and waded through the people to find Finn. She joked that the party didn’t seem like his scene. 

Britt and Liesl made their entrance. Liesl went to see Scott as Maxie and Brad approached. Britt expressed how great of a job they’d done with her party. Austin walked over, and Maxie excused herself and Brad to check on Britt’s next surprise. Austin reiterated that it wasn’t a good idea for Britt to run away and that she had time to rethink the plan. 

Sonny and Nina entered, and Nina thanked him for accompanying her to the party. Nina commented on the huge toll that being with her had taken on his life. 

Maxie and Brad wheeled someone heavily covered up into the middle of the dance floor, and the person shook off the clothing to reveal the master of ceremonies for The Britch Fest, a drag queen. The drag queen called Britt to the center of the floor, and everyone began to dance. 

Terry asked Finn if Elizabeth was all right, but he told her that he was the wrong person to be asking. He told Terry that he and Elizabeth had broken up. 

Liesl got Britt off the dance floor and advised her not to overdo it, she said that dancing took a toll on your body. Britt told Liesl to stop worrying and have fun. 

Just then, the drag queen got up onstage and announced that Britt and Brad’s favorite pastime was karaoke, and she called them up to the stage. A song began to play, and Britt and Brad sang “I Knew You Were Waiting” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. They finished the song to a huge ovation. 

The drag queen asked the “boys” to show Britt what they had. They emerged from the back in a line with cake and flatware. Maxie knew that Britt hated the birthday song, but she wanted Britt to make a birthday wish. Britt made her wish and glanced over at Liesl. Britt looked around the room, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

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GH Short Recaps Friday, December 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Michael asks Willow to marry him and when she accepts his proposal he puts his great grandmother’s ring back on Willow’s finger.

Laura encourages Nikolas to take control of his life and not let Victor control him.

Esme sets fire to the flowers on the table where she eats and Nikolas rushes to the storage room when the smoke detector goes off. Nikolas uses a fire extinguisher and sees Esme outside on the parapet. Nikolas asks Esme to take his hand and not jump off the parapet but Esme believes since she survived the fall once she can do it again. Nikolas watches helplessly as Esme jumps off the parapet.

Britt’s birthday party continues as she eats her cake and gets her birthday present. Britt’s friends and family give her a slide show full of pictures of her with everyone she loves. Maxie tells Britt that they put the pictures inside a digital frame for her to take with her. Maxie also tells Britt that she Brad and Liesl have the password to the frame so she can always have them with her wherever she goes.

Josslyn goes to Kelly’s to look for Cameron because they need to talk. One of the employees of Kelly’s tells her he is filling in for a member of the catering staff that got sick, so he is at Britt’s party. Josslyn tells her bodyguard she is going home to change and then she is going to Britt’s party on the Haunted Star. Josslyn tells her bodyguard that Sonny is at the party so he doesn’t need to go with her.

Spencer and Trina are unaware that the hook killer is watching them getting ready to strike. Maxie sees Spencer and Trina outside on the deck and tells them to come inside unwittingly saving them from the hook killer. Josslyn arrives at the Haunted Star later, and she is on the deck looking at the stars unaware that the hook killer is going to hook her.

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Days Transcript Friday, December 30, 22

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I, I can’t do this. It was you, you told Ralph to brainwash seven. You’re hallucinating that she must be, imagine you doing something underhanded. The question is, why would you do this to Stephan? It’s because, uh, it’s because. Kristen, why she was hoping, so did step Chloe. He would come between her and Brady.

She could have Brady alter herself. Oh my God. It’s because she wanted to break up you and Chloe. Ask a stupid question and your believer, you can’t claim it’s outta character. You know what I’ll admit, I was at Rolf’s lab when Stephan woke up, but uh, if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t my idea. And whose was it?

Yes, that’s what she wanted. Wait, what does that mean? Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe, but your fiance wanted to protect his investment with Lee, the . He knew everything. He knew all along. I had stuff on ice. I put the brainwashing . It was his idea,

Gabby. Oh my God. It was you. This was your idea. You did this.

I’m, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. Don’t be, it wasn’t fair to you. Chloe, here’s a fun thing that we have in common. All right. Listen, you and I, we both just had our lives turned upside down, right? I’m not dead anymore, at least I don’t think so. And you’re not with Brady. We would be idiots. To expect ourselves to be rational or, or fair or in any way, shape, or form predictable.

I was never really rational to begin with. Still, what I mean is when you pulled back just a minute ago, that wasn’t a conscious choice, right? No. Okay, so then maybe both of us should just let it go. It doesn’t matter. There’s only one thing that matters to me right now. And What’s that?

Me? What are you talking about? Don’t lie to me anymore. Okay. I, I remember, I know Wolf admitted that this was all your.

So you’re right. Ste was brainwashed. That’s why he hated me because Ralph made him hate me. He admitted it, but that doesn’t make any sense. Why would he incriminate himself like that? Because I had a scalpel to his throat and he admitted that it was all your idea. Gabby, you’re mistaken. He had to say that to keep you from killing.

I could never do something like that to you. Please believe me. I could never betray you like that. No. No. Lee wouldn’t do that. Come now, do you think he’s too high minded? No, he wouldn’t do that to me. But he did do that to you. He wants you to himself. He did want to risk losing you to Stephan to the extent that he tried to murder him in his sleep.


You didn’t just try to brainwash Stephan, you, you tried to kill him. What? Yes. Rolf admitted that too, that you tried to kill Stephan in his sleep. You tried to murder the man that I love.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives,

man. He never learns. I know what’s wrong, but I understand why that coyote hates that. Mommy said he should get his explosives from another company. Yeah, she would know. Okay. Open your mouth. A bigger pardon? Let’s see if I can get this in your mouth. Take your best shot. Come on. That’s the wrong direction.

You’re in a good mood, Uhhuh. I still miss mommy and daddy, but now I know they’re getting back together. Why would you think that? Because they went to a party tonight, sweetheart. Just because your mommy and daddy are hanging out together doesn’t mean they’re gonna get back together. I don’t know that that’s what daddy says, but it’s New Year’s Eve, so So that means at midnight they’ll have to kiss.

And when Rolf wouldn’t let you kill him, you took over his mind and you knew I loved him and you lied to me over and over and over. They say the first five minutes are the hardest. You okay? You want to go home? Rolf told me what you tried to do to Stephan. He was just lying in that bed defenseless, Gabby, you can’t believe I do something like that.

It must be some kind of false memory. How could it be false? Because you told me yourself when you came back from seeing Wolf, you told me he told you that he, he hadn’t brainwashed stuff and then you believed him. Ra, you were there. She, that’s what she said, isn’t it? Yeah. And it seemed weird to me is why would anyone, especially Gabby ever believe anything that RAW says something?

I don’t know. Something happened, so. Must have because that didn’t happen. I didn’t try to murder Stephan, and if I really did, why didn’t you remember before now?

Okay. Okay. Look, I I can’t think about all of that right now. Right now, what is important is for you to, to take it back. Look brainwashing. Oh, funny you should say that as it happens, I’ve already created an antidote in that box. Wouldn’t it have been ironic in your fury you had destroyed it too?

And Stephan will be back to normal.

What you do?

What was that?

Because he injected me with something. What something that made me forget what you did to Stephan, but I remember now. I remember all of it.

I just wanna make sure that we can remain friends. Are you kidding? Of course. And Steph and I am, I’m so grateful to you for everything and for Pull this evening out of the fire . And I guess it’s gonna sound a bit odd in this moment, but I was really having a good time and I didn’t wanna spoil the evening.

Hey, you didn’t. All right. Look, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I came on too strong. You know, I’m not a fast No, uh, Uhuh. No. If I can’t be sorry, then you can’t either. A no fault kind of friendship then Sounds good to me.

And we’re supposed to be honest with each other, right? Yeah. Okay. Well then, um, this might sound a little bit strange also because it is strange, but, um, I was wondering if we could have that dessert now.

Woman after my own heart.

How could you do this to me? I, I trusted you. I believed you when you told me you love me. I married you for God’s sake. Kathy, let’s just go somewhere. We can talk. Don’t touch. Okay, fine. But we can’t talk about this here with all these people. Okay. Come on. We can work this out, please. I’m not going anywhere.

Neither are you. Miss Damira.

You got us three

here. I win. What again?

I owe you $342,000. Cleric. Hmm. Why are you here? What do you mean I’m babysitting you? Didn’t you wanna go to a party too? Wouldn’t you be more fun than playing Go fish here with me.

I know it sounds crazy, but you imagine you showing up with a shit devil on your altar and I kidnap the thing that she loves the most. Her daughter, she can’t fail. You know, it’s funny you should ask, I was gonna ask you if you’d like to join me on an a. What kind of adventure? Well, it’s kind of top secret.

What do you think you’re doing? My job, you know, this is ludicrous. She’s right. You were really gonna arrest us. Yeah. Based solely on the recovered, perhaps fabricated memory of clearly an unstable woman. I mean, come on, look at her dress. I mean, it alone proves I thought she’s not in her right mind. I’d be careful the way you talk to my sister and to me.

Well, I refuse. Your choice. Of course not whether you’re going to the station, but how

you want me to read you your rights or do you have them memorized from all your other Salem weddings?

Ra ra. Hey, come on. Is this really necessary? Oh, I think it’s best. We both do this by the book. You be okay? Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just get him out of my sight.

Uh, Brady. Sweetheart, are you coming for the water?

That was delicious. Hmm. And what do you say we get outta here? You mean back to Salem? No, I mean, let’s go out, get crazy. Stefan, you’re being really sweet, but you don’t have to pretend. I know that Chloe, I did not bring you to Miami to sleep with you. I brought you here to start the new year together.

There’s still a few hours left. Miami has some of the best nightclubs in the world, so what do you say? Let’s go dancing. Huh? Wait, you dance. I hope that’s not a rhetorical question. Science, you’re obviously dressed for it. You sure you wanna go? Absolut? But look, if you’d rather stay here, watch the ball drop.

I am more than okay with that. I just want to be with you. Shall we? We shall. Ah. Oh wait. We do not wanna waste this. All right. Okay. Hey, happy New Year. All right for you. Thank you. You’re welcome. And for me

to the new year, aren’t we supposed to wait till midnight to say that close enough? Besides new beginning, can’t come soon enough.

I don’t, please don’t try to tell me that I’m wrong about your brother. That I don’t know what I know I wasn’t going to, oh, oh, you probably don’t believe me actually. I do Really, I mean, I just, I I just said your brother tried to murder somebody. I, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Your brother will sort that out.

You let me get you home. No, I need to find Stephan. I need, dude, do you still have my phone? Yeah.

Says here, Miami gets crazy on New Year’s Eve. You ready for crazy? I mean, I am from Salem, aren’t I? ? Touche. That place looks good,

so I can’t tell anybody. Not even. Well, we can tell her afterwards. It’s kind of like a surprise for her. Hey. Hey. Where are you? Mom’s place. Okay, good. You haven’t left yet. I’m listening about the plan. Hey, ready to calm down? Everything’s fine. We we’re about ready to go. Yeah. Listen, we need to put the brakes.

Hey, this is not the time we get cold feet. No. Listen. It’s not that there’s been an unexpected development. Kristen’s been arrested.

Brave. Don’t you think you should be seeing about Gabby instead of throwing your weight around? She’s falling apart. Oh, she’s not falling apart. She upset. Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Because the man she just married tried to play God with her life. Oh, so now you are the cop, the judge, and the jury. All right. I have been listening to you very closely, and you have not said one word about lawyers because there haven’t been any charges.

This is just a preliminary investigation, although there have been some very serious charges about both of you, so we need to do a follow up and as a means. To that end, you are gonna write down your entire history with Dr. Rolfe and everything that you have done to Stefan Dira. You too. Hmm. Well that will be a very short essay as I have done nothing but rejoice in his returned from the dead.

I concur with Mr. Mera. Let along bet you do well. I don’t need to concur with Mr. Shin. I need to confer with my lawyer and I know technically you don’t have to read me my rights, but I do have the right to demand legal representation. As do I sweetheart. Is there any way a girl can get a drink around here?

Ready? Yeah. Thank you. Let’s go.

Anything voicemail. Uh, Stefan, it’s Gabby. Call me. It’s urgent. I swear to,

well, now the Gabby’s remembered. It’s only a matter of time. False. Stephan learns the truth. Yeah, I don’t see Gabby keeping this to herself

from what she was saying. Ralph told her about Lee and Kristin. She doesn’t seem to know that then she knew everything. That’s right. I’ve given everything that’s crashing down on her. I don’t think there’s any need for her to find that out. Of course, we just wanna do what’s best for Gabby. Don’t me. I mean, that’s why you want me to keep quiet for Gabby obvious.

Obviously I don’t want anyone to know, especially Stephan, but if you think it’s necessary, all that’s up to you. My fate, as they say, is in your hands. I bet you hate that quite a bit.

Wendy’s brother is the one who started all this. I, I don’t see a reason for you to be arrested to Thank you.

I can’t just stand around waiting. I, I have to find Stephan. I’ll take you to the mansion. No, he’s not there. He went to Miami with Chloe. Wait, Nicole, you’re friends with Chloe. Did she tell you where she was staying?

She’s at the Fountain Head Hotel. Only remember, cuz she sent me pictures. Thank you. I just, I have to go to the airport. We’ll, we’ll drive you. We’ll drive. Okay. I have to call son. Um, Hey listen, I’m on the way to the airport. I’m gonna be in Miami.

Chloe is gonna have one heck of a new.

You know, tonight it just goes to show that in Salem making it through the vows does not mean you are home free. You seem to be taking this since tried disastrous weddings apart for the course in this town. I am mean. You don’t seem very taken aback that Lee had. Your brother brainwashed. When one’s father is turned into a computer chip one develops a certain level of Imperturbability.

That’s hard to say. Yeah. Anyway, police are handling it. What else can I do? Fire Lee. He had your brother brainwashed after he didn’t succeed in killing him according to Gabby. Anyway, the question is moot. His father is chairman of the board. This is your family’s company, and Lee tried to murder a member of that family.

I don’t think it’s a hard sell to send and packing. It’s not that simple. Aren’t you angry? Don’t you wanna take him? As I said, it’s not that simple. Why not?

Unless it’s because he could take you down with him.

Kristen has chance lawyering with them? Not yet. Really. I know it’s a holiday, but I figured with their money in history, they’d have hot and cold running. They do. I haven’t let ’em call ’em. Really? They clearly said they wanted representation. I know, but can’t always get what you want.

How long are they gonna keep us waiting? Just relax. Would you? I mean, grave is gonna keep us here as long as possible, but he knows he needs to let us call our lawyers. You think he’s gonna keep us here all night? Yeah, probably. Hey, you do understand that uh, he’s gonna play hardball. You are wrong. His sister, I love his.

Damn it. I, I, I have to get outta here. I have to get to Gabby

The third is, fuck,

you’re shivering. Must be freezing. We’re in such a hurry. I didn’t even have a chance to put it on. Gabby made her flight. Yeah, with, uh, seconds to spare, there was no stopping her. What the hell’s gonna happen when she gets there?

Step open up. Look, I know you’re in there and I know you’re with Chloe, but we have to talk

one way or another. I

Why would you say that? Because you’re just like your father. And nothing goes on in this family, whether it be business or personal that you don’t know about. So when you went over to Johnny after Gabby made her big announcement, you weren’t talking about the canopies.

You know me so well. Mm-hmm. . So what’d you do? Did you hold down Stephan while Ralph went to work? I didn’t do anything. I had no idea what Lee was up to until after the fact, but I, I chose to keep quiet after what Lee did to your brother. You chose to keep quiet. Why? Well, I didn’t know until tonight that Lee tried to kill him and they had already, um, redirected Stephan’s affections from Gabby to Chloe, so it was a moot.

And I wanted Stephan on my side, so I would have enough votes to ask Gabby from Damira.

You probably think I’m a terrible person now, don’t you?

Sorry. Take, uh, take your time. Okay. You. Got a lot to process.

Well, this time feeling horrible about not telling Tappy Whitley had done, but it all came out anyway. Yeah. Hey, at least we didn’t have to be the ones to say it.

You almost did, didn’t you? You were about to stop the whole. I was, because when I saw a Gabby standing there about to marry a man who was lied to her, manipulated her, I didn’t know if I could live with myself if I speak up. Then I saw my brother’s face and I realized how much he loves Gabby and I, I, I couldn’t go through with it.


But just as I said, it all came out anyway even more than we knew.

Do you think it’s true? But we really did try to murder stuff. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Please God, don’t let a.

You know, winching when told the justice of the peace that she had something to say, thought it was all over then, but for some reason she changed her mind. Hmm. Probably realized what outing you would do to the Shin Dynasty Fortune Truth that would cost her Cold Hawk cash. You’re completely cynical, aren’t you?

Okay. She was protecting her big brother who she adores. Does that sound better to you? None of it matters. Since the fact that, uh, your little bride remembered her encounter with the man that you hired to dry clean her husband’s brain, it, it doesn’t make any sense. H h h how could her memory come back like that?

And, and why didn’t Ralph get what? Ralph kept calling. I couldn’t talk to him. Ra was there. I I, I, I had to hang up on him. Do you think he was trying to warn me? I mean, would it have made a difference? , come on, Lee Gabby’s memory came back and your brother-in-law is the police commissioner and he’s very fierce about his family.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. The only thing we have right now is what Gabby said she remembered. And the longer we hold them here without just cause and more likely we’ll have their attorney screaming false. Cause Paul Kings can go up and smoke. That’s right. It is. Mm-hmm. . We’re gonna have to let ’em go.

So why the delay? Well, think about it from their point of view. They’re in there thinking that we’re out here feverishly scrambling to get a. And when we let ’em go, they’re gonna think that we weren’t able to make the case that we backed down and the leave here with a false sense of purity. Yeah. Hmm.

Although, uh, as dramatic as it was, I wish Gabby hadn’t been so public with her accusations that Lee and Kristen still think that they had gotten away with everything. At least we’re able to nail down the warrant.

Well, I would say that they have been in there long enough. First thing, tomorrow morning, I start building a case against Mr. Lee Shin. Put him away for a very, very long time.

So what is going on? We’re letting them go. You and Miss America can still ring in the new year together. It’s enjoy.

Eric hates me. The plan’s back on

Okay. I gotta admit that is some of the most fun I’ve had in a really long time. Right. I agree. Mike, thank you for picking up the ride share, by the way. I can’t believe I forgot my, keep kidding me. Don’t worry about.

There’s something wrong

Message from Gabby

ej Aaron, wait. What you did doesn’t change my impression of you in any. I’ve always thought you were a terrible person.

Well, I think that I’m a terrible person too, so maybe that’s why we get along so well. We do, don’t we? You and I don’t have to maintain any illusions of anything at all. Yeah, . But we’re not really the same. In your very own perverse, opaque way, you’re actually a very decent person. None of my other ex-husbands would agree with you on that.

Well, none of your other ex-husbands deserved you. Aw. It’s your humility that melts my heart. EJ . So how long has Johnny known.

Are you cla vo ? Uh, well, I’m no genius, but as Gabby spilled the beans, you went straight to Johnny. No. Sounds like damage control to me. He knew that I knew. I asked him not to give me away and he promise not to say anything, but none of it matters anyway. It’s only a matter of time before Stephan finds out everything and not much time at that.

Since I told Gabby where he and Chloe are staying, I, oh, I’m so sorry.

Something funny . I was just thinking. Miami is going to see some real fireworks tonight.

I keep thinking fine. Not all of what Lee did couldn’t have kept a secret, but now

gwe, I I thought you were at the police station. They let me go. Do, do you know where Gabby is? I have to talk to her. You. Who took us to the airport? She went to Miami to find stuff. Why would Gabby be calling you don’t know. Don’t care. Probably a gloat about the wedding.

All right. It’s getting late. I’m gonna go downstairs, check about booking another room. You don’t have to do that, Chloe. Seriously, I, I don’t. No, I wanna stay. Really, really, I had a really amazing night with you, and I don’t want this night to end.

She went to Miami. I imagine she feels that s Stephan has a right to know what happened to. What do you to Tim? I, I, I don’t think we have anything to talk about Lee. And for the record, from now on, you’re on your own.

You were a busy girl in 2022 coming. When you actually decided to screw with Stephan’s head, your brother’s head, did that bother you at all? I did it to be with you and Rachel, and this is before I knew anything about the orchid, right? So Stephan was just, uh, collateral damage. You know, I’m afraid that you’re gonna have to be self-righteous alone.

I’m exhausted. I’m gonna go give Rachel a kiss goodnight, and then I’m gonna head to bed myself. Tip the sitter generously. Eric’s been outta work, so, uh, I think we can use.

Want me to take you home? Yeah, thanks. Okay.

And guess what? It’s uh, it’s almost.

It’s just about midnight. One, two. Watch the countdown. Uh, yeah. Why not?

Well, for the bitter end, it’s been one hell of a year. Yeah. Next year has to be better. No way to go but up.

Happy year. Happy New Year.

It’s midnight. Happy New Year, Jada. Happy New Year, Ray.

Uh, happy New Year. Happy new.

I have to say I like the way this New Year’s starting out. Me too. That seems like you were more ready to move on from Brady than you thought. Huh? Brady? Who?

Brady, Rachel’s gone.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

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Days Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Stefan and Chloe arrive at their hotel room in Miami, Florida. Chloe comments on going from record low temperatures in New York to record high temperatures in Miami. Chloe remarks that now she’s melting in her clothes, so Stefan suggests the solution is she take her clothes off.

Gabi tells Wendy that she’s having pre-wedding jitters. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense since she’s been married before. Wendy asks if there’s something particular that she’s worried about. Gabi responds that she doesn’t know, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong.

Brady is at home and calls Eric to let him know that he and Kristen are about to leave for the wedding. Brady says that he plans to keep Kristen at the reception until at least midnight, so that should give him more than enough time to get Rachel out of here. Brady hopes they are doing the right thing and hangs up. Brady calls out to Kristen that they should get going. Kristen then comes out in a robe and informs Brady that she’s not going to the wedding.

EJ goes to Nicole’s room at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole apologizes for being late. EJ jokes that Gabi better watch out or Nicole might upstage the bride.

Wendy asks Gabi why she feels like something is going to go wrong. Gabi says she doesn’t know. Wendy asks if she’s having second thoughts or if she thinks she’s making a mistake. Gabi assures that she loves Li very much and she’s happy but it’s been a crazy couple of months, so maybe she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Wendy thinks she does and that Li is a very lucky man. Gabi thanks her. Gabi admits she’s just being weird and goes to bring tea to Arianna. Wendy then gets a call from Johnny, who asks what color her dress is so he can match his tie with it. Wendy tells him to just pick one he likes and it’ll be fine. Johnny notes that she sounds strange and asks if she’s okay. Wendy blames the champagne and says Gabi started the party a bit early. Wendy says she was already a bundle of nerves and now Gabi is too. Wendy worries that deep down Gabi is having second thoughts about marrying Li. Johnny asks if she said something. Wendy assures that she didn’t but she feels worse than ever about keeping a secret from the bride, as Gabi comes back in to the room.

Li is in the shower while Rafe waits for him in his hotel room. Li’s phone rings so he calls out to Rafe to answer it for him. Rafe answers the call and it’s Dr. Rolf!

Brady questions Kristen saying she’s not going to the wedding. Kristen says she’s not going to leave Rachel alone as she just saw John and Marlena taking off. Brady says he forgot to tell her that he felt bad because John and Marlena love going out on New Year’s Eve, so he asked Eric to babysit instead. Kristen questions him not asking her if it was okay. Brady assures that Eric is great with kids and was the only person he could find that didn’t have anything going on tonight, so he was grateful to have something to do and it all worked out. Kristen feels he went through a lot of trouble so that she could go to the wedding with him. Brady reminds her that he half-expected her to force him to go with her anyway and remind him that she holds Marlena’s life in her hand, so he figured he’d have a better time if it was his idea. Kristen asks if he’s sure that’s all it is.

Nicole thanks EJ but says the last thing she wants to do is upstage Gabi at her own wedding. EJ calls that thoughtful of her but Nicole calls it self protection because she doesn’t want to ignite Gabi’s fire. Nicole adds that Gabi is already ticked off that Li invited her after how she treated Rafe. EJ comments that it would’ve been poor form to snub DiMera leadership. EJ adds that Gabi feels the same way about him. EJ offers to give Nicole a ride since they are heading to the same place. Nicole thanks him but says that’s not necessary. Nicole adds that there is one thing he could help with and asks him to zip up her dress which he agrees to.

Rafe informs Dr. Rolf that it’s Commissioner Hernandez, not Mr. Shin, but he’s curious as to what business he has with Li. Li then comes out of the shower with a smile and asks if it’s the justice of the peace on the phone. Rafe informs Li that it’s Dr. Rolf and he wants to speak to him.

Wendy tells Johnny that she has to go and hangs up. Wendy asks if Gabi is ready to get ready. Gabi says that can wait as she heard her on the phone and questions what secret she has been keeping from her.

EJ walks in to the living room and questions what Johnny is doing in a tuxedo. Johnny says he can ask EJ the same thing and asks where he’s going. EJ responds that he’s going to see Li Shin shackle himself to Gabi Hernandez. EJ jokes that at least he gets to celebrate that Gabi’s last name will no longer be DiMera. EJ then asks Johnny the same. Johnny informs him that he’s going to the wedding too as Wendy asked him. EJ questions if they are planning on making a big scene. Johnny asks how many times they have to promise not to tell anyone that he knew Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan. EJ makes a joke about Stefan’s emotional depth. Johnny mocks the situation being funny to him. Nicole then comes in and announces she’s finally ready. Johnny questions her going too. EJ informs him that they will be representing DiMera Enterprises. Johnny starts to bring up Rafe but apologizes. Nicole acknowledges that Rafe is going to be there and remarks on not being thrilled to be going. Nicole asks if Johnny has big plans tonight. EJ informs her that Johnny is also attending the wedding as Wendy Shin’s date. Johnny explains that Wendy is Gabi’s maid of honor, so she is getting ready with her. Johnny asks if he can ride with them which EJ allows. EJ thinks this wedding will be a perfect ending to a rather ghastly year.

Li takes the phone and pretends to be upset, questioning how the hell Dr. Rolf got this number. Dr. Rolf responds that he gave it to him and didn’t think he’d be foolish enough to let someone else answer his phone. Li asks what he wants. Dr. Rolf informs him that he’s collected some new data that he thought he should know about. Li responds that it’s his wedding day and declares he’s not about to talk business with anyone, especially him. Li tells Dr. Rolf not to call back and angrily hangs up. Li tells Rafe that Dr. Rolf said he wanted DiMera to fund his new project but he turned him down flat and wants nothing more to do with him. Rafe remarks that he bets especially after he brought Gabi’s ex-husband back from the dead. Li insists that he’s not threatened by Stefan and asks why he would be since in a couple hours, he and Gabi will be married.

Wendy claims to Gabi that the secret is something Li has been planning for their wedding night and she helped him with it. Wendy says Li would kill her if he found out that she ruined it, so she asks Gabi to forget she heard anything. Gabi says she can’t wait to see what it is. Gabi adds that she came back in to give her a present for putting up with her bridezilla ways. Wendy opens it and it’s a bracelet. Gabi explains that she designed it herself just for her. Wendy feels it’s too much. Gabi adds that she had it inscribed to say “hermanas” which translates to “sisters”. Gabi notes that she knew she liked Wendy from the moment she met her and she went toe to toe with Li and stood up for herself. Gabi cries that she lost her sister but now she has Wendy as she hugs her.

Brady asks Kristen why else he would ask her to go with him to the wedding. Kristen suggests part of him wants to walk in with her on his arm. Kristen brings up that Brady kissed a nun, thinking it was her, and now Chloe is off in Miami with Stefan so maybe he’s realizing it’s time to look to the future with her.

Chloe questions Stefan suggesting she take off her clothes and points out that they haven’t had a chance to eat. Stefan clarifies that he meant getting out of their clothes to get in to something fancy and go have a nice dinner then see where the night takes them. Chloe says she likes the sound of that.

Gabi tells Wendy that Arianna just started throwing up and begins worrying about a stomach virus going around. Gabi panics that she can’t leave Arianna here and can’t take her to the wedding, so she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Rafe goes to the Brady Pub to meet Jada, who comes out in a blue dress. Rafe is impressed and says she looks great but apologizes if that was too much. Jada thought it came across as nice and flattering. Rafe jokes that normally, she isn’t chasing after criminals in 4 inch heels. Jada tells Rafe that he doesn’t look half bad himself. Rafe thanks her and says he’s glad she’s here. Rafe adds that it promises to be quite a party since the groom is Li Shin. Jada remarks that it beats staying at home to watch the ball drop with a bowl of popcorn. Rafe promises it won’t be boring. Rafe then realizes that this is her first Salem wedding. Jada mentions taking a two semester course on Salem weddings at the police station. Rafe admits that Salem weddings tends to be high drama and high risk but hopes this will be the exception for Gabi’s sake since it’s been quite a rocky road to the altar. Rafe feels it is going to be smooth sailing. Rafe and Jada then exit the Pub together.

Gabi complains that anyone she could call to stay with Arianna is already going to the wedding and questions who would want to stay with a vomiting child. Wendy then offers to stay with her. Gabi says she wouldn’t ask that of her and notes that she’s probably contagious. Wendy doesn’t see any other option unless she postpones the wedding.

Brady and Kristen arrive at the wedding. Kristen questions why they had to rush out of the house when hardly anyone is there. Brady comments that at least a few people saw her walk in on his arm. Kristen complains that no one they know did. Brady says there’s always a few familiar faces as they spot EJ and Nicole. Brady greets Nicole with a hug and asks how she’s feeling after the explosion. Nicole says she’s better and will be getting back to work after the holidays. EJ greets Kristen and comments that she and Brady look so domestic together. Kristen jokes that she at first felt hurt that EJ excluded her from Susan’s memorial, but it looks like she dodged a bullet or a bomb. EJ remarks that it’s always about Kristen. EJ then takes Nicole to go get a drink. Kristen asks Brady if it was something she said. Brady responds that people can get touchy when she makes a joke about their dead mother. Kristen remarks that they have thin skin. Kristen brings up that she promised Rachel that she would take a picture of them in their fancy outfits at the fancy wedding. Kristen has Brady smile as they take a picture together.

Chloe comes out of the bathroom after changing clothes and finds Stefan has set up a candle lit dinner of room service. Chloe asks what this is. Stefan explains that he figured they were both hungry and tired, so he thought they could eat first and then go out after. Chloe calls him a man after her own heart and says it looks amazing. Stefan jokes that he’s excellent at ordering room service. Stefan tells her to relax while he opens the wine and lights the candles. Chloe mentions that while he does that, she will check to make sure Nancy didn’t post any mortifying pictures of them ice skating. Chloe opens up her social media on her phone and sees the photo that Kristen and Brady just took has been posted.

Brady gets Kristen a glass of wine as they sit together while EJ, Nicole, and Johnny sit at another table. Rafe and Jada walk in together. Kristen comments that this could be uncomfortable. Nicole decides she needs a refill of her wine, so EJ goes with her. Jada asks Rafe if he’s okay. Rafe assures that he’s fine but he didn’t expect Nicole to be there. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada responds that she is as she doesn’t blame Nicole for what happened between her and Eric, but she does blame her for being lying and manipulative. Rafe brings up how Nicole has been saying that her living situation with EJ is strictly platonic, but here they are at his sister’s wedding as a couple. Jada remarks that where ever Nicole lays her hat is home. Li comes in and tells Rafe that he’s officially freaking out because Gabi isn’t there yet and he hasn’t heard from her, so he worries that she got cold feet.

Gabi questions Wendy suggesting postponing the wedding. Wendy says that if her daughter can’t be there, she’s sure Li would understand…

Stefan tells Chloe that dinner is served, but notices Chloe is distracted and asks her what’s wrong. Chloe says it’s stupid but she just saw a picture of Brady and Kristen at the wedding. Chloe explains that when she ran in to Kristen, she said that her and Brady were getting closer but she assumed that she was lying. Chloe declares that the moral of the story is that she should unfollow Brady on social media. Stefan agrees and is sorry that she’s upset.

Kristen wonders how Stefan and Chloe are enjoying Miami and calls it a big milestone for them, but points out that it’s not like they haven’t slept together before. Brady asks if she just loves rubbing salt in the wound and calls it pathetic. Brady argues that Kristen has screwed up his life and temporarily derailed he and Chloe, but that doesn’t mean she will keep them apart forever. Kristen points out that Chloe is with Stefan now, so Brady will just have to accept that. Brady responds that he won’t and starts to say Kristen will have to accept, but then says it’s nothing at all. Wendy arrives, so Rafe asks her what’s going on and where Gabi is. Wendy informs him that Arianna is sick but they got Sonny to stay with her. Wendy says they didn’t want to call and freak everybody out before they got it all figured out. Wendy adds that Gabi is in the bridal room now, but she’s pretty on edge. Rafe says she’s not the only one, since Li thinks Gabi has cold feet. Wendy says she bets. Rafe decides that he will go tell Li that Gabi is there. Johnny comes over so Rafe greets him as he walks away. Johnny then tells Wendy that she looks great. Wendy thanks him. Johnny asks how she’s hanging in there. Wendy says she barely is and informs him that Gabi heard her on the phone with him earlier, talking about the secret, but she told her that she was talking to Li about something he was planning for their wedding night. Johnny hopes that Gabi forgets about the whole thing. Wendy wonders if the universe wanted her to tell Gabi then and she had the perfect chance. Li then calls everyone’s attention and apologizes for the delay, but asks everyone to take their seat because they are about to begin. Kristen tells Brady that she still melts at his smile as she looks at the photo they took. Brady reminds her that picture was for Rachel and says that Kristen can force him to smile but she can’t force him to love her. Kristen argues that he already does and that his smile isn’t forced nor is their body language. Brady calls her delusional and says it’s not a picture of two people having fun at a wedding but a picture of a blackmailer and her victim. Kristen gets upset and declares she’s not having fun, so she’s going to go ring in the new year with someone who appreciates her, their daughter. Brady stops her and tells her that she can’t go.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan for continuing to talk about Brady as she still can’t understand why he left her the way that he did. Stefan says Gabi felt the same way about them as she was desperate to know why his feelings for her changed so completely. Chloe asks if he’s absolutely sure he doesn’t want to know.

Kristen asks Brady why she shouldn’t go since he never wanted to go with her in the first place. Brady apologizes for hurting her feelings and points out that the wedding is about to start. Brady tells her to just sit and he’ll make it up to her, so they sit back down. Rafe and Li then walk in, followed by Wendy. Everyone then stands as Gabi walks in. The Justice of the Peace then begins the ceremony. He asks if anyone objects. Gabi thought they took that part out. Wendy then interjects that she has something to say. Li questions what she is doing. EJ watches nervously, so Nicole asks if he’s okay but EJ reassures her. Wendy then claims that she just wanted to say how happy she is for Li and Gabi. Wendy declares that she always wanted a big sister and she couldn’t ask for a better one. Li complains that it might have been better said as a toast. Gabi tells her it was lovely and has her hold her flowers. Gabi asks Li not to be so harsh on Wendy and to give her a break. Li apologizes and calls it force of habit. Li agrees that it was lovely and thanks Wendy from the bottom of his heart. Wendy apologizes and the ceremony continues. Li says “I do” to marrying Gabi.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Gabi had a very complicated relationship at best and spent most of their time hating each other. Stefan adds that even their marriage was a ploy for Gabi to hang on to power at DiMera and look who she is marrying now. Stefan says maybe a little time and perspective is what he needed to realize how toxic Gabi is. Chloe jokes that she’s never heard being dead called time and perspective before. Stefan responds that he’s glad that Gabi has moved on and he’s even more glad that he has moved on too, or moved back. Stefan declares that leaving Chloe for Gabi was one of the stupidest things he’d ever done in his life and he’s certain it’s a mistake that he’s not going to make again.

The wedding continues. Gabi has a flashback to her wedding to Stefan. Gabi then says “I do” to marrying Li, so they exchange the rings. The Justice of the Peace then pronounces Li and Gabi as husband and wife as they kiss. Wendy and Johnny exchange glances. Everyone rings their bells as applause. Rafe jokes that Wendy already gave her toast so now it’s his turn. Rafe welcomes Li to their family and thinks it’s great that Li and Gabi have worked together, so he already knows she’s fierce and determined in business, but also with her family, friends, and loved ones. Rafe assures that Gabi will have Li’s back and as her brother, he can say there’s no one he’d rather be in the trenches with than Gabi. Rafe adds that Li is fierce too and he can see how much Li loves her. Rafe knows that together, they can get through anything which is good because marriage can be tough at times and things will happen that they just don’t see coming. Nicole looks uncomfortable at that so EJ reaches over to comfort her. Rafe repeats that they can get through anything because he sees how open and honest they are with each other. Rafe declares that whatever life throws at them, they will get through it. Li’s phone then rings. Li thought he turned it off as he pulls his phone out and sees it’s a private caller. Rafe asks if it’s Dr. Rolf again which Gabi questions. Li tells her that Dr. Rolf called about funding his new lab and guesses he won’t take no for an answer. Gabi remarks that she had no idea they were even in touch.

Dr. Rolf leaves a message for Li that he needs to know that he just learned that CRS-17 can wear off in mere weeks with certain triggers. Dr. Rolf hopes that doesn’t happen in Gabi’s case.

Stefan points out that dinner is getting cold and he doesn’t want to spend the whole evening talking about Gabi and Brady. Chloe apologizes. Stefan says he’s just so happy to be here with her that he’d rather celebrate the New Year than talk about the past. Chloe agrees as they toast their champagne.

Rafe brings champagne over and asks if Gabi hated her toast that much since she seems a little distracted. Gabi drops her glass and it shatters. Li asks if she’s alright. Gabi has a flashback to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf. Gabi responds that she remembers. Li asks what. Gabi says when she went to see Dr. Rolf before he left Salem. Gabi remembers threatening Dr. Rolf to tell her what he did to Stefan. Gabi then declares that she remembers that Dr. Rolf admitted he did brainwash Stefan and that Stefan did love her, so Rolf made him hate her. Li is shocked, Kristen looks on angrily, EJ watches nervously, and Wendy looks with worry while Gabi stands in disbelief.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dinner. Stefan asks if she wants dessert but she’s full. Stefan suggests something not on the menu as they kiss.

Li tells Gabi they can go outside and get some air. Rafe questions what Gabi means by Dr. Rolf brainwashing Stefan. Li argues that Gabi is confused, reminding her that she said herself that Rolf denied it and she believed him. Gabi declares that what she remembers now is different and it’s coming back to her. Li encourages that she needs some air but Gabi refuses. Gabi closes her eyes and continues to remember her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where she demanded to know why he brainwashed Stefan and Rolf responded that he was following Kristen DiMera’s orders. Gabi opens her eyes and declares that it was Kristen who made Dr. Rolf do it, so everyone looks to Kristen.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen questions if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

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GH Transcript Thursday, December 29, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Dance music plays ] Mm! Ooh, excuse me. Hi. [ Laughs ] Wait, finn? Finn. Oh. Did elizabeth talk you into this? Uh, sorry. This is so not your scene. Elizabeth must have dragged you here. Where is she? Here’s the list of stuff that esme is gonna need in the coming weeks. I’ll take care of it. And i will take care of her. I really appreciate all you’re doing. I’m not doing this for you.

[ Doorbell rings ] Mother. Happy new year. It’s not a good time. I’m sorry to hear that.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Spencer, sorry. Were you waiting long? Definitely worth the wait. You look beautiful. Thanks. You, too. Well, you know.

[ Chuckles ] So you all set to do this? Be seen together to generate buzz? Let’s start with a selfie. Yeah. We can post throughout the night and drive esme crazy. Hopefully we can make her jealous enough to become reckless. Well, one look at you and mission accomplished. Say “it’s on and poppin’.”

[ Laughs ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Nice.

[ Person coughing ] That’s cute. Spencer. When kristina told me she saw you at christmas, I said, “that’s impossible, because my — my nephew wouldn’t show up in port charles without coming to see me.”

[ Bells tolling ] It’s just me. It’s just me.

[ Sighs ] Why’d you want to see me? Sonny’s cutting a deal. With who? People he’ll regret doing business with. Oh. It’s you. Kinda overdressed for nursing a prisoner, aren’t you? How are you feeling?

[ Scoffs ] Like you care.

[ Door locking ] You know, you and your baby have been on my mind constantly these days. I’ve sacrificed a lot to keep us all safe. Well, if that’s true, it’s not too late. Help me get out of here so — if not for my sake, then for the baby.

[ Dance music playing ]

[ Laughs ] Ah. Happy birthday to me.

[ Gasps, sighs ] Thank you, brad.

[ Squeals ] He has nothing on mein scotty.

[ Laughs ] Excuse me. Hey. Fashionably late, I see. I wanted to make an entrance. And that you did, girl. That ensemble is smoking! That’s the plan. Um, nice job on the waiters.

[ Laughs ] By the way. I know that was your contribution. You know it. What’s a party without hunky, half-nude servers, huh? Yes. [ Laughs ] And, maxie, everything looks gorgeous and stunning. Take a sip. It’s prosecco, not champagne. You know me well. Hi. You look great. Thank you. Hey, brad. Austin. And you, my goodness. I know you’re my boss, but can I say “wow?” Uh, you can tonight. Thank you. Alright. Well, then, wow.

[ Laughs ] Alright, well, brad and i are gonna go check on some other surprises we have up our sleeves.

[ Chuckles ] They’ve gone to so much trouble. Yeah, well, they love you. They want to make you happy. So you should consider how they’re gonna feel when they figure out that this was their last opportunity.

uncle sonny, I — I am sorry. I had planned on coming by to say thank you for looking out for me while I was in pentonville. I truly appreciated it. It’s just that so much has happened since I’ve been out. Relax, spencer. I’m just happy to see you.

[ Spencer and sonny laugh ] Hopefully, I won’t need any more favors from you. I’ll hold you to that. I was sorry to hear about your friend, officer cabrera. Yeah, I heard he was a good man. He was a very good man. Too good. Rory was there for trina when she needed support. He was. Well, um, we’re gonna go inside. Yeah? Um, we’ll see you later, okay?

[ Sighs ] Thank you for what you said about rory and for helping me bring his killer to justice. I’d do anything for you. You know that. But this isn’t all just for you. I’m the one who brought esme to port charles, which makes it my responsibility to rid this city of her forever.

[ Dance music plays ] Looks like, uh, britt went all out, huh? Yeah, it’S… [Clears throat] It’s something. I appreciate you coming out with me. You know, this is a bit more lively than our new year’s eve last year. You don’t have to thank me. You know why? Hmm? Because I like being by your side. Thank you. It’s just important for me to be there for britt. You know, maxie, britt, and I, we made a sister pact, and we’ve been close ever since. I want to be there for her. I just want more time with her. Listen. Huntington’s is like alzheimer’S. It’s a no-joke disease, and you’re gonna have a rough road ahead. I have something to say, and please just hear me out, alright? I-I don’t think it’s a good idea, this whole running away thing. Austin, I swear, if you start hounding me, I will throw you overboard.

[ Scoffs ] And to be clear, I-I’m not running away. I am making a graceful exit. There’s still time. To rethink that. Not much. In 4 hours, when the countdown begins and the topless hotties are topping off drinks, I will slip away with a one-way ticket to destiny. You look like you’re solo, too. Where’s, uh — where’s my buddy, yuri? He’s sick. It’s adorable how even the biggest, strongest men become babies when they catch the sniffles. [ Laughs ] It’s a good thing yuri knows a doctor. Yeah, I should bill him, I suppose. Hmm. It is nice, though, to have someone to take care of, and to be taken care of in return. Oh, look, I know that you prefer that I call before I come over, but to be honest, I didn’t want to give you the opportunity to come up with an excuse not to talk to me. About what? I spoke with your uncle. Victor. What did he say? No, cyrus. I went to visit him at pentonville.

[ Chuckles ] What possessed you to do that? He said that he had some information about our family, and, well, I guess it just got me to wondering what else I don’t know. About cyrus? About you. You told me that you betrayed all the people you loved the most. Can you tell me exactly what you meant by that? You care so much for this baby, and yet you won’t do a thing to help me, even though you know I didn’t hurt anyone. Maybe you didn’t kill anyone, but you’ve hurt a lot of people, my son included. Oh. So this is revenge, after all. It’s not. The way I see it, you have two options — you can either stay in this tower, or you can face prosecution for the slew of crimes you’ll be charged with if I turn you in. Well, there is a third option. Set me free so I can leave town and raise my baby. And why would I do that? It wasn’t that long ago that you threatened a hunger strike and refused to take your prenatal vitamins. Because I’m desperate. Can’t you see that? Elizabeth, I swear I will take care of this baby, but I-I need to be free so we can be safe. On the run, no family or resources, constantly looking over your shoulder — how is that any safer than a roof over your head, nutritious meals, and consistent care? Because I won’t have to live with the fear that nikolas will kill me as soon as I give birth.

Go just now? Oh, no, don’t pay any attention to me. Hey. What are you — it’s a celebration, and I refuse to be a buzzkill. You can tell me anything, you know that. Where’d you go? It’s — oh, my god.

[ Laughs ] What? Just thinking about my — I was thinking about my brother, I was thinking about nelle, and how I don’t get to see wiley anymore. And my family is very small, and the thought of losing britt maybe in a few years is… just… I get it. I lost my dad. I lost brando. Now I can’t see michael. I can’t see wiley. And now michael is going to have another child, and what now? Yeah. Am I gonna be able to see that child? Probably not, right? Well, you have to pay a really big price, having me in your life, don’t you?

[ Siren blaring ]

[ Laughs ] Hello, beauties!

[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, I am simply gagging on the fabulosity! You are all so hot, I may have smoke inhalation. Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, there is, and she loves to dance.

[ Woman squealing ]

[ Laughter ]

I wanted you ava and I have — we’ve been struggling for months. It’S… no, come on, now. It’s not about ava. That’s not a reason that spencer would turn his back on you. Look, your son just got out of prison. That should matter to you. You should be spending time with him tonight, working on your relationship with him. But where is he? Do you know? Do you care? Of course I care. Then what have you done to alienate him? You keep worrying that nikolas is gonna harm you, but I’m telling you, that’s not his plan. That’s not the plan he shared with you. Lie back.

[ Sighs ] You know, maybe you’re judging nikolas based on your own standards.

[ Equipment beeps ] But you’re wrong about him. And wrong about me, too. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.

[ Heartbeat through sonogram ] Strong heartbeat. Okay. Um… are you in any discomfort? Any pain? No. Any the other concerns? Yes. What if there are complications? So far, your pregnancy is progressing typically. Yeah, so far, but I mean, I’ve only seen one ultrasound since I found out I was pregnant, and then there’s been nothing since. I know this isn’t ideal, but I have assisted in a lot of births — three of my own. You don’t have to worry. Women have been giving birth since the dawn of time. Y-you talk like I’m a patient in a maternity ward. I’m not. I’m — I’m a prisoner. You’re right, I have hurt people — people who did not deserve it, especially cam. But what if you’re hurting my baby by helping nikolas? Can you live with that, nurse baldwin? Sonny met with a representative from pikeman security group. Pikeman, they’re — they’re military contractors. They do everything from weapon design to manufacturing and logistics and private squads of soldiers. What do they want from sonny? They want to move their product through port charles, and they want sonny to facilitate. Pikeman is paying sonny to help them smuggle military weapons? That’s as illegal as it gets.

whoo! Mommy is parched. I’m gonna get a drink. Britt: Okay. [ Laughs ] B-r-B. Oh. Oh, my god! Where did you get her?! Are you surprised? Am I ever? Ugh, I love it all. I love it. You two. I’m never gonna forget this, for as long as I live.

[ Laughs ] Okay, so good you asked. I mean, it’s probably just a mole, but yeah, I’d — I’d get it checked out. Hey. On the clock, dr. Gatlin-holt? Always. I mean, you know how it is if you point out you’re a doctor. That ends once you lose your license. I haven’t always been your biggest fan. Really? Hadn’t noticed. But you’ve been a good friend to my daughter. I’m grateful. Thank you for saying that. It’s been a real pleasure, you know, getting to know britt. I hope it continues. She needs her friends now. So, finn, is elizabeth showing up later, or…? I’M…really not sure.

[ Scoffs ] She’s been so hard to pin down lately. I might have to page her at G.H. Just to catch up.

[ Chuckles ] Um, is she okay, or…? I would be the wrong guy to ask. Please help me get away so I-I can be free and raise my baby in peace. I was right. You do care about this child. I don’t know if I’m mom material. I can be selfish and willful. But I do know that even if neither of us is innocent, this baby is, and I want to give him or her a better start in life than I had. I asked nikolas to order a portable ultrasound machine, so the next time I visit, we can do that scan and maybe give you a picture of your baby. And what if it shows something bad? We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it — if we come to it, but again, I don’t want you to worry. Why worry when life is so wonderful? Have fun at your party. Nikolas: I’ve let spencer down so many times. Yeah, that doesn’t explain why he would have such a big reaction to you having been unfaithful to ava. Spencer is disappointed. Okay? I set such a poor example. Unless it’s not the fact that you had an affair, but who you had the affair with. Who is she? Mother, I don’t want to discuss this. I don’t really want to discuss it either, but this has affected our whole family, so I’d like to know. Elizabeth: I’m leaving now. Laura. Hi. Hi. Didn’t realize you had company. Yeah, that makes two of us. You look beautiful. Thank you. I am going to britt westbourne’s party. And I’m late, so I better go. Oh, well, stay safe. Have fun. Uh, maybe we can get together soon. We have a lot of catching up to do. Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that. Okay. Goodnight. Happy new year. Yeah, same to you. Thanks for… stopping by. Please tell me it’s not elizabeth. The pikeman rep, a guy named hume, handed sonny a briefcase full of cash just for showing up. So sonny draws a line on running drugs, but he’s willing to help ship weapons of war. There’s two reasons people want ship under cloak of darkness — either what they’re moving is dirty or what they’re moving is being supplied to dirty people. In this case, both. This deal is extremely lucrative for sonny, but also extremely dicey. This is it. This is how we bring sonny down. This isn’t like busting sonny on rico violations. Pikeman had contractors in afghanistan. They’re heavy hitters. Just think twice before messing with them. Are you backing out? The other day, you were worried. You didn’t want to get too close to donna. Oh, um, yeah. I was just having a moment. You know, I didn’t mean to be so maudlin. Right. But I — I’ve been thinking about that — uh, what you said — and you didn’t want to latch on in order to fill a void. Yeah. It’s actually kind of embarrassing, like, that whole conversation. Yeah, but isn’t that what loved ones are supposed to do for us? Fill that space inside of us when we lose somebody or feel alone? Yeah, I suppose so. That’s what you did for me. That’s what you do for me. So what I want you to do is I want you to latch on to me, donna, and avery. You’ve got more family than you know. Yeah.

Tonight, you’re mine

You cheated on ava with elizabeth?! I said I don’t want to discuss it. Well, it’s too late. You’ve already confirmed it. Do you have any idea how fragile elizabeth is right now? Mother, it’s over. It doesn’t matter if it’s over. The damage has been done.

[ Sighs ] No wonder spencer is so upset. My god, she’s family. Her sons are his cousins. What were you thinking?! You know elizabeth and i have a past. And it should have stayed in the past. I mean, I thought the two of you were just friends. Does finn know?

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth and I hate that we hurt finn and ava. That’s why we want to keep it quiet. We don’t want to cause any more pain. Well… no one will hear anything from me.

[ Sighs ] Nikolas, don’t kid yourself. Secrets like this are impossible to keep. I’m not looking for a way out. Well, good, because I need updates on every step of this partnership between pikeman and sonny, and I’m talking names, dates, shipping container numbers, bills of lading, all of it. I-I just want to be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Any evidence we get against sonny will also be evidence against pikeman. Who even knows how many laws they’re breaking by shipping this stuff, and if they connect it back to us… it could get messy. You didn’t forget a single detail of that special meal I told you about. You…

[Laughing] You remembered everything. I listen. You don’t have to feel alone, esme. Join me?

[ Dance music plays in distance ] Oh, thanks, but no one’s watching us now. Well… can’t I be a friend while at the same time being a gentleman? There you go. With all due respect to ava, I do think that esme is the likeliest suspect. Okay, boss.

[ Laughs ] All due respect to ava? That must have been some talk you guys had. Ava and I are never going to like each other. But she cares about you, and i know that you care about her, so that I can respect. That’s decent. Spencer, um, I have something to clear up. At my party, I said we weren’t friends. I recall. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I – I was — I was upset a-and hurt. I’m glad to hear it. Not that you were hurt and upset, but that we can still be friends. Trina, I don’t have many of those. You have me, joss, and cam, and britt. That’s respectable. Yeah, well, that might be the first time that I’ve heard the word “respectable” applied to me. First time for everything. Hmm. I really am grateful. Especially since I hurt you all, britt included. She means a lot to you, huh? She was always there for me as a kid. And she stuck by my side, from my bratty juvenile shenanigans to the wreck of things that I’ve made since I got back. And britt and I have a lot in common, and somehow we both tend to push away the people in our lives that we so desperately need.

[ Dance music plays ]

You won’t come down

you won’t come

[ Laughter ] Be careful. Don’t overdo it. Ugh! Isn’t that what tonight is for? I’m happy to see you enjoying yourself, but you can’t get over-tired. It takes a toll. Mutter, stop worrying! But I am your mutter. It’s my job to worry about you. No, not tonight. Tonight, your job is to have fun. Please. It’s important to me.

[ Chuckles ] I’m so happy you have scott. Life will never be dull with him.

[ Laughter ]

You won’t come hey. [ Laughs ] Aunt liesl. And britt. Wow, you look amazing! You look cover-worthy. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Great party. How you doing? All is well, thank you. Excuse me, my scotty needs me. Please tell me that you’re having the time of your life. Oh, I am! So you don’t need to look at me like that. [ Laughs ] Like what? Like I’m the walking dead. Okay, so, what’s going on? Elizabeth and I, uh,

[Sighs] We broke up. W-what?! Elizabeth didn’t breathe a word. I’m not exactly surprised. It was sudden. I don’t understand! What happened?!

You won’t come down

[ Paper crumples ] It pains me that I disappointed you again. No. It’s okay. I — I’m just really worried about spencer. You know, he just got out of prison, and he’s coming home to all of this chaos. I’ll be a better father going forward. If he gives you the opportunity. You know, spencer can’t completely distance himself from me. I mean, spencer’s release is contingent on being in victor’s custody, and victor insists on staying at wyndemere. Wait a minute. Are you saying that spencer is legally in victor’s custody? I mean, does it matter? Yes. Oh, my god! Yes! It matters! Victor only acts in his own self interest. Don’t you see? Sooner or later, he-he’s gonna use spencer. Oh, my god. I can’t let that happen. I can’T. Wa-wait, what are you planning to do? I don’t know, but whatever it takes. No. Mother, you are no match for victor. Leave it alone.

You don’t have to pretend.My mother told me she told you. You know, w-we just never know how much time we have in life. Look at jason. I mean… what matters is what we do with the time we have. Yeah, how we spend our time, who we spend our time with. Britt, this party was a great idea. You know what? Jason would want to see you getting all you can out of life. Got anything you want to tell me? Maybe one or two. Ladies, gents, them/theys, and anyone else here to slay, tonight is about honoring that other infamous queen bee, the M.D. With the b-day, dr. Britt westbourne!

[ Cheers and applause ] Now, britt’s partner-in-wine, brad, tells me that when they’re not busy reading red carpet fashion for filth or murdering mimosas,

[Laughs] Their favorite pastime is dusting their karaoke competition. Well, girl, we have a mic. We have a stage. We just need two showboats willing to serve. Brad and britt, without further ado, come through!

[ Cheers and applause ] Make some noise for brad and the britch! For you and you.

[ Cheers and applause ] What are we gonna sing? Oh, it’s handled. Ah!

[ Up-tempo music plays ] Let’s go, britt. No pause. Like a warrior that fights and wins the battle I know the taste of victory though I went through some nights consumed by the shadows I was crippled emotionally both: Hmmm somehow I made it through the heartache yes, I did oh I escaped oh-oh I found my way out of the darkness I kept my faith I know you did kept my faith when the river was deep, I didn’t falter when the mountain was high, I still believed when the valley was low, it didn’t stop me, no, no I knew you were waiting I knew you were waiting for me oh-oh with an endless desire, I kept on searching sure in time our eyes would meet and like a bridge that’s on fire, the hurt is over one touch and… you set me free no, I don’t regret a single moment no, I don’t I know you don’t looking back, uh when I think of all those disappointments I just laugh I know you do I just laugh when the river was deep, I didn’t falter when the mountain was high, I still believed when the valley was low, it didn’t stop me, oh I knew you were waiting I knew you were waiting for me so we were drawn together through destiny ooh, boy I know this love we share was meant to be oh h background singers: Knew you were waiting ooh, yeah knew you were waiting I knew you were waiting knew you were waiting for me oh, when th

Background singers: It didn’t stop me no, it didn’t stop me, no knew you were waiting britt and brad: I knew you were waiting for me I didn’t falter I still believed oh, I still believed background singers: It didn’t stop me no, it didn’t stop me no knew you were waiting someday, some place someway, somehow for me I didn’t falter when the valley was low I still believed I believed, I believed it didn’t stop me together: I knew you were waiting I knew you were waiting for me

[ Cheers and applause ] Why did I find out from finn that the two of you broke up? Explain yourself, missy.

[ Cheers and applause continue ]

[ Scoffs ] Emcee: Alright! Thank you, my dear. Let’s hear it one more time for the britch and brad! Brad and the britch! Yes!

[ Cheers and applause ] Okay, boys, show the birthday girl whatcha got. Ooh!

[ Applause ] Don’t worry, gal pal, we all know how much you hate the birthday song. But there is one tradition we must insist on. Mm-hmm. Brad and maxie: Make a wish. Oh…

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Mouthing ]

[ Laughs ] Okay. Look, just get the evidence against sonny, and I’ll make sure to get it into the right hands without implicating either one of us. When we expose sonny, he’ll have a target on his back with the law and with pikeman. He might be better off in custody. Well, if he’s convicted of the charges he’d be facing, he’ll be in prison for a very long time — possibly forever. You prepared for that? Look, I always knew what sonny was capable of. And torturing you was a new low. But this — running weapons with a back-channel military organization? I mean, he’s not the father that I knew. I don’t want him near my family. So to answer your question… forever’s fine with me. For my sake, don’t antagonize victor. He can accuse me of terrible things. Does he have proof? I can’t get into it. Then I can’t help you. What do you mean? I — it — look, it’s not just about you. I am also very worried about spencer. If you know something, you should tell me. I can’t! Why?! Has victor threatened you?

[ Scoffs ] No one is at risk if we play his game. But if you take down victor, you take me down. Leave him alone or you will lose your son. Mmm! That steak was delicious. Sorry you couldn’t join me. It’s alright. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You know what? To kindness found in the most unexpected places. Hm! Oh, oh!

[ Coughing ] It’s all right. Oh. Um, I got it.

[ Coughing ] Okay.

[ Coughing continues ]

[ Sighs ] Demetrius, thank you. This meant more to me than you will ever know. Happy new year.

[ Speaks in native language ] Esme.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] And happy new year to us, ace. We should head inside. Five more minutes. Nobody will see us out here together. We’re on the deck. Well, the buzz could be that we stole some time alone. I mean, they might assume I got emotional and needed air. Yeah, and I came out to the deck to check on you. And I leaned on you for comfort. And some…combination of the heightened emotions and the twinkling lights… yeah, and the waves and stars. And your warmth as you held me. Brought back all those old feelings. The ones we never acted on. And it felt like we were the only two people on earth.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, December 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Britt’s Birthday party at the Haunted Star begins and only Austin knows that Britt is going to slip away from the party when everyone is toasting the New Year. Austin tries once again to persuade Britt to stay and let her friends and family support her through her illness, but Britt insists she doesn’t want the people she loves watch her illness get worse. Britt and Brad do their Karaoke rendition of the George Michael Aretha Franklin hit “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me” then Britt makes a wish before she blows out the candles on her cake.

Spencer and Trina have their first pretend date at Britt’s party and almost kiss as they look at the stars. Esme asks Elizabeth to help her get away from Nikolas for the sake of her baby. Elizabeth refuses to help Esme escape because a life on the run wouldn’t be good for the baby. Esme has dinner with Dimitrius and steals a match from him hoping that the match will help her escape.

Laura has a long talk with Nikolas because Victor only told her that he and Ava were getting a divorce because he cheated on Ava. Laura sees Elizabeth come into the living room and tell Nikolas that she is leaving to go to Britt’s party. Laura asks Nikolas if he had an affair with Elizabeth and when he remains silent she knows the truth. Nikolas asks Laura not to take on Victor because he has a lot of information that could land him in jail.

Dex tells Michael that Sonny made a deal with the Pikeman Security Group and they are very dangerous. Dex tells Michael that Sonny could go to jail for the rest of his life. Dex also tells Michael that if the Pikeman Security Group finds out that he ruined their deal, he, Willow, and his family could be in danger. Michael tells Dex he is willing to take the risk to put Sonny in jail.

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GH Update Wednesday, December 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In the Netherlands, Anna and Valentin meet with a former colleague of Anna’s, Andre Maddox. Andre is thrilled to see Anna and the two share a hug, while Valentin casts an envious glare. Andre tells Anna that it has been far too long since they have seen each other and Anna insists she needs his help in clearing her name. Valentin doesn’t understand how Andre can help them, as he is a psychiatrist. Andre agrees. Anna states that she is interested in any interactions he may have had with Victor during the time Victor was working on his projects involving the mapping of the mind.

Anna asks how he and Victor communicated during this time period and Andrew states that there was a secret base in Paris.  It was deep below the city and he was always blindfolded when they took him there, but he does remember accessing it via elevator and it was bunker-like, well below the city.

After Andre leaves, Valentin tells Anna he still doesn’t trust him. He also doesn’t understand why he would put himself at risk to help them. Anna says Andre has plenty of reasons to hate the Cassadines and to want to see Victor dealt with permanently.

At the Metro Court, Britt packs a suitcase to make her exit after her party. Liesl knocks on the door. She lets her mother in, and Liesl says that she thought she would help Britt get ready for the party. Liesl sees the dress Britt is going to wear and absolutely loves it. Liesl asks Britt what is with the suitcase. Britt explains she’s decided to take an extended vacation and is headed out right after the party.

Liesl begins to cry and tells Britt that she has betrayed her trust by telling not only Nina about her Huntington’s disease but Sonny too. Liesl says that keeping the secret had broken her. She didn’t anticipate that keeping the secret would be so hard on her. Britt apologizes for dropping that secret on her mother and says that it has been an honor and an adventure to be her daughter. Liesl takes a selfie of them to remember the moment.

At Wyndemere, Victor tells Spencer he was hoping they could have New Year’s Day brunch. Spencer stops him right there and says that he is kidding himself if he thinks that he will ever sit down at a brunch or any other event with his father.  

Meanwhile, Nikolas checks on Esme, he finds that she is still not eating and tells her that her scheme is not going to work. 

Nikolas then heads to the living room to find Spencer and Victor fighting over Spencer wanting to leave Wyndemere. Nikolas agrees it’s best that Spencer leaves. Spencer storms out, and Victor doesn’t know why Nikolas is not fighting for his son. 

Back in Esme’s room, Demetrius checks on her and pleads with her to eat. He says he’ll have the chef make her anything she wants, even a steak if she wishes. 

Trina meets with Ava at Kelly’s, and Trina mentions that she can always count on Ava. Ava shows her the photo of her and Spencer in the paper and wonders if she can count on him. Trina admits she still has feelings for Spencer, and she was on her way to break up with Rory when he was attacked. Trina feels she can’t tell Spencer any of this now. Ava tries to comfort her, but Trina vents that nothing will be okay until Esme is brought to justice.

Spencer enters, and Ava starts to exit. However, Spencer asks if he can speak to Ava in private and then wants to speak with Trina about Britt’s party.

Trina leaves them, and Ava begins saying that she doesn’t want to discuss his trust fund. Spencer tells her to shut up because he’s trying to apologize. Ava is floored. Spencer says that he put Ava through hell because he didn’t believe she was good enough for his father.  But, he confesses that now he believes the opposite is true.

Ava leaves after her conversation with Spencer.  Trina and Spencer then begin discussing how they can use Britt’s party as a way to put their plan into motion to catch Esme and bring her to justice.  

Laura meets up with Martin at Pentonville. Martin thanks her for helping him in Ireland. Laura tells him that he didn’t have to come to Pentonville, but he wouldn’t let her face Cyrus alone. Cyrus enters the room and says that a visit from both of his siblings is a gift from God.

Laura asks Cyrus why he wanted to see her. Cyrus warns of a “serpent in her garden”, and then informs her outright that Deputy Mayor Ashby is on Victor’s payroll. It was she who pulled strings to get Spencer released, and that could look bad for Laura if the information is leaked to the press. Laura doesn’t seem shocked at all and Cyrus realizes that Laura was already on to Deputy Mayor Ashford. He suggests the two of them can work together to take down Victor. Laura gets up to leave, and Cyrus tells her that he’ll be here when she needs him.



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Y&R Transcript Thursday, December 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Is this seat taken?

Traci: Um, actually, no. I’m on my own tonight. Go ahead. Thank you.

Well, we’ll see if we can fix that.

Traci: Danny?

[ Gasps ]

[ Laughs ]

Chelsea: I think you’re on the right track! Keep at it.

Connor: Trying to save eggs from breaking is a lame way to spend new year’s eve. Can’t I just use the one in the closet?

Chelsea: How did you know about that?

Connor: I was looking for more bubble wrap, and there it was — a completely done egg-drop device. I figured you’d made it in case mine didn’t work.

Chelsea: Wrong. Billy and I just got carried away playing with the art supplies and were testing out your new project. You will be handing in your own schoolwork.

Connor: Fine. Be that way.

Chelsea: [ Laughing ] You’ll thank me later.

Connor: Billy’s cool, isn’t he?

Chelsea: He can be.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Billy: You’re just in time.

Lily: For what?

Billy: To celebrate the new year.

Lily: Here?

Billy: Yeah. You know, we could have went the more traditional route and went to a fancy dinner and went to the clubs after, but — I don’t know — getting dressed up and making a big deal out of it — it didn’t feel like the right thing to do this year.

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: That is a lot of soup.

Nick: I’m gonna hook you up. I got everything. I got soup, herbal tea, ginger ale. I got a heating pad guaranteed to cure an ailing stomach.

Sally: Wow, you thought of everything.

Nick: How you feeling?

Sally: I am feeling a little better. You did not have to go through all this trouble.

Nick: I like taking care of you.

Sally: I know this isn’t the new year’s eve you had in mind.

Nick: That’s why I went for plan B. Ginger ale bubbles for our midnight toast instead of champagne.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Jeremy: Thank you.

Diane: So, should I go on? Is my offer of any interest?

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought I made myself crystal clear. The only way to settle this is for you to pay me back what you took from me. Now, that’s what I would find, uh, desirable.

Diane: If only it were that easy. But as I explained, the money is gone. So, I have a better idea. And we start by laying our cards on the table, all of them.

Jeremy: Challenge accepted. You go first.

Diane: Alright —

Jeremy: Tell me the truth about the fbi. Did you turn state’s evidence to put me away? She is fearless

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provided by…

[Swords clashing]

Traci: [ Laughing ] Oh, danny! Oh, my gosh, this is the most fabulous surprise. I’m so glad to see you.

Danny: It’s good to see you, too, traci.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] So — so, when did you get to town?

Danny: Oh, christmas eve, yeah. I spent the holiday with daniel and phyllis.

Traci: Oh. That’s so special. Can — can you join me?

Danny: I’d love to. Come on. Hey, let’s sit over here.

Traci: Okay. Here. We’ll get you one of these, too, okay?

Danny: Oh, please.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. There we go. So, how long are you here for?

Danny: Uh, well, I’m afraid it’s a short visit between tour dates, yeah. In fact, I’m staying here and just came down to grab a glass of champagne for new year’s eve.

Traci: I am so glad you did.

Danny: You look fabulous.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Danny: Tell me. Alright, come on. How’s life treating you? I want to know everything. Don’t hold back.

Traci: Oh!

Danny: You’re holding back. Come on!

Traci: No, I’m just —

Danny: What?

Traci: I’m just marveling at you, at us, how we just sort of fall back into sync, just like we always did, you know?

Lauren: Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Are you two getting the band back together without me?

[ Laughter ]

Traci: Oh, my gosh! What are the chances?

Danny: We’ve been thinking about it.

[ Laughter ]

Connor: Could I just do all bubble wrap? Like, until it’s the size of a bowling ball?

Chelsea: I mean, you can try anything and see if it works. That’s the whole point of the project, right? You need to experiment, use your creativity.

Connor: Really? I thought it was to see how many omelets you can eat in a week. I mean, got to do something with all the broken eggs.

Chelsea: You’re a wise guy.

[ Knock on door ]

Connor: I’ll get it.

Chelsea: Okay. Make sure you ask who it is first.

Connor: Who is it?

Adam: It’s your father.

Connor: Dad. Man, am I glad you’re here. If I have to see one more messed-up egg…

Adam: Oh. What, uh — what did I miss?

Chelsea: We are working on a school project.

Adam: Oh.

Connor: I’ve got to figure out how to protect an egg so it won’t break when you drop it.

Adam: I see. Engineering 101. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Connor: If you say so. Mom and billy already made one that works, so now it’s my turn.

Chelsea: Well, you keep working on it. You’re gonna get there.

Connor: Billy made mom smile. So, that’s a good sign, right?

Billy: Just thought maybe we’d get out of our comfort zone a little bit, you know, see things from a different perspective, and from this side of the park, we’re gonna be able to see the fireworks perfectly.

Lily: I think the different perspective we need has nothing to do with the view. @A

Billy: I’m worried about us, lily.

Lily: Me too.

Diane: Jeremy, I swear i would never turn on you like that. I also know how furious you’d be at anyone foolish enough to betray you. And not to mention, remember i was living a lie. The last thing I needed was to draw any unwanted attention from the authorities.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] I want to believe you’re being straight with me.

Diane: I am. 100%. And I’m going to tell you something else you might have a hard time believing.

[ Sighs ] After you were arrested, i missed the excitement that you brought to my life. I tried to tell myself it was enough to be back with my family, but I’ve been kidding myself. I’m climbing the walls.

Jeremy: Hmm. I have to admit, I thought a lot about you when I was locked up. Angry thoughts, sure… but good ones, too, the times we shared together, before you figured out what I tricked you into doing.

Diane: Well, there were a lot of good times before and after I knew the truth. It was thrilling. It made me feel alive.

Jeremy: What exactly are you suggesting?

Diane: I want to get back that excitement…with you. I brought in ensure max protein

Sally: I appreciate everything that you’ve done, but I don’t expect you to sacrifice your entire night for me.

Nick: Trust me, I’m fine spending new year’s eve here with you instead of going to the glam club.

Sally: I appreciate the offer, but we’re taking things slow, remember? I don’t think I’m ready for you to watch me dribble soup on my shirt or turn green.

Nick: Do you remember how many kids I have? Nothing fazes me.

Sally: Okay. That may be the case, but I — I don’t like to show people my sick side. And besides, I’m — I have a thing about celebrating holidays.

Nick: Alright. We’re gonna work on that. As for tonight, I will honor your wishes and leave. But if you change your mind and you want some company, I’m just a text away.

Sally: Thanks.

Nick: And since I’m not gonna get a chance to tell you later, happy new year. Feel better.

Sally: Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Look, I know this whole ordeal with chelsea has thrown us off balance, lily. I get that.

Lily: Oh, god, billy, my issue is not with chelsea. It’s with you. I mean, tonight you were supposed to plan something special for us, and yet we’re standing here in the freezing cold waiting for fireworks that aren’t gonna start for hours.

Billy: I’m sorry. I know I should have planned something more. It’s just, you know, the week got away from me and…

Lily: [ Scoffs ]

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Lily: I mean, do I love that you have spent time with chelsea every day over the holidays? Of course I don’T. But I can understand it.

Billy: Really? Because I’m not sure about that.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Billy, I really feel like our issues started long before chelsea’s crisis.

Billy: I don’t feel that way.

Lily: I do. I mean, you’ve been going in a different direction for months, and I don’t know how we get back on track.

Billy: But we do, right? I mean, we’re gonna work on it. We start couples therapy next week.

Lily: Yeah, but I even thought that suggesting therapy was gonna be a wake-up call for you. And you haven’t even changed your behavior since then. And that breaks my heart.

Billy: Lily —

Lily: I mean, if you’re not gonna meet me halfway, then what’s the point? You didn’t even think that we had an issue when I brought up going to therapy. So, like, what, were you just gonna go through the motions then?

[ Exhales sharply ] I just… I realize that trying to back you into a corner to try to fix things — it was just the wrong thing to do.

Billy: It almost sounds like you think what we have is too far gone.

Lily: I don’t want to believe it, either, but I’ve been going over and over it in my head. And I’ve realized that we’ve always had work in common. And that’s what we had to fall back on when things got bumpy. And so now that that’s gone, it’s like so is the spark that we felt when we first found each other again.

[ Voice breaking ] And I hate saying that. I really, really do. But you know it’s true because without that glue, it’s like… we’re just two very different people with two very different goals. And I don’t know if we have enough in common to keep us together.

[ Gasps ]

Jeremy: Assuming you’re saying that you want to start things up again, that would be a huge risk.

Diane: On so many levels. But like you always said, risks make life worth living.

Jeremy: Why did you leave?

Diane: Alright. I won’t lie. I was afraid, and I ran on instinct.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Oh, you’re good. But I don’t think that’s true. You took yourself out of the picture long enough for jack abbott to try to buy me off again.

Diane: Jack offered you money while I was away? That’s news to me. No, I — I panicked, and I ran on my own volition.

Jeremy: And here you are, not looking the least bit frightened, proposing that we start things up again, all very conveniently timed to coincide with my acceptance of jack’s offer.

Diane: Yeah. You can think what you like. I came back because I realized that it cost me too much the last time I left. And I returned to face you. And whatever deal jack made was to protect his family, not me.

Jeremy: So, you’re claiming you have no allegiance to the abbotts anymore?

Diane: No, no, I’m not saying that at all. I — I would hate to see any of them get hurt. But I also know that I can’t stop thinking about you. We have an unbreakable bond.

Jeremy: Even though I’m risky?

Diane: [ Laughs ] The excitement makes it worth it. Jeremy, this town is killing me. This quiet life I chose for myself is nothing like the way it used to be for us — getting away with things that nobody else could, staying one step ahead of the law. Come on. You remember how thrilling it was. And we could have that again. The risk and the reward.

Jeremy: This is a very interesting proposition.

Chloe: Oh, well, you’re looking a little better.

Sally: Come in.

Chloe: What’s all this?

Sally: Oh, nick brought over a care package.

Chloe: Ah. What a guy. Making time for a little bedside manner on new year’s eve? He’s just the best. What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick to your stomach again?

Sally: No. I-I just can’t get your comment out of my head. I’m just too caught up in the insane possibility that you might be right. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping…

Chloe: Okay. Back up. Which comment and what insane possibility?

Sally: The one that’s got me feeling super paranoid ever since you put the idea in my head.

Chloe: Oh.

Sally: Yeah. “Oh.”

Chloe: Okay, well, why are you so paranoid? I didn’t even say the “p” word.

Sally: Okay, yeah, maybe not, but it’s exactly where your mind went whenever you started in on what could be causing my nausea.

Chloe: Okay, I swear I never seriously thought that you were pregnant. I mean, are you having any other symptoms?

Sally: No. But I checked my calendar, and it’s not out of the question.

Chloe: Okay. Well, I assume that you and nick were careful, right?

Adam: If this was my project, I would want to use a combination of the materials, not just the bubble wrap. Really wow your teacher with your creativity. And I bet you would get a higher grade.

Connor: Dad, you’re making it harder.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Your dad’s right. You do have to put some extra effort into it, sweetie.

Adam: Well, uh, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. I just wanted to wish you guys a happy new year. 2023 is gonna be great for all of us.

Chelsea: I have a feeling you’re right about that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Connor: Cool. Johnny just posted a new year’s video. Can I go check it out?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Make it quick, please.

Adam: [ Sighs ] So, uh, is billy coming back later to do connor’s math homework or…?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I could tell hearing about our little project bugged you.

Adam: What was your first clue?

Chelsea: Adam, it was nothing. It was a silly diversion. It helped keep me from getting wrapped up in my own head.

[ Sighs ] Look at the bright side. At least connor’s so busy with this, now he’s not so focused on trying to force his parents to get back together, right?

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Sighs ]

Lauren: So, it is fenmore’s, marchetti, and jabot, all under the same umbrella — the perfect setup.

Danny: Wow. So, you got fashion, cosmetics, and the stores that sell them. You got all your bases covered. You’re brilliant.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Well, thank you. And you know what? The new spokesmodel for marchetti is a musician named tessa porter. Maybe you’ve heard of her?

Danny: I have. Yeah. She’s a real talent.

Lauren: Good. So, maybe she could open for you one day or she could record a duet with you once her voice recovers?

Traci: Lauren, come on! What are you trying to do, get a bunch of free publicity?

Lauren: Well, why not?

Traci: Because there should be one day out of the year where danny just gets to relax and he doesn’t have to think about or talk about business.

Lauren: Traci’s still the protective fan club president. You’re not still the fan club president, are you?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Lauren! Just a very dear friend.

[ Light laughter ]

Michael: Wow. This looks like homecoming week. Come here! Mwah!

Traci: Mwah!

Danny: Michael!

Michael: Oh, my goodness!

Danny: Happy new year.

Michael: Ohh, same to you! Lauren didn’t mention that you were in town.

Lauren: I just found out a couple minutes ago.

[ Both laugh ]

Danny: Well, I’m between shows and did a little detour to surprise daniel.

Traci: And us.

Michael: Oh, it is terrific to see you! How’s the kidney?

Danny: It is in fine working order, thanks to you.

Michael: Mm! [ Chuckles ] Well, that is excellent news. It looks like our new year’s eve plans have been expanded.

Lauren: And what better way to ring in a new year than with old friends?

Michael: Mm!

Jeremy: I have to say, you caught me off guard with this. I never would have thought you would suggest we reconcile.

Diane: Well, I won’t pretend it’s love, but we did get along rather famously. I miss that spark in my life.

Jeremy: And you’d rather have me as a friend than an enemy. Trust me.

Diane: Good point. And together, we could find a creative, risky way to score back the money I owe you.

Jeremy: If nothing else, it would make this coming year a hell of a lot more interesting and lucrative than my last six.

Diane: Is that a yes?

Jeremy: I’ll consider it and get back to you.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] Jack. How long have you been here?

Jack: I’ve been here the whole time. I couldn’t let you go through this alone.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Billy: We are different in a lot of ways, but I don’t see that as a negative. And I definitely don’t want to give up on us.

Lily: I don’t, either. I really don’T. This isn’t easy for me. But I have always been the pragmatic one, and that is what I’m doing.

Billy: What are you doing? I mean, what are you saying exactly?

Lily: I think we should take some time apart.

Billy: God. Lily —

Lily: I’m not — I’m not saying this is the end, okay? I’m not. I just think that we need to take some time to see what’s really left between us.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sniffles ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Diane: I should be angry with you.

Jack: I know you wanted to take on stark alone.

Diane: Yeah, but you didn’t think I could handle it. Which I get. And now that it’s over, I’m — I’m grateful that you were here looking out for me.

Jack: For what it’s worth, you gave a masterful performance.

Diane: Well, I hope so. It wasn’t as effortless as it might have seemed, and i suddenly feel the need for a shower.

Jack: Yeah, I understand that. But as far as I could tell, he was buying your act. You were in complete control.

Diane: I’m glad you think so. But I can’t be sure that jeremy believed me — because with that man, anything is possible.

Adam: Look who’s back.

Billy: It’s none of your concern.

Adam: Oh, billy, the hell it isn’T. What is with this — this endless fixation on chelsea? I mean, did your new year’s eve plans fall through, or were you always planning to bail on lily to hover over my ex-wife at midnight?

Sharon: Mm!

Nick: What was that for?

Sharon: It’s your birthday hug, soon to be followed by a birthday brownie. You didn’t think I’d forget, did you?

Nick: No chance. Um, I know today’s a pretty significant day for you, as well.

Sharon: Yeah. It’s my wedding anniversary to rey.

Nick: Hope you’re okay.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Sharon: It’s hard. But you know what? I don’t want to dwell on it, especially on a night like tonight. It’s supposed to be filled with hope and promise. So, come on. Sit down.

Nick: Alright.

Sharon: Why are you not out celebrating your birthday or the holiday — or both?

Nick: Well, I had some big plans, but they got derailed, uh, by a stomach bug. Sally’s sick.

Sharon: Clearly, things must be progressing if you’re making “big” new year’s plans.

Nick: Oh, you know, after 30, birthdays are all just a blur.

Sharon: Yeah. That’s so true, isn’t it?

Nick: I didn’t even want to tell sally it was my birthday. She may have tried to rally, you know, no matter how sick she was, and she may have pulled it off. She’s a force of nature.

Sharon: Well, your face lights up when you talk about her.

Nick: Yeah, there were some rough times in the beginning, you know, with all the drama surrounding adam, but, uh, it seems to be over with. I like her. She’s, uh — she’s great. I’m having fun.

Sharon: I like seeing you smile. And I hope that 2023 brings us all a reason to smile like that.

Nick: Yeah.

Chloe: No wonder you’re freaking.

Sally: You think? Also, I am normally really diligent about taking the pill, but, um, I think that I have been a little more stressed out than I would like to admit. There’s been a lot going on and, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this out loud, but I forgot… a couple times.

Chloe: Look, I just… I’m just asking this just to be sure. You didn’t “forget” on purpose, right?

Sally: As in, trap him into a surprise pregnancy? No, that’s not my style. Not anymore, at least.

Chloe: Whew. Okay. Good. Sorry. I just — I know that plan doesn’t work out so well. Trust me. I know.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, trust me. I know, too. The old me almost tried that ploy when I was back in L.A., But thank god I came to my senses.

Chloe: Look, my advice is — relax. I think you’re just getting ahead of yourself. You probably just have a stomach bug or whatever is going around. You just… you know, you just need to calm down and enjoy your soup.

Sally: I just — I don’t have an appetite with this weighing on me.

Chloe: I mean, can I just say one thing? It’s not the worst thing in the world if you have nick’s kid. I mean, he makes beautiful babies.

Sally: Yeah, I wish it were that simple.

Chloe: Why isn’t it that simple?

Sally: Because nick wasn’t the only one. If it turns out that I am… pregnant, the baby could also be adam’S. Can I return this love-hate relationship with cookies?

[ Laughter ]

Danny: Hey, I’ve got a concert in chicago in a couple months. I could get you all front-row seats.

Traci: Oh, that sounds fabulous!

Michael: Oh, that sounds like a date, yes!

Lauren: Oh, can we have dinner afterwards?

Danny: Sold!

Lauren: Alright.

Danny: Yes. Although, you know, I do have a lot keeping me busy right now. I’m writing some music for a project that daniel’s working on.

Lauren: Oh, really? That sounds intriguing.

Danny: I’m pretty excited about it.

Michael: Will you be sticking around long enough to see paul and christine when they get back from their ski trip?

Danny: Um…I’m not sure. Yeah, I, uh — I mean, this was a last-minute detour. I was supposed to see my son in georgia, and then daniel surprised us with his move back to genoa city. Uh, but, yeah, I mean, I — I do hope I get a chance to see cricket before I go. If she’s back in time.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Okay. You need to take some deep breaths because you’re not thinking clearly. There is no way adam could be the father because you haven’t been together in months. It’s been months, hasn’t it?

Sally: Adam and I had kind of a moment a few weeks ago — for closure.

Chloe: Goodbye sex? Are you kidding me?

Sally: It proved to both of us that we — it was way too late to get back what we once shared, okay? And afterwards, we both agreed to go our separate ways. It was spontaneous. But that is why I can’t help but feel a little panicky.

Chloe: Look, I-I just don’t get it. I mean, after everything that he has put you through. And you just allow him to suck you back in, even for the sake of just closure?

Sally: I didn’t regret it in the moment. It ended a chapter for both of us. Unless it didn’T. I just — I have to put these doubts to bed.

Chloe: Well, for the sake of your own sanity, I tend to agree.

Sally: Will you go get me a pregnancy test? Please? I cannot go into the new year without knowing one way or the other.

Billy: If you’re trying to start something, I’m not in the mood.

Adam: Well, that wasn’t my intent. But I strongly suggest that you back off and leave chelsea alone. She’s having some good one-on-one time with connor.

Billy: [ Sniffs ]

Chelsea: Well, hello there.

Billy: Hi. What’s up?

Connor: Happy new year.

Billy: Yeah. Right back at you, buddy.

Chelsea: Connor was craving some hot chocolate. He’s hoping to stay up till midnight this year.

Billy: Mm. Well, good luck with that. Hey, how’d the little, uh, egg-drop contraption go?

Connor: Not as good as yours. Yet.

Chelsea: Busted.

Billy: Uh, alright. Well, you’ll get there.

Connor: Unless you can help me convince mom to turn in your device instead.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ]

Billy: Excuse me. Connor, that would be cheating.

Connor: I prefer to think of it as making the most of my time off. I’m supposed to be resting and recharging, right? Having to do homework is the exact opposite.

Chelsea: I don’t know where he gets it from.

Connor: I’m being logical. Please? Come upstairs. We can work on her together.

Chelsea: Uh, you’re welcome to come and join us. So, three hot chocolates?

Billy: Yeah. Why not?

Connor: Yay! I’ll go order.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sniffs ]

Jack: I can get you some tea. It might calm your nerves a bit.

Diane: [ Sighs ] It’s — it’s not so much that jeremy rattled me. It’s that I’m ashamed at how weak I was, the — the — the way I compromised myself and stayed so long under that man’s thumb.

[ Sighs ] I mean, fortunately, I’m stronger now, partly because I did the work, but also because you’ve been so supportive of me.

Jack: I don’t know. As I remember it, I was a lot harder on you than you deserved.

Diane: Oh, I don’t see it that way. You’re kind, but you don’t coddle me. You’re never dismissive, and you don’t treat me like I’m this horrible person out to ruin people’s lives. No. I mean, the truth is, I — i like who I am when I’m with you. And that hasn’t been the case for a really long time.

Jack: I happen to like who i am with you, too.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

Michael: Five…

Together: Four, three, two, one! Happy new year!

Michael: Yes!

[ Laughter ] Oh!

[ “Auld lang syne” plays ]

Danny: Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Together: And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

and auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for auld lang syne

Billy: Happy new year.

Nick: Happy new year.

Sharon: Happy new year.

Jack: Happy new year.

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Daniel: I had no idea that things had gotten this bad.

Summer: I mean, I have just been going along with everything that kyle wants for the sake of our marriage.

Daniel: So, what are you gonna do now?

Sally: Why are you being so nice to me?

Adam: I think you know.

Christine: Thanks for waiting.

Danny: It was worth it to have some time with you.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Lily tells Billy that she thinks the only thing they had in common was work, and once they didn’t work together anymore that is why they started having problems. Lily thinks that they should take some time apart to figure out if they still have a relationship worth saving.

Billy decides to accept the invitation from Chelsea and Connor to have hot chocolate and help Connor work on his egg drop device project together. Connor wants Billy to help persuade Chelsea to let him turn in the egg drop device that he and Chelsea worked on yesterday which he knows works.

Sally tells Chloe that there is a possibility that she could be pregnant since she may have forgotten to take her pill sometimes since she has been under a lot of stress lately. Sally tells Chloe that if she is pregnant, Adam or Nick could be the father of the baby.

Danny catches up with Lauren, Michael, and Traci.

Diane tells Jeremy she wants to work with him on a way to get the money she owes him because she misses the excitement she felt when she worked with him. Jeremy tells Diane that he will think about her idea and talk to her later. Diane is touched that Jack followed her to Society to make sure Jeremy wouldn’t harm her. Diane tells Jack that she likes the person she is when she is with him. Jack tells Diane he likes the person he is when he is with her.

Danny, Lauren, and Traci and Michael toast the new year. Danny, Lauren and Traci sing Auld Lang Syne as the audience sees Lily sad and alone. The audience also sees Adam dinking alone at the Grand Phoenix. Chloe waits outside the bathroom door of Sally’s bedroom waiting for her to come out and tell her the results of the pregnancy test. Jack wishes Diane a happy new year and they share a kiss.

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Days Transcript Thursday, December 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 Ah, wow. We went from record low temperatures in New York City to record highs in Miami. I’m melting in these clothes. Well, only one solution to that problem. Take ’em off.

You. Okay? I wanna be, but for no reason at all. I have a raging case of pre-warning jitters, shorts of breath and shaky hands. Intonations of doom. Here. Sit down. Um, it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, I’ve been married before. It’s not like I’m afraid of the wedding night. What am I even doing? I’m supposed to be getting Ari some tea.

Sit. I’ll get it. Thank you.

So, um, are the nerves you have in general or is there something particular you’re worried about? I don’t know. I just. You can’t shake the feeling like something’s gonna go horribly wrong.

Hey, her, it’s uh, it’s Brady. Listen, Chris and I are gonna leave in a couple of minutes plan to keep her at the reception at least until midnight. So that should give you more than enough time to get Rachel out. I hope we’re doing the right thing, man.

Kristen, uh, we we should get going.

What? Why don’t you dress for the wedding? I’m not going.

Hi. I’m sorry I’m late. My hair wasn’t cooperating. It’s fine. In fact, Gabby better watch out. You can upstage the pride.

Why do you feel like something’s going to go wrong? I don’t know.

How are you having second thoughts? Do you think you’re making a mistake? No. No, no, no, no. I, I love Lee very much and I’m very happy. It’s just, it’s just been a crazy couple of months and maybe I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy.

I think you do. I think my brother is a very lucky man. Thank you. Yeah, I’m just being weird. Uh, and it doesn’t help that Ari’s. Only wired and maybe this will calmer down.

Hello. Hey, uh, what color is your. Why? Well, I’m trying to, I got a tie. Johnny, just pick one you like, okay. I’m sure it’ll be fine. You sound strange. You okay? I suppose I should have turned down the champagne. Champagne. Gabby started the party pretty early and she’s lots of fun, but I was already a bundle of nerves and now she is too.

Really? I think deep down she’s having doubts about marrying Lee. Did. You, did? Did you say something? No, I didn’t say something, but I’m having a harder time than ever knowing that I’m keeping a secret from the bride.

Hey, Lee, your phones ring in.

Supposed to be checking in. Yes. Hello. Oh, Mr. Shin. Visit Dr. Behem. Rolf

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

What do you mean you’re not going to the wedding? Well, I’m not gonna leave Rachel alone. I, I just saw John and Marlena driving off. I forgot to tell you. Okay. I, I felt bad. They love going out on New Year’s Eve, so I just asked Eric to come babysit instead. I see you without asking me if it was okay. Eric is great with kids and honestly, he was the only person that, uh, I could find that didn’t have anything going on tonight.

I think he was grateful to have something to do, so it all worked out, right? Mm-hmm. , I guess, seems to me like you went through a lot of trouble, so I could go to this wedding with you. Well, like I said, I have expected you to force me to go with you. And remind me that you have Marlena’s life in your hands.

So I guess I thought I would just have a better time if it was my idea. Huh?

Are you sure? That’s all it is.

Thank you. But the last thing I wanna do is upstage Gabby at her own wedding. I’m that thoughtful view. No, it’s self-protection cuz I sure as hell don’t want to draw her fire. She’s already ticked off that. Lee invited me after how I treated her brother. Ah, from Lee’s point of view, it would’ve been bad form to snap the mirror leadership, but as you know, Gabby feels the same way about me.

So we can be prized together, we’re heading to the same place. I’d be happy to give you a lift. Thanks. That that’s, that’s kind of you but it, it’s, it’s not necessary. Think of our carbon footprints and you might need someone to help you cut your rubber chicken. . I’ll have you know that my left-handed you pencil skills have gotten better.

Mm-hmm. . But there’s one thing I could use your help with that. Can you sit me up? I thought you’d never asked.

Mr. Shin? No, this isn’t Mr. Shin. This is Commissioner Ray Fernandez. Oh, ah. I’m curious as to what business you have with Lee. Is that the j? No, it’s Dr. Rolf. He wants to speak to you.

Sorry. Gotta go.

So are you ready for me to help you get ready? Well, that can wait. I mean, I just heard you on the phone. Exactly. What secret have you been keeping from me?

What are you doing in the tux? I could ask you the same thing. Where you going to see Lee Shin shackle himself to Gabby Hernandez? It’s a grim prospect, but at least I get to celebrate that her last name will no longer be Damira. How about you? Uh, . I’m going to Wendy ask me, you two are planning on making something seen.

Are you? How many times we have to promise you, we are not going to tell anyone that. You know, Dr. Roth brainwashed Uncle Stephan, you know, given Stefan’s emotional depth, I think a light rinse could have done the trick. . That’s, that’s so funny. Dad, this whole thing is just so hilarious.

I’m finally ready. You know one too. We’ll be representing Damira Enterprises. Yep. A break. You know what? Nevermind. I’m sorry. Don’t be. Yes, Rafe is gonna be there. So you imagine how thrilled I am about going . But Johnny, you look fabulous. Got big plans tonight. Johnny will also be attending the wedding. Oh, as Wendy Shin’s date.

Wendy is. Gabby’s made of honor, so she’s getting ready with her. Hey, do you guys mind if I snug a ride? Not at all. The more the merrier, you know, I think this wedding is going to be a perfect ending to a rather ghastly year.

How the hell did you get this number? You gave it to me. I didn’t think you’d be so foolish just to allow someone else to answer your phone. What do you want? I’ve been collecting some new data and there’s something very important that you should know. It’s my wedding day and I’m not about to talk business with anyone.

Let alone you. Goodbye and don’t call back the nerve of that man. He said he wants Dara to fund his new lab. Turn him down flat. Don’t want anything more to do with. They’re all bet, especially considering he brought Gabby’s ex-husband back from the dead. I’m not threatened by Stephan. Why would I be in a couple of hours?

Gabby and I will be married.

The secret is go on.

The secret is something Lee’s been planning for your wedding night. I’ve been helping him with it. Gabby, you kill me if he found out I ruined it. So could you just forget you heard anything? No problem. I can’t wait to see what it is. , neither can I Actually, the reason I came down here was to give you this, you know, for putting up with my bride SIL aways with a smile.

Thank you.

It’s beautiful. Why I designed it myself. Just for you. You shouldn’t have it. It’s too much. No, don’t, don’t be silly. It’s actually, let me, let me read to you the, um, inscription here. It says That translates to, um, sisters. I mean, I knew I liked you the minute I met you. Going toe to toe with Lee sticking up for yourself.

That kind of woman. You know, I, I lost my sister. How have you?

Why else would I ask you to go with me to the. I dunno. Maybe there’s a part of you that wants to walk in with me on your arm. Christ. Hmm. Oh, maybe not a conscious part. I mean, you did kiss a nun thinking it was me. Hmm. And now that Chloe is. Off in Miami with Stephan and she made it a big point to move on.

Maybe you’re, uh, realizing it’s time to look to the future with me.

Uh, take off my clothes. I’m stuck. You know, we haven’t really had a chance. anything right today, which is why I was suggesting that we get out of our clothes into something fancy. We can go have a nice dinner and. See where the night takes us. Oh, I like the sound of that. Hmm.

Ariana just started drawing up. Yeah. I mean, I should have known it was more than just nerves. There’s been a stomach virus going around. I mean, I can’t leave her here. I can’t take her to the wedding. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Wow. Wow. You, you look great . Uh, sorry that that was, uh, too much. I thought it came across as nice, flattering because you know, normally you’re, you’re not chasing after criminals in four inch heels and you look, I mean, you know, you always look, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Um, and if it’s not too inappropriate, I would like to say that you don’t look half bad yourself.

Uh, thanks . So I, I’m glad you, uh, glad you’re here. This is great. And you know, it promises to be quite a party. The groom’s last name is Shin. Uh, if you like wretched excess, I do actually. Good. And it, uh, sure beats watching the ball drop, send at home alone. Eating a bag of chips. . Yeah. Well, I promise it won’t be.

Wait, this is your first Salem wedding, isn’t it? It is. I’ve never been to a Salem wedding, but I did take a two semester course, uh, for Salem weddings at the police academy. Yeah. They do tend to be high drama and high risk apparently. Yeah. Well, let’s hope tonight is the exception to that, uh, right. Yeah.

For my sister’s sake, cuz it’s been quite the rocky road to the. Yeah. Sorry to hear that. Yeah. Wow. I have a feeling it’s gonna be smooth. Saily,

shall we? Yeah.

Good. Yeah, I’m good. Yeah.

Anyone I could call to stay with Ari is already going to the wedding. I mean, who’s gonna wanna take care of a vomiting? I could stay with her. No, I wouldn’t ask that of, of you. Plus she’s probably contagious then I don’t see any other options unless, unless you post home the wedding.

I dunno why you thought you had to rush us out of the housely. No one’s here. Well, least a few people got to see you walking in on my arm. Yeah, knowing me now. Oh no. There’s always a few familiar face. Hey. Hi. Hi. How are you feeling? Uh, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m much better and I’ll be getting back to work after the holidays.

Kristen, you and Brady look so domestic together, or is it just that Brady looks so domesticated? , you know, at first I felt, um, That you excluded me from your mother’s funeral, but it looks like I dodged a bullet or a bomb

It’s always about you, isn’t it? Come on, Nicole, let’s go grab a drink, all three. I.

Hi, is this on my son? People get a little touchy sometimes when you make jokes about their dead mother. Mm-hmm. such thin skin. No. Let’s find our seats. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. I promised Rachel that I was going to take a picture of us in our fancy outfits at Fancy Wedding. Okay.


What’s this? Well, I figured we were both pretty hungry and maybe a little bit tired, so I thought we would eat first and then God, after a man after my own heart. This looks amazing. Good. Turns out I’m an expert at ordering room service. So why don’t you relax, take a load off. I will Open the wine and light the candles.

Hmm. Delicious. And why you do that? I’m gonna check to see that my mother didn’t post any mortifying pictures of US ice skating mortifying. Come on. Thought we were poetry in mosh.

Thank you.

Oh, this could be uncomfortable.

Um, I think I need a refill.

Are you okay? Yeah, yeah. No, I’m fine. Just didn’t expect her to be here. You okay? I don’t blame the pool for what happened between me and Eric. I just blame her for being a line manipulative. You know what? I’m not even gonna say it. No, no, no, no, no. Go ahead. Because, you know, Cole’s been, uh, saying that her living situation with EJ is purely Potoma, but here they are at my sister’s wedding as a couple, wherever she leaves, her hat is home.

Mm-hmm. . Okay. I’m officially freaking out. Okay. What’s wrong? Gabby’s not here yet. I haven’t heard from her. What if she got cold feet? Postpone. Well, if your daughter couldn’t be there, I’m sure Lee would understand

dinner is served. What’s wrong? Nothing. It’s stupid. I just saw a picture of Brady and Kristen at the wedding. When I ran into Kristen a few days ago. She said that they were getting closer and I just assumed that she was lying. Anyway, the moral of this story is I really should unfollow Brady. Sounds like a plan.

Sorry. You’re. Me too.

Wonder how Stephan and Chloe are enjoying Miami. I mean, this is a big milestone for them. It’s not like they haven’t slept together before. You just love rubbing salt into a womb, don’t you? I wouldn’t say that. It’s kind of pathetic if you ask me. Yeah, you’ve managed to screw up my life seven ways from Sunday, but just because you’ve temporarily derailed Chloe and me doesn’t mean you’re gonna keep us away from each other forever.

Forever. Hmm. Well, she’s with Stephan now. You’re just gonna have to accept that Brady. Yeah. Well, I won’t soon. You’ll have to accept it.

Hmm. Accept. Nothing. Nothing at all.

What’s going on? What’s Gary? We had a little problem. Ariana’s sick. Oh no, not tonight. We got something you to stay with her. Okay. I didn’t wanna call and panic everyone before we had it all worked out. Gabby’s in the brides room now she’s pretty on. Yeah, she’s not the only one. The groom thinks that she has cold feet.

Yeah, I bet. All right. I’m gonna go tell Lee the caveats here. Okay. Oh, hey, how you doing, John? I’m doing all right. How about you? Uh, good.

Hey, you uh, look great. Thanks. How you hanging in there? Barely hanging in there. Have you heard me on the phone with you before talking about the secret? What I, I told her it was something Lee was planning to surprise her with on her wedding night. We might have to scatter rose petals on their bed. It was Salem in.

Well, let’s just hope that she forgets about the whole thing, Johnny, maybe the universe wanted me to tell her then when I had the perfect.

Hello everyone. I want to apologize for the delay, but please take your seats. We’re about to begin.

I still melt when I see you. Smile like that.

That is a photo that you promised. You can force me to smile. Kristin, you can’t force me to love you, okay? Oh, you do Brady enough? Smile is not forced. And see, our body language is not forced. You’re delusional. Okay? It’s not a picture of two people having fun at a wedding that’s a picture of a black male or her victim.

I am not having any fun. I’m gonna go ring in the new year with someone who appreciates me, like our daughter. Don’t, don’t go you. You can’t.

I’m, I’m sorry that I keep talking about Brady. I guess I just, I still can’t understand why he left me the way that he did. I know, look, Gabby felt the same way about us. She was desperate to know why my feelings for her had changed so completely. Are you absolutely sure that you don’t wanna know?

Why shouldn’t I go home? You never wanted to come with me in the first place. Okay. Look, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. The wedding’s about to start. Please just, just sit on. I’ll make it up to you. Okay. I think you will.

Please be seated.

Dearly beloved, we are here tonight to join this man and this woman in Matri Moi. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be legally, wed speak now or forever. Hold your peace. Wait, I, I thought we took that part out.

I have something to say.

Jing, what are you doing? I, hi. Hi, ej. Are you.

I just wanna say how happy I am for my brother and Gabby. I always wanted to pick sister. I couldn’t ask for a better one.

That might have been more appropriately said as a Toast Jing, we. That was lovely. Thank you, . Thank you. She always has to be so harsh on her. Give her a break. Sorry. It was a force of heaven. It was lovely. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Back to the script. Back to the script.

Lee, do you take Gabriela to be a wife, to love her, to honor her, to comfort her, to keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others for as long as you both shall. I do.

Gabby and I had a very complicated relationship at best, and we spent most of our time hating each other. Even our marriage was a ploy for her to hang on to power at Demer and look who she’s marrying.

You know, maybe a little time and perspective is exactly what I needed to realize. Just how damn toxic she is. I’ve never heard being dead called time and perspective before . Touche. But look, bottom line, I’m glad she’s moved on and I am even more glad that I’ve moved on too Now. Moved back. Because leaving you for Gabby, that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’m certain that it’s a mistake I’m not gonna make again.

Do you take Lee to be your husband, to love him? To honor. To comfort him in sickness and in health for seeking all others for as long as you both shall live. Yes, I do.

Do you take Lee to be your husband? Uh, I’m so sorry. Yes. Yes. I, I do, of course. Of course I do.

And now, By the power of vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife Lee. You make his the bride.

Well, Wendy has already given her a toast. I think it’s my turn. Lee, I wanna welcome you to our family. I think it’s great that you and Gabby have worked together, so you already know that she is fierce and determined in business, which is kind of an understatement, , but she’s also fierce with her family and her friends and her loved one.

She will have your back. And as her brother, I can tell you there is no one else that I would rather be in the trenches with than Gabby. Now you’re fierce too, my man. You are. And I can see how much you love her. And together. I know the two of you, the two of you can get through anything, which is good because marriage, marriage can be tough at times.

Things will happen that you, uh, you just didn’t see coming, but I know together the two of you can get through anything. Cause I see how open and honest you are with each other. So whatever life throws at you, I know you will find your way.

I thought I’d turned this off,

Dr. Rolf. Dr. Roll. He called me about funding his new lab. I guess he won’t take no for an answer. I had no idea you two were even in touch.

I really wish you pick up. You need to know that. I’ve just learned c r s 17 can can bear off in their weeks with certain triggers. I hope that doesn’t happen. In Gabriela’s case. Well, dinner’s getting. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna spend the whole evening talking about Gabby and Brady. Yeah, sorry.

No, no. Don’t apologize. I’m just so happy to be here with you that I would much rather celebrate the new year than talk about the past works for me.

So Gabby, Did you hate my toast that much? What? Hmm? Yeah, it’s just, you seem a little distracted.

Uh, Debbie, are you all right?

Yeah. Come on, start talking because I’m not just gonna destroy everything in this box. I’m gonna destroy the entire lab. I, I, I remember what, in fact, when I went to see Ro before he left Salem.

One last chance Rolf wanted to do to Stephan. This is your carotid, isn’t it? Alright, right. Alright. You’re right. I brainwashed him. Oh man. Oh my God. He, Ralf had admitted it to me. He, he, he told me, he told me that he brainwashed Stephan, that Stephan did love me, so he made him hate me.

Well, can I introduce some dessert? Ooh, that looks really good, but I cannot eat another bite. Ah, okay, then how about something? It’s not on the menu.

Gabby, let’s go outside. We’ll get some air. Gabby. What do you mean Ralph? Brainwashed? Stephan. She’s confused. Remember Gabby? You told me yourself, Ross, and you believed him. I know, but what I remember now is different. I, when I spoke to Ralph, it’s coming back to me. You need some air? No, no.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew you mixed up and hate me. So nice that you know it. Could you move that scalpel away from my throat? Oh, no, no, no, no. I’ve noticed, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re more forthcoming with a knife to your neck. But I told you what you wanted to know, and now I wanna know why do you really hate me that much?

Of course I do, but it wasn’t person. I was just, we just following orders. Kristin Dam’s orders.

It was Kristen. It was Kristen. Made him do it.

You wanna,

it was you, you told Ralph to brainwash Stephen, you’re hallucinating. Yeah, she must be, imagine you doing something underhanded. Question is, why would you do this to Stephan? Because, uh, it’s because Kristen, why? She was hoping, so did Stephan. Vanessa. Chloe, he would come between her and Brady. She could have Brady alter herself.

Oh my God. That’s because she wanted to break up. You and Chloe ask a stupid question. Can you believer you can’t claim it’s outta character? You know what I’ll admit, I was at Rolf’s lab when Stephan woke up, but uh, if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t my idea then. Whose wasn’t it?

Yes. She wanted. What does that mean? Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe, but your fiance wanted to protect his investment with Lee, the . He knew everything. He knew all along. I had Stephan on ice. I put the brainwashing . It was his idea.

Gabby. Oh my gosh. It was you. This was your idea. You did this.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

B&B Transcript Thursday, 12/29/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Thunder crackling ]

Bill: You two aren’t the only ones who’ve been shot.

Sheila: But we know who did that, don’t we steffy? Your mother.

Finn: Steffy.

Steffy: How could you do this?

Bill: I’m not doing anything. The choice is yours. If you prosecute sheila, she won’t be the only one behind bars.

Liam: Dad. Dad, you here? Daddy-O. Dad. Dad?

Wyatt: Hi.

Liam: Mother– what the– what is wrong with you?

Wyatt: You should’ve seen your face.

Liam: This is fun for you? Are you– are you having a good time? Terrifying your brother?

Wyatt: Yeah. Beats a board meeting any day.

Liam: What are you even doing here?

Wyatt: I was checking on dad. He’s not here.

Liam: Maybe he’s at the office.

Wyatt: Nope, just came from there. And because he’s all alone now, I got a little concerned.

Liam: Yeah, me too. I mean, I’ve been calling him over and over. It just goes to voice mail.

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: So, if he’s not here and he’s not at the office.

Wyatt: Where could he be?

Wyatt: I mean, we shouldn’t be worried, though, right? Dad can take care of himself.

Liam: I mean, yeah. Well, normally, yeah, but I don’t know. I mean, he’s been acting so strange lately, and plus, this storm is insane.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: And he’s nowhere to be found.

Steffy: Bill, what is wrong with you? I can’t believe what you’re suggesting.

Bill: If sheila goes to jail, taylor goes to jail.

Finn: Steffy, what’s going on?

Sheila: My son asked you a question.

Steffy: A few years ago, bill was shot. There were a number of suspects, but the police never found who pulled the trigger.

Bill: Because I never told them. It was taylor. She tried to kill me.

Finn: I don’t understand. Why would your mom shoot bill?

Steffy: It was an awful night. One I’ll always regret. How could you do this, bill? I thought you cared about me, my family.

Bill: You know I do.

Steffy: Then why are you doing this? Don’t you realize what she’s done? She’s dangerous! You can’t defend her.

Bill: That is exactly what I’m doing.

Liam: Yeah, no, it shouldn’t be too much longer. I will stay safe. Give the kids a kiss for me. All right, I love you.

Wyatt: Hope checking in?

Liam: Yeah. We’ve got kelly over at our place tonight, so she, hope, beth and douglas, they’re all doing, like, a slumber party thing in the living room.

Wyatt: Instead of being with your family, you’re out looking for our old man during a thunderstorm.

Liam: Well, what else from his favorite son?

Wyatt: What? Get out of here. You’re not his favorite son.

Liam and wyatt: Will is!

[ Wyatt laughing ]

Wyatt: Well, I’ve seen dad angry, but this is– this is different.

Liam: Yeah, no, you’re right. This isn’t angry. This is hurt. This is betrayed.

Wyatt: So what are you saying? He’s the victim in all this?

Liam: No, I’m saying– I’m saying perception’s a hell of a thing, right? I mean, justin’s over at forrester, katie’s moved on. Brooke probably won’t even look in his direction.

Wyatt: So, what are we, chopped liver?

Liam: It’s not that. It’s not that we’re chopped liver. It’s just that you and I both have our own lives. And besides, nobody was closer to him than katie and justin anyway.

Wyatt: Come on. He’s the one who pushed them away.

Liam: I know that, and you know that, but we’re not dealing with logic and reason here. Something inside dad has changed.

Wyatt: I can’t believe he put that necklace back on. I thought that chapter was closed.

Liam: Yeah, me too.

Wyatt: And I know what you’re saying about us having our own lives and everything, but if he’s that lonely, why is he pushing us away? I mean, we both reached out to him about dinner, and he turned us down. As a matter of fact, I showed up here the other night, and he wouldn’t even let me in.

Liam: You serious?

Wyatt: Now, for a guy that lonely, why is he pushing us away? I don’t know, man. I– I think there’s something else going on here.

Liam: Like what, you think?

Wyatt: No idea, but I feel like he’s hiding something.

Steffy: So, you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to hurt my mother, my family.

Bill: No. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to cause you and finn any pain. I just– I just want mine to stop.

Steffy: Bill, sheila can’t help you. She’s a monster.

Bill: Maybe it takes a monster to help a monster.

Steffy: You are not a monster.

Bill: I am. And I’m reminded of it every day. When I was shot, no one cared. You all wished I was dead.

Steffy: That is not true.

Bill: It’s true. I would lie there in that hospital bed fighting for my life and I would imagine my own funeral. No one was there. I didn’t want to die alone, so… I decided that I would work. I would work so hard to bury the old bill. To be kind to you, to brooke, to katie. Katie, the mother of my child. How was I repaid? By being labelled a pariah. Not worthy, certainly not worthy of being loved, appreciated.

Steffy: Bill, if you want to be better, then be better. What you’re doing right now–

Bill: What I am doing? What I’m doing is siding with the one person who sees me for exactly who I am and doesn’t balk.

Sheila: You all act like you’re– you’re better than him. Just like me. You know what, maybe you are. He’s not perfect, but neither are you. Neither am I. Neither is your mother.

Steffy: I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now. You’re siding with the devil. And for what? Revenge?

Bill: No.

Steffy: Then what is it?

Bill: It’s not about revenge.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Liam: What can dad possibly be hiding?

Wyatt: I don’t know, but how else do you explain him keeping us away? Like he’s not even really coming to work that much anymore, and he’s isolating himself here. It’s just, it’s weird.

Liam: That could just be, like, an ego thing, not some secret he’s keeping.

Wyatt: I assume you’re the last one to speak to him, right? But not like just the one-word answers he gives me. Like, really talk to him. So, how did he seem?

Liam: Honestly? Hopeful, manic even. He had invited katie over and he was going to try to convince her to get back together, which worried me. And he kept telling me that I didn’t have to worry, but that’s how cocky he was about it.

Wyatt: Yeah, we know how that turned out.

Liam: Yeah, not well. And– and if what I saw during christmas over at eric’s is any indication, katie and carter are getting pretty close.

Wyatt: Right, I heard. And you said that brooke doesn’t want anything to do with him either, right?

Liam: Right. Which makes both of them having rejected him.

Wyatt: Oh, man. Okay, well. I mean, I don’t mean to sound like the jerk here, but are we really that surprised?

Liam: Fortunately, no.

Wyatt: I mean, come on, the guy did it to himself. He’s– he’s come between brooke and katie before, but at the end of the day, they’re sisters.

Liam: I know. I know. I mean, what– in dad’s defence, I believe him when he says he genuinely loves both of them. I just think he figured on ending up with one.

Wyatt: So, dad is alone. He’s acting strange and for the people that are trying to get close to him–

Liam: He shuts them out. Yeah, the isolation, the sword necklace, all of it. It’s just– it’s a recipe for self-destruction.

Wyatt: And we know, dad, he doesn’t implode. He explodes and destroys everything in his path.

Finn: But bill, father to father, don’t do this. The longer sheila’s free, the longer my family’s in danger.

Sheila: I am your family. You don’t get to choose who your mother is.

Bill: Maybe if you’d given her a fair shot with you, none of this would’ve happened.

Steffy: You’re insane.

Bill: I considered that. But no, I am just so tired of living in this darkness alone, of having my heart broken too many times.

Steffy: You act like this pain was something that just happened. You’ve hurt people, bill.

Bill: You’re right, I have. I’ve hurt so many people, maybe katie and brooke worst of all. And they’ve made it clear that they want nothing to do with me.

Sheila: You know, he’s opened up to me and he knows he’s not a victim and he’s not mad at them for not wanting him. I– the person that he was, the way he treated them. He doesn’t want to be that man any longer. I commend him for that.

Finn: I don’t know you well. Whatever you were. That’s not the bill that I come to know. What you did for my family, for me, saving my mom, reuniting steffy and me. You’re not a monster. Bill, you’re not the enemy.

Bill: You can say that because you don’t know me. I just– I just– I just want a fresh start. I just want a brand new future.

Steffy: With sheila? How can you say you want to be the man who doesn’t hurt people, but yet you want to be with a dangerous criminal?

Bill: She’s flawed, just like me.

Finn: I nearly died, bill. She shot her own son.

Bill: I understand sheila. I know what it’s like to hurt the people that you love and just want a chance to make it right.

Steffy: This isn’t making it right.

Bill: Yes, it is. Don’t you see? This is the one person that I can’t hurt. This is the one person in the world that I can’t break. She can take care of herself. I don’t wanna hurt anybody else. I don’t want to make another woman cry again.

Steffy: Sheila can’t cry. She’s not even human. Sheila is pure evil. Bill, you’re devoting yourself to her.

Liam: Still nothing?

Wyatt: No. Voicemail. What? What are you doing?

Liam: What’s it look like I’m doing? We think our father’s hiding something. I’m looking for clues.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. What? What do you expect to find here, scoob? The whereabouts of our father are not going to be buried in some couch cushions. What the hell is that? What’s that, an earring? Katie’s?

Liam: You’re the jewelry expert. You tell me.

Wyatt: No, brooke?

Liam: I don’t see her stepping foot in here.

Wyatt: So dad has a new mystery woman.

Liam: Let me see it again.

Wyatt: What, really? I mean, I don’t even understand.

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Wyatt: I don’t even understand how you’re my brother.

Liam: You’re going to blame me for your crap throw?

Wyatt: I threw right at you.

Liam: You did not throw it right at me, you– whoa.

Wyatt: What? What? Whoa. Okay, what is that?

Liam: Well, wyatt, it appears to be a wig.

Wyatt: I know that, dummy. Why is there a wig underneath dad’s couch?

Liam: I don’t know why is there’s a wig under dad’s couch. I’m just saying I found it– wait a second.

Wyatt: What is it, part of your personal collection? I don’t understand. Don’T. I’m not touching that!

Liam: Steffy texted me a photograph of sheila in a disguise. Check that out.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. So, sheila carter was here with dad. Do you think she could’ve kidnapped him?

Liam: I’m just as freaked out as you are, but I don’t think that means that she actually–

Wyatt: What are you talking about? Dad is missing. Sheila carter was in this house. What else could it mean?

Sheila: Look, I know how upsetting this is for you, devastating, even. But bill, he just– he just wants a chance at peace. He wants a chance at happiness.

Steffy: By blackmailing my mother.

Sheila: I love your mother. Your mother gave me a chance. She’s the one person that did that for me. We don’t want to see her go to jail. I saved your mother’s life, steffy.

Steffy: Saved my mother’s life? You tried to take it years ago when you shot her.

Bill: Just like taylor shot me.

Finn: Think about what you’re doing.

Steffy: I can’t believe you’re actually– you’re turning your back on your family. Kelly is your granddaughter. I– I– I thought you were one of us.

Bill: One of you? Brooke has no use for me. Katie wants nothing to do with me. And even you, steffy. You don’t want me anywhere near you.

Steffy: Bill, please. Please don’t do this.

Bill: I’m moving on with my life. I finally found a woman who is just like me. You don’t have to understand it, you don’t have to agree with it, but you do have to accept it. I will not let you take her from me. I will not be alone again.

Steffy: God, do you hear yourself? Oh, my god, you’re blackmailing me. You’re threatening my mother’s happiness and freedom. Sheila terrorized my mother. She left finn and me to die! Your granddaughter could have been motherless and yet, here you are defending her. My god.

Sheila: I never meant to hurt either one of you.

Steffy: You shut it. You shut your mouth. You are dangerous and you are out of your mind. And so are you if you think I’m actually going to let her get away with this? I am pressing charges.

Bill: No, you’re not. No, you’re not.

Steffy: Yes.

Bill: You’re not pressing charges. Your mother will spend her life in prison unless sheila spends the rest of her days as a free woman. That is my deal. Take it or leave it. . .

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Y&R Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Update written by Barbara

At Chelsea’s apartment, she and Connor are working on the egg drop device for his school project. The device is supposed to protect an egg from dropping and breaking. While they’re working on the device, Connor lets it slip that he knows there’s a completed one in the closet because he saw it when he went to get his bubble wrap. Connor turns to Chelsea and says, “Billy’s cool, isn’t he?” She smiles and answers that he can be.

Adam comes by the apartment and Chelsea tells him that she and Connor are working on a school project. Connor explains the egg drop device to Adam, and tells him that Billy and Chelsea already built a device that works and now it’s his turn.  He tells Adam that Billy made Chelsea smile and says “so that’s a good sign, right”?

Adam sits down on the couch next to Connor and suggests that Connor make the device especially creative, really wow the teacher, and probably get a higher grade. Connor protests that Adam is making it harder. Adam says that he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome, and he just wanted to wish them a Happy New Year and says that 2023 is going to be great for all of them. Chelsea agrees.

Meanwhile, Billy is at the park talking with Lily about the sad state of their relationship. As they stand in the freezing cold, and Billy tells Lily that he’s worried about the two of them. Lily mentions that she is, too. He reminds her that they will be going to couple’s therapy in the New Year, but she is crying, and tells him that the spark they felt when they first found each other again is gone.

She says that they have always had work in common but now that this is gone, they’re just “two different people with two different goals”. She mentions that she doesn’t know if they have anything in common anymore and she thinks they should take some time apart. She emphasizes that this is not the end, but they have to figure out if there’s anything left between them.

Nick arrives at Sally’s suite with soup, herbal tea, ginger ale and a heating pad. Sally mentions that he didn’t have to do this for her and he replies that he likes taking care of her. She also pushes him to celebrate New Year’s Eve without her.

At Society, Diane meets up with Jeremy. He turns down her offer and says that he wants her to pay all the money she took from him.  He asks her about the FBI and if she turned state’s evidence to put him away. She says no, but Jeremy is leery.

Diane goes into flirting mode, telling Jeremy that after he was arrested, she missed the excitement he brings into her life, and that she misses that spark in her life. Jeremy lets her know that he has had angry thoughts about her, but good ones, too. He mentions that there were good times they shared together before she figured out what he had tricked her into doing.

Jeremy is caught off guard by her suggestion that they reconcile. She says that they got along rather famously and she misses that spark in her life. She adds that she thinks they can find a creative, risky way to score back the money she owes him.

When Jeremy mentions Jack’s offer, Diane pretends to be surprised about it and says it’s news to her. Jack is lurking nearby, watching Diane and Jeremy from the hallway leading to the restaurant’s kitchen. Once Jeremy has left Society, Jack goes over to Diane, telling her that she put on a masterful performance and that Jeremy appeared to have bought it.

Shortly after Nick leaves Sally’s suite, Chloe comes there to check on her. Chloe sees the things by the couch and asks where they came from. Sally tells her that Nick came by with a care package. Chloe waxes on about how great Nick is.

Sally tells Chloe that she thinks Chloe’s right and she could be pregnant. She mentions that she checked the calendar and being pregnant is a “definite possiblity”. She also lets Chloe know that she forgot to take the pill a few days that month, and it was not on purpose.

Chloe urges Sally to relax and calm down because she may not be pregnant, adding that she thinks it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she has Nick’s “kid”. Sally lets her know that it could be Adam’s child and Chloe says that this is impossible because she hasn’t been with him in months. Sally admits that she and Adam were together recently for closure, and Chloe refers to it as “good bye sex”.  Sally asks Chloe to get her a home pregnancy test kit.

At Crimson Lights, Billy sits in the patio, clearly miserable. Adam runs into him there and greets him with sarcasm, asking him what’s going on with his endless his fixation on Chelsea. Billy says that if Adam wants to start something, he’s not in the mood. Adam strongly suggests that Billy back off and leave Chelsea alone.

Connor and Chelsea come to the patio at Crimson Lights and she mentions that they are there for hot chocolate. Chelsea says that Connor is hoping to stay up until midnight this year. Connor asks Billy to come upstairs and help him convince Chelsea  that he can turn in the egg drop device that she and Billy made. Chelsea invites Billy to join them for hot chocolate and Billy accepts. Connor says “Yay! I’ll go order.”

Sharon and Nick get together at the coffeehouse and he is supportive when she reflects on how it would have been her and Rey’s first anniversary that day. It’s also Nick’s birthday, so Sharon gets him a birthday brownie. He tells her that he didn’t mention his birthday to Sally because he didn’t want her to try to rally when she’s feeling sick.

At the Abbott house, Jack offers to get Diane some tea to calm her nerves after her meeting with Jeremy. She tells him that it wasn’t so much that Jeremy rattled her, it was her feeling  ashamed at how weak she was, the way she compromised herself and stayed with Jeremy as long as she did under his thumb. As they talk, she says that she likes who she is when she’s with Jack  He says that he happens to like who he is when he’s with her, too.

Traci is sitting by herself at the bar in The Grand Phoenix lounge when Danny comes in. Traci is thrilled to see him.  He tells her that she looks fabulous and to let him know what’s been going on and to not hold back. Moments later, Michael comes in, clearly overjoyed to have Danny there for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Lauren and Danny fill each other in on their business lives. Lauren tells him that the new spokesmodel for Marchetti is a musician named Tessa Porter, maybe he has heard of her. Danny says that he has, and she’s a real talent. Lauren suggests that maybe Tessa could open for him one or she could record a duet with him once her voice recovers. Traci pipes up and kids around with Lauren about her trying to  get some free publicity. Traci says there should be one day out of the year when Danny can relax and he doesn’t have to think about or talk about business.

After ringing in the New Year with Lauren and Michael, Danny and Traci sing Auld Lang Syne and Lauren joins them. Meanwhile, Lily is alone sitting on the park bench, crying and shivering in the freezing cold. When she gets a Happy New Year text from Daniel, she does not respond … Chelsea wishes Billy Happy New Year as he leaves her apartment … Sally stands in her suite looking out the window pensively …  Adam nurses a drink at the bar in an otherwise empty Society … Sharon and Nick are seated at a booth in Crimson Lights, having pastries and enjoying themselves, chatting, laughing, and toasting the New Year with mugs of coffee … at the Abbott house, Jack takes Diane’s hand and wishes her a Happy New Year. They lean in to kiss and the kiss becomes passionate.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Li woke up from a nightmare that he was exposed by Stefan. Kristen walked in the room and he jolted. She assured him that Stefan wouldn’t find out the truth from her. She told him that Johnny and Wendy didn’t find out anything either. Li corrected her, but he told her they weren’t going to say anything. She warned him that it will be worse for him if they didn’t keep quiet. Gabi was with Rafe. He thought Li was the right man for her. She couldn’t believe he was questioning that on her wedding day. She changed the subject and talked about his love life. She wondered how he felt about Jada. He reminded her that she was just a co-worker. He told her that he couldn’t date someone who wasn’t on the same level as him. Gabi didn’t think rules applied. She wanted him to invite Jada to go to the wedding with him. She was about to do it herself, but he took the phone from her. Li went to see Johnny to make sure that he kept quiet about the brainwashing. Johnny thought he was a terrible brother for what he was doing to Wendy. He told him that he was starting his marriage off with a lie. He advised Li to tell Gabi the truth or he would regret it.

Eric let Brady know that it was time to put their plan into action. They wanted to do it while Kristen was at the wedding. Eric thought Brady should take Kristen as his date so she wouldn’t leave early. Jada saw Eric and wondered if he was trying to avoid her. He assured him that he wasn’t avoiding her. He gave Brady a look. Jada went to a different table. Eric and Brady talked about getting Rachel from John and Marlena. Brady walked out so Eric went to Jada’s table. He assured her that he wasn’t avoiding her. He said he wasn’t staying there since he was arrested. She knew about his arrest and made a comment about Sloan. He wanted to be friends with her again. He apologized for not being honest with her about Nicole. She thanked him for that, but she needed time before they could be friends again. Brady pretended to bump into Kristen. He suggested they go to the wedding together. She wondered why he would ask her. He thought she would blackmail him into asking her so he wanted to do it on his own. She agreed to go with him. She wanted to take Rachel, but he told her that John and Marlena were already watching her. He thought Rachel would have more fun with them. Eric called John and Marlena to let them know that he would take over babysitting Rachel.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli surprised Abe and Paulina with a visit with him and the twins. They talked to him about what Sloan did. Eli wanted to go to Sloan and remind her who she was dealing with, but they stopped him from going. They appreciated what he was willing to do, but they wanted him to be a father to the twins and a husband to Lani. Sonny was shocked to see Will at the Kiriakis mansion. Will was shocked to see him with his shirt off and with Leo. He told Sonny that he rearranged his schedule so he could spend the holidays with him. Leo tried to get a word in, but Sonny and Will didn’t want to hear from him. Will wanted him to put on a shirt so he put on the shirt Leo gave him. Sonny wanted Leo to give them some time to talk. He told Will that Leo didn’t have a place to stay so he invited him to stay there for Christmas. Will didn’t feel sorry for Leo. He thought Leo was trying to play on Sonny’s sympathy. He thought Leo was trying to come between them again. Sonny thought Leo changed. Will reminded him about the things Leo did to them. Sonny explained how being friends with Leo just happened. Will wasn’t falling for it. Sonny didn’t like how he thought the worst in him as if he didn’t cheat on him before. He thought they were past him cheating. Will couldn’t believe that he brought that up. Sonny agreed they were over it. Sonny didn’t want to argue with Will on Christmas. Will didn’t want to fight with him either. He wanted Sonny to leave. Leo overheard them and thanked Sonny for his kindness. He was about to leave, but Sonny stopped him. He refused to let Leo leave. Will told him that he would leave.

Bonnie thought it was funny that the company Xander worked for was his name backwards. Justin didn’t think it was funny at all. He asked Gwen about it. She lied and said that the company existed. She said that Xander lied because he didn’t want to tell Sarah that he couldn’t find a job. After Justin and Bonnie left, Gwen called Xander to warn him about her conversation with them. Xander wanted to meet with her to talk about it. Sarah overheard his conversation. Justin and Bonnie continued to to talk about Xander. Bonnie thought Xander was having an affair with Gwen and that’s why he didn’t want to say anything about the company. Justin found that hard to believe because he loved Sarah. He thought Xander was keeping a bigger secret than that. Gwen met with Xander in the park. Gwen told him that Bonnie and Justin figured out the name of the company was his name backwards. He didn’t know what he would do if Sarah found out what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Sarah approached him and told him that she knew what he did. She wanted him to tell her the truth. He told her everything that happened. Sarah told him that Susan’s blood was on his hands. She gave him the tickets and told him to go to Greece with Gwen.

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GH Short Recaps Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Esme plans to use Dimitrius the bodyguard that Nikolas has guarding her to prevent her escape. Esme tells Dimitrius that she wants to have a candlelight dinner with him on New Year’s Eve. Esme plans to use the candles to set fire to some flowers that are on the table where she eats her meals.

Spencer apologizes to Ava for everything he has done to her because he was trying to defend Nikolas who wasn’t the person that he thought he was because Nikolas let down both of them. Spencer tells Ava he is taking Trina to Britt’s party. Spencer and Trina begin to pretend to date to draw Esme out of hiding because they think, she is the hook killer.

Liesl helps Britt get ready for her birthday party, and Pixel tells Britt how blessed and proud, she is to be her mother. Britt tells Liesl how proud she is to be her daughter and then they hug and tell each other they love each other. Liesl takes a picture with Britt to remember the moment with Britt in her beautiful dress

Anna and Valentin meet with Dr. Andre Mattox who tells them that when he worked for the WSB. He met with Victor somewhere in Paris and offers to go with them and try to remember the location since he was blindfolded when he was taken to meet Victor. He hoped that being in Paris will help him remember the location, so they can see if Victor is holding Lucy there.

Laura and Martin visit Cyrus in Pentonville because Cyrus wants to help her bring down Victor. Laura turns down Cyrus offer of help because she thinks Cyrus wants to get revenge on Victor.

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Y&R Short Recaps Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Victor that if he keeps meddling in his personal life he will quit his job at Newman Enterprises.

Sally gets nauseas in a meeting with Chloe and Chloe wonders if Sally could be pregnant. Sally thinks that Chloe might be right about her being pregnant.

Adam remembers Victor telling him that all the obstacles have been in his way have been his own fault and that is why he has nothing in his life.

Adam tells Nick he thinks he will break Sally’s heart because he only likes Sally he isn’t in love with her.

Phyllis is heartbroken because she feels she has lost Summer since Summer is on Diane’s side and doesn’t believe that Diane is up to something shady. Diane meets Jeremy at Society and tells him they need to come up with a truce. Diane tells Jeremy they need to think of something only she can give him.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, December 28, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


anna: It’s freezing cold. Well, it doesn’t look like your contact is here. Unless we’re meeting with that barista over there. We are not. Sure we’re not being set up? No, I told you, it’s not just a former colleague, it’s an old friend.

[ Door opens ] And here he is. Anna devane. It’s been far, far too long. Oh, hey, hello. Hi. Well, I guess this means I have plenty of room for clothes. Well, that was a lovely memorial for rory yesterday. It really was. Thank you for being there. Oh, of course. I’ll do anything to support you. You know that. Yeah, I know I can count on you. Well, my question is… can you count on spencer? Ah, spencer. Glad I caught you. Uncle victor, I was just on my way to — please, join me, won’t you? Promise I won’t keep you long, and then you can go off and join your friends for the new year’s celebrations. Although it is a little early, isn’t it? I have some things to get done before britt’s birthday party tonight. I have to say, I’m a little surprised you’re attending that. She was a very good friend to me when I was a kid, so luckily, we’ve remained friends. Ah, good. Well, anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you’ll be available tomorrow afternoon. I thought I’d get the family together for a nice brunch — you know, usher in the new year. Forgive me, uncle, but under no circumstances will I be having brunch with my father. I have every intention of turning 2023 into a fresh start for myself, which means that once I move out of wyndemere, I will hopefully never speak to or lay eyes on my father again. Definitely a fire hazard. Hm… now all I need… is the spark.

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Door opens ] Nikolas. What did I do to warrant a visit from my jailer?

[ Scoffs ] Your plan is not gonna work, esme. Thank you. Oh! There she is. Martin, thank god you’re alright. Baby sister. Oh, yeah, no worse for wear, at any rate. Well, I tell you, when you called me from a jail cell in ireland — oh! Oh, listen, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you riding to rescue, interceding on my behalf. Oh. Well, of course. That was very brave of you. Oh, no. Bravery had nothing to do with it, believe me. Nobody’s more surprised than I was. The last thing I expected when I flew over there was to fall on my sword so anna devane could get away.

[ Laughs ] Well, you know, I think you’re pretty lucky that the wsb let you get away with just a fine. Yeah. Something fishy about that. In any case, for all the good it’s done me — from one prison to another.

[ Sighs ] Well, at least you’re not behind bars in this one. Yeah. You know, you didn’t have to come. Oh, come on. After everything you just did for me, you think I was gonna let you face our wayward brother alone? What do you think he wants — sister! And is this my brother I see before me? What a lovely surprise. The lord has truly blessed me this day.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it? Obrecht: It’s your mutter. Open up. Uh — uh, just a second! No, no, no, no, no.

[ Knock on door ] Britta. Was tust du? Uh, just hang on!

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here? I thought I’d meet you at the party. And I thought you might need some help getting ready. Is that how you’re wearing your hair? Yes. I’ve decided brushing my hair is giving in to the patriarchy. Of course I’m not wearing my hair like this. Thank gott. Now, what will you be wearing? This. Goes with the coiffure. Aha! I have found your regalia. Oh, great. I can’t wait to hear what’s wrong with it.

[ Gasps ] Britta! It’s wunderbar! I’m so glad you like it. Though it’s just the tiniest bit wrinkled. Okay, it’s — it’s in a bag. We should hang it in the shower, you know, in the bathroom, and then we’ll turn it on and we’ll see what happens. Britta? What are you doing with the suitcase? Please, spencer. I thought you’d moved past this childish resentment for your father. Father continues to top his previous transgressions. It’s one thing to let your family think you’re dead. It’s quite another to knowingly take advantage of a vulnerable woman. Oh, come on, now, what nikolas did might be inexcusable, but to characterize esme as vulnerable? I’m not talking about esme. I’m talking about elizabeth baldwin. Oh. Oh, so you knew? Yes, I did. But when did you — does it matter? How can you be okay with this? Well, what is there to disapprove of?

[ Laughs in disbelief ] Your father and nurse baldwin are both consenting adults. Everyone knows that she’s been struggling. She checked herself into shadybrook. I’m sure that she turned to him for comfort and support, and he went ahead and he used her trust to get her into bed. Oh, you don’t know what happened between them. It’s disgusting! And I hope that cameron’s mother comes to her senses and kicks him out of her life for good. You have to be realistic, spencer. There’s no way elizabeth can cut ties with nikolas now. Why not? Which plan? I have so many. Demetrius informed me that you barely touched your lunch, and you still haven’T. Worried about me? The baby needs nourishment. I just wasn’t hungry, okay? Heartburn is a thing. Look it up. It’ll make your life a lot easier if you just accept your situation. What about my “situation” is acceptable? If you want something particular, tell demetrius, but I won’t tolerate a hunger strike. You eat your dinner or I’ll get you a feeding tube. Don’t push me. Oh, I’ll push you, nikolas — right off a cliff.

[ Door locks ] Anna, you didn’t tell me that your contact was the esteemed dr. Maddox. If I had known you’d be here, I might not have showed. Okay, so here’s the thing — uh, I have to clear my name, and we also want to bring down victor. So all of that is more important than any past conflicts. I need your help. I need yours. And you can call me selfish, but that’s what we’re gonna focus on. Okay? Absolutely, anna. Anything I can do to help. Thank you. I’m sure andre’s intentions are sterling. I just don’t see how a doctor… psychiatrist. …Can help us. I was thinking the same thing. What do you think I can do? Well, I asked for your help not because of who you are now, but who you used to be. Praise god, for he has softened my brother’s heart enough to grant me this visit. God hadn’t softened anything. Oh, brother, I-I understand your anger. And that’s great. Now, the warden told me that you wanted to see me. So what do you want? To warn you of the serpent in your garden. Can we skip the biblical metaphors and just tell me the name of the snake? Strings were pulled in order to arrange your grandson, spencer’s, early release. Early release usually requires some kind of string-pulling. Well, unfortunately, these strings all lead directly back to you, sister.

I’ve decidedto go on a little vacation. Where are you going? When are you leaving? Why don’t I have your itinerary? A whole bunch of places I will send you postcards from as soon as I get there. And to answer your remaining question, I am flying out tonight, right after the party. Why is this the first I’ve heard of this vacation? It was a spur of the moment idea. I got a good deal. I also don’t need your permission. I’m a grown woman. Even though tonight will be my first birthday party ever. By the way, thank you for that. I didn’t have parties when I was growing up, so I never threw any for you. I thought you were better off — that doing without such trivialities would make you stronger. I didn’t realize what you were missing. Okay, first of all, I was just kidding. I know I wasn’t the warmest mother when you were growing up, but I knew the world was tough, and I needed you to be tougher. So I — I pushed you. It’s a miracle you grew into the magnificent woman you are. You are my miracle. Do you think for one second that I wouldn’t have the drive, the strength and, yes, the vastly superior skills that I have if you didn’t drill all that into me? A mother should be someone who inspires you, not someone you have to survive. We are who we are, and we’ve both changed for the better, and that’s good enough. I’m afraid I haven’t changed enough. What did you do? Who did you kidnap this time? What I’ve done is far worse than a simple abduction. I have betrayed your trust. I know that, before rory died, you were struggling with your feelings for spencer. The last thing rory said to me is that he meant it when he told me he loved me, and I was planning to break up with him. Well, honey, you can’t control how you feel. I think choosing to tell rory about it was very brave of you. Yeah, but it feels kind of the opposite. Well, what about spencer? Have you told him about your feelings? Oh, god, no. And I-I certainly can’t now. You know something? I think that’s probably for the best. Just for now, you know? You’re grieving, and you need to give yourself all the time that you need to heal. I can’t heal until rory’s killer is caught. This has to end. Esme needs to be stopped. I worry for your political future if your constituents think you interfered with spencer’s sentence. Okay. First of all, you don’t give a damn about my political future. Oh. And second of all, you know that I had nothing to do with the early release because spencer told me that you were here with him when victor came to pick him up. So obviously, victor is the one who arranged for the early release. And the three of us may know the truth. We also know that, in politics, appearances can be more damning than the facts. So you think that somehow victor’s trying to frame laura with all of this? Victor has a lot of sway here in pentonville. It’s obvious from the way he was able to meet with spencer in the prison library. We also know that victor never gets his own hands dirty. One of his agents did the actual work to get spencer’s release. So… and this agent also works for you. I’m sorry to tell you, dear sister, that you have a mole in the mayor’s office. You mean along with the snake? I feel it’s my duty, as your brother, to warn you that your deputy mayor, eileen ashby, is working for victor. The research I was doing was for the wsb. I only later discovered it was corrupted by the cassadines. Specifically victor and helena. Yes, as well as your old nemesis, liesl obrecht. I’m more interested in your interactions with the cassadines. In particular, obviously, victor. I had to give the occasional progress report on our various dealings. Did you need me to be more specific? No, not with the dealings, no, but with the communication, yes. Did they come to you or did you go to them? I went to them — always the same place. You think victor may be using the same location? Well, the wsb, they never were able to find that particular base of operations. And victor, he doesn’t have any reason to risk moving that location because no one really remembers it… except you, andre. So where is it? Why shouldn’t elizabeth walk away? Why shouldn’t she run? Look, regardless of what happened, your father and elizabeth are bound together, and you should support them. Well, I certainly hope that elizabeth snaps out of whatever has led her to this lamentable lapse in judgment. But regardless, my father is no longer my concern. But he is your family, spencer! You can’t just walk away. Why not? He doesn’t want anything to do with me. Now, that’s not true. No! Then why, when I told him about my plans to leave not just this house, but him, did he tell me that he was proud of me for being my own man? No, no, you must have misunderstood. Nikolas: No, spencer is right. I think it’s best if he leaves wyndemere. Well, now, that’s a pretty ludicrous thing to say. The two of you talk it out. Like I said, it’s no longer my concern.

[ Door opens, closes ] Why aren’t you fighting for your son? You don’t understand.

[Laughing] Oh, I understand a lot better than you think I do. Do you really imagine that a new baby will give you a second chance?

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Esme, you really do need to eat. I guess I’m just… sad. Do you have any requests for dinner? Anything. How about a steak, huh? You trust me with a knife? I’ll bring it to you pre-cut. Whatever. I’ll have the chef prepare something special, hmm? You’ve been so nice to me, but what I want doesn’t matter. Nikolas has made that perfectly clear. Okay. Demetrius? Actually, there — there is something I’d like.

Where in paris? The 11th. I can’t tell you exactly where. Unfortunately, I was always blindfolded every time I was taken there. Of course. But maybe there was a detail — something, a sound that you heard. Uh, the place was like a fortress. Security everywhere. I can’t give you the exact location, but the route was always the same. And I got the sense that we turned off a main boulevard, not a side street. Okay. Good place to start. If I may ask, what has victor done now? We think — [ Sighs ] I mean, we hope that this is maybe where he’s holding lucy coe, because he faked her murder and then framed me for it. So any help you can give us is so greatly appreciated. So is it the wsb who’s looking for this base? No, we’re working on our own. So the two of you are going to infiltrate victor cassadine’s top secret base by yourselves? Piece of cake. It was not my intention. I swear it wasn’T. But scott was away, and I was left alone with my fears. Oh. Oh, god, will you just spit it out? I told nina about your condition. Well, I mean, I’d rather you didn’T. [ Scoffs ] But she is family. And sonny. Britta, I am so sorry. You told sonny corinthos my deepest and most personal secret? Not really.

[ Sighs ] I told nina, and sonny just happened to be there. It has been so difficult, keeping this terrible secret. It’s my secret! And you are my daughter. And no matter what kind of a mother I was, the mother I am now cannot tolerate your suffering. For what it’s worth, they promised not to tell anyone. Now you tell me — do you hate me? Whatever you want, I’m certain the chef can provide it. A steak, medium rare, does sound delicious, but what I really want is some company. Is there any way you could join me for dinner? How did you find out about the baby? Ava told me. Ava?! What exactly did she say? That you are not only having an affair with elizabeth baldwin, but she was also about to furnish you with a new heir. Oh, congratulations, by the way. No matter the circumstances, another cassadine is always a blessing. Elizabeth had a miscarriage. Oh, no. Ava mustn’t have heard when you spoke, but she knows now. Oh, nikolas, I — I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you. But what I want to know is why were you talking to ava in the first place? Ava: I understand how much you want justice for rory. And for you and diane and brando, even oz haggerty. If it wasn’t for him, I might be in prison right now. I know the police are doing everything they can to find his killer, whether it’s esme or somebody else. All I have to do is lure esme out of hiding, and it’ll work because I’ll be prepared this time. No, you’re not putting a bullseye on yourself! She is not going to have the element of surprise. Tell me that you think that this is a good idea. It has potential. Thank you. But it’s missing one key factor. What? Me. Trina, what are you thinking? That I’m gonna follow my heart and do what’s right. I have no doubt. Just remember while you’re following your heart to also protect it, okay? Trina. I’m glad I ran into you. Me, too. And thanks again for being so supportive at the memorial. I’m glad I could be there. Well, I should be on my way. Actually, if you wouldn’t mind waiting a moment, ava, I’d like to speak to you alone. So if eileen is working with victor, why do you care? You already knew this. You’re using ashby against victor. That is a bold move. You still haven’t answered my question. If it becomes public knowledge that the deputy mayor arranged for spencer’s release, ashby could easily say that she was acting on your behalf. And why does that sound like a threat? Because you don’t trust me. And while that saddens me, I do understand. But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. You best get comfortable. You’re gonna be waiting a long time.

[ Sighs ] I promise you, laura, this is not a threat. It’s a warning. Okay. But why would you warn me? I reached out to you because we are family. Victor cassadine interfered with my family, and I have no intention of turning the other cheek.

What can you tell us about security? Any specific defenses other than armed guards? We entered the building via a secured elevator underground. Despite being in the center of the city, the place is like a bunker. We’ve gotten into tougher places than that. We have? Well, we’ve certainly got out of them. I’m just figuring that getting in will be easier, no? Maybe I should go with you. I might remember something when I’m back in the general vicinity. Thanks. You’ve been very helpful as it is. I wasn’t asking you. Come on, anna. Can you really trust this guy? I know you would never betray my trust on purpose. I swear, it all just spilled out. And [Sighs] I’m sorry, I — I didn’t realize keeping my huntington’s a secret was taking such a toll on you. I am the mutter, and you are mein kind. I may not have been there for you when you were a child… oh, you were there.

[ Sighs ] You know what I mean. But I am here now. Still, I’m sorry… for all the pain that I’ve caused. No, britta. I am the one who should be sorry. But any pain I’m feeling is worth it. It’s worth anything to have you as my daughter. Ava wanted to discuss the terms of your divorce. With you? Well, after finding out that you had strayed not only with esme, but with elizabeth as well, can you blame ava for wanting to come to me for advice? Word of warning — don’t give your soon-to-be-ex wife any more ammunition. Ava is out for blood. If you wouldn’t mind giving us a moment alone, and then I’d like to talk to you about britt’s party. W-what about britt’s party? I’ll explain if you’ll listen. Okay. I’ll go check in with joss. Thank you. Yeah. Ava, I know that things between us — I assume this is about the trust fund, spencer. You want $10,000? No, this is not about money. This is about something entirely different. This is about you — well, if you were expecting any help from me about trina — no, this has nothing to do with trina. This —

[ Laughs ] If it were up to me, you wouldn’t have anything — ava, if you would just shut up, I’m trying to apologize to you right now. I’m your guard, esme. It wouldn’t be right. I understand. It’s just, you know, I’m so lonely up here in this tower, and, you know, it’s new year’s eve. You know, my favorite new year’s eve memory was when spencer surprised me with a romantic dinner — candles, a single rose adorning the table. It made me feel so special.

[ Sighs ] Mr. Cassadine would not like it. Probably not. But it is your duty to guard me. And what better way to ensure that I’m eating than to be in the same room as we enjoy a candlelit dinner?

[ Sighs ] I understand. I know that’s probably not how you would choose to spend your evening. No, no, no, no. It’s not that. You mean you’ll consider it? I — I — [ Sighs ] I will. Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

You want to apologize to me? If you’ll ever let me get around to it. I put you through hell because you broke a promise to me. I thought that you weren’t good enough for my father. But it turns out that my father is not the man that I thought that he was. And I’m sorry, because I never should have targeted you. No one deserves to be put through what I put you through. I know that we’re not gonna be friends or anything like that. No. Certainly not. Spencer, nikolas let us both down. So what is this about, um, britt’s party? Trina’s going with me. I figure it’s better than her sitting at home alone, missing rory. I just want to help her get through this. Well, then you’re gonna have to be a much better man than your father. If you let her down in any way — I know. I will answer to you. You got that right. Nikolas: I know ava will never forgive me. Actually, I think elizabeth would make a better match for you than ava. She seems to be more malleable.

[ Laughs ] Clearly, you don’t know elizabeth. Sure, she’s got her vulnerabilities, but she’s no pushover. Well, even better. All you need to know is that I trust her. Yes. Well, just don’t make the same mistake with her as you did with ava — don’t trust her with any cassadine family secrets, hm? We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

[ Chuckles ] And yes, there have been nicer, warmer, and fuzzier mothers.

[ Chuckles ] But there’s no one like you. And I mean that in the best way. There is no one more fierce, more protective, more loyal, more brilliant and hilarious and extraordinary. And to be here with you — to celebrate and mourn with you, to forgive and be forgiven by you, to evolve with you… I mean, it’s no surprise why you’ve always been so protective of your heart, because there is no one I have ever met that — that feels as deeply and as passionately as you do. It is an honor and an adventure…

[ Laughs ] …To be your daughter. It’s a thrill ride. And I am so glad you are my mom. And I’m so proud to be blessed with such a strong, acerbically witty, beautiful, brilliant daughter. Not only a doctor, just like her mutter, but chief of staff, also just like her mutter.

[ Laughs ] Co-chief. Only because monica quartermaine is an idiot. Well, monica is a savvy and brilliant woman. And if you ever repeat that… I could never. Not without choking. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this job much longer. When you falter, I will be there to see that you soar again. That is my promise to you. You will not go through this alone. I will be by your side through everything.

Ich liebe dich, mama.

[ Chuckles ] I love you, too,

mein britta. You’re not, uh, questioning my motives, are you, andre? You are a cassadine. Helena used to talk about you all the time. You were the one person she seemed really afraid of. Now you’re flattering me. Not at all. I’m simply stating I know your reputation. I know how dangerous you are. You have no idea. Okay. Valentin’s dangerous. You’re dangerous, andre. I’m dangerous. The three of us are threats to the common good. But we’re all trying to be better, aren’t we? I trust andre’s intel. I trust valentin with my life. So you want to take victor down? Sure you do. Only one bully per playground, right, cy? I want to protect my family. I will be an enemy to your enemies and oppose those who oppose you. Oh, yeah. I knew you’d circle around the old testament sooner or later. So what are you suggesting here? That we work together? I think that together, we’re stronger. I have resources that you don’t, can do things that you can’T. You mean that I won’t? You’re a fair person, laura! Don’t you think it’s fair that victor pay for luke spencer’s death?

I don’t trust that guy. I told you, I vouch for him. I don’t trust anyone who’s willing to get involved with the cassadines. Do you want to run that by me again? You know what I mean. I didn’t have any choice. I was born into this family. Tell me again — why is andre willing to help us? Well, I’m sure he has reasons to hate the cassadines. Besides, wouldn’t you want to help someone that said that they were going to bring down victor? I would if it was you. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Not very fancy, but oh so flammable. Well, ace, I only need one more thing to make my escape, and demetrius is going to provide it. Don’t worry. I won’t share any of my cassadine secrets with elizabeth. Well, good. Elizabeth may be a loyal friend, but she’s not family.

[ Sighs ] Don’t let her too close. That’s not gonna happen. Oh, and, um, I think from now on, it’s best that I deal with ava with regards to your divorce. We, um — we seem to have developed a — a kind of rapport. That’s fine by me. I have my hands full enough. Anything I can help you with? I’m just trying to figure out the mess I’ve made of my life. Oh, nikolas. I know it seems like you’re on a long road right now, but from where I stand, it — it looks like you’re headed in the right direction. And soon, your marriage to ava will be behind you. Well, I can’t pretend to be happy about that. Just remember, you are meant for much better things. So is ava. Happy new year. Happy new year. And you be good. Mm.

[ Sighs ] Thanks for telling ava about the party. I was working up to telling her, but I just — well, there’s no reason for you to have to suffer through her questions and judgment when I’m here to take the brunt. Mm-hmm. How gallant. Besides, the whole reason that we’re doing this is to get people to talk. Wherever esme is hiding out, she’ll be furious if she thinks that we’re together. Unless, of course, you’ve changed her mind. Then I can go back to my original plan of trying to lure esme out of hiding by myself. No. We said we’re going to do this together. “We?” Actually, you said that. I just knew better than to argue with you. I’m glad you’re finally learning. Just as long as you know that I can handle it. You don’t have to help me. Yes, I do. Even if that means pretending to enjoy your company. And when esme does come after us, we’ll be ready.

[ Gasps ] Britta! You look absolutely

umwerfend! I look underfed?

No, umwerfend.

Umwerfend! Stunning. Oh. [ Laughs ] You’re right. I do, don’t I? I am always right, especially when it comes to your beauty. Come, let’s take a picture to remember the moment. I don’t need a picture to remember. Come. Come. Say “happy birthday.” Together: Happy birthday. I am offering you justice for the father of your children. You’re talking about vengeance. And what if I am? Aren’t you entitled to that as well? Is it deuteronomy or romans where the lord sayeth, “vengeance is mine?” Both. You know, I don’t think this is about justice or vengeance. I think you want to use me to get rid of victor. The lord will fight for you. You need only be still. But vengeance isn’t yours, cyrus. Because you’re not god. I really enjoyed our little family reunion. Happy new year, sister. I’ll be right here when you need me. Barb:Huh. Two cute guys, 7:00. Oh. That sounds dirty. Let’s rent that.Where is that? 7:00. What? Oh! Oh. There they are. Oh, g– oh, my god,they’re coming this way.

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Days Update Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Li has a nightmare about Stefan bursting in and revealing the truth to Gabi about Li having Dr. Rolf brainwash him. Li then wakes up in a panic.

Gabi comes out from her bedroom where Rafe is cooking in the kitchen. Gabi tells Rafe that he said he wasn’t going to go to any trouble for her today. Rafe admits he lied because today is her special day, so he is obliged to treat her like a queen. Gabi jokes that the food is fattening and questions how she’ll fit in to her wedding dress after this. Gabi then assures that Li loves her the way she is, unconditionally.

Stefan and Chloe are together in New York City. Stefan asks Chloe if she has no regrets about him tagging along on her trip with her mother. Chloe asks if he’s kidding and calls this the trip of a lifetime. Stefan agrees and points out that they haven’t even made it to Miami yet to ring in the New Year. Chloe says she would be really excited for that but she’s feeling a little bit guilty since it is Gabi’s wedding day and she’s depriving him of the chance to be there when the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects. Stefan jokes that if he was there, he’d be cheering and throwing confetti. Stefan remarks that Gabi and Li deserve each other.

At the DiMera Mansion. Wendy wears the shawl that Johnny got her for Christmas and asks what he thinks. Johnny jokes that he’s got excellent taste. Wendy calls it her favorite Christmas present and adds that she was planning on wearing it to her brother’s wedding tonight. Johnny questions that not clashing with her maid of honor dress. Wendy says it definitely will but jokes that Johnny can use it to gag her and keep her quiet when she starts feeling guilty about keeping secrets.

Brady is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Rachel. Brady promises they will play every video game she got for Christmas together soon. Brady finishes the call as Eric arrives. Brady tells him that they had the best Christmas and it almost made him forget about the Hell that Kristen’s been putting him through. Eric encourages him not to forget. Eric declares that the holidays have passed so now it’s time to put their plan into motion. Brady states they are kidnapping his own daughter. Eric reminds him that it’s the only way to force Kristen’s hand. Brady understands and says they just have to make sure they find the right time to do it. Eric responds that it has to be tonight. Eric reminds Brady that they have to make Rachel believe they are going on an adventure. Brady agrees that since Kristen will be tied up at Gabi and Li’s reception, it will make for the perfect diversion. Eric insists that they can’t wait another second if they are going to beat Kristen at her own game.

Kristen goes to Li’s hotel room. He answers the door and tells her it’s a bad time and asks what she’s doing here. Kristen responds that it’s his wedding day and even though their alliance has hit rough patches, it’s paying off beautifully and she wanted to wish him good luck. Li thanks her and says he’s going to need it.

Gabi tells Rafe that she and Li slept apart last night to stick with tradition. Gabi talks about being in front of the justice of the peace, marrying the man she loves. Rafe hopes that Li Shin is the man that she loves.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s glad they got out of Salem for the holidays. Chloe asks if that has anything to do with the wedding. Stefan admits it might be part of it. Chloe says she couldn’t care less about the wedding as she’s enjoying the memories of the opera they attended. Chloe thanks Stefan for everything since he’s treated them like royalty and she intends to show him how thankful she is when they get to Miami. Stefan calls that something to look forward to as they kiss. Stefan remembers that he promised her mom that he would pick up a box of bagels so he better get going. Chloe offers to go with him but Stefan tells her to stay and relax as it’s right down the street and he won’t be long. Stefan kisses her and then exits. Nancy comes in and asks where Stefan is. Chloe informs her that Stefan wanted to treat them to breakfast before they leave. Nancy complains that she’s going to miss them already. Chloe comments that they’ll be back to visit. Nancy adds that she and Mike can come visit Salem as well since they both have family there. Chloe comments that they seem really happy together which Nancy confirms that they are. Chloe adds that she and Stefan are too as she can see. Chloe calls Stefan a great guy. Nancy responds that he’s extremely generous, but she just wonders. Chloe stops her and says she knows Nancy was pulling for her and Brady, so she doesn’t think she’s over him. Nancy then asks if she is over Brady. Chloe assures that she is over Brady and asks why she wouldn’t be since he moved on with Kristen and she’s moved on too with a great guy. Chloe asks if she hasn’t noticed that she’s been on cloud nine for this entire trip. Nancy argues that she was on cloud nine with Brady too not long ago. Chloe insists that is over now. Nancy remarks that Chloe rebounded and landed with Stefan so fast. Chloe argues that it hasn’t been that fast and they are getting to know each other again. Chloe says they are taking things slowly but she doesn’t want to have this conversation with her mother. Nancy points out that Chloe and Stefan haven’t slept together yet and suggests there’s a reason for that. Nancy acknowledges that Brady hurt her but reminds Chloe that Stefan cheated on her with Gabi back in the day and then treated her terribly. Chloe calls that the past while she’s focused on the present. Chloe declares that between Brady and Stefan, the choice is clear. Chloe understands Brady putting his daughter first but notes that he didn’t waste a second moving Kristen in. Nancy says she’s not excusing Brady’s behavior. Chloe knows Nancy thought she and Brady were meant to be and admits she thought that too for awhile, but she just doesn’t anymore.

Brady tells Eric that this is not going to be a cake walk as the wedding is good but Rachel had plans and John and Marlena were going to babysit. Eric feels they can easily get around that and says they just need to make sure that Kristen doesn’t bail and leave the wedding early. Brady offers to steal her car keys. Eric says he has a better idea, but Brady’s not going to like it. Brady questions Eric wanting him to take Kristen to the wedding as a date. Eric knows it’s not what he wants to hear but calls it perfect. Eric says Brady will show up with Kristen on his arm while he kidnaps what means the most to her, so it can’t fail.

Kristen asks Li why he needs luck tonight and if he’s getting cold feet. Li says he just had a bad dream but he wants to forget about it. Li thanks Kristen for stopping by. Kristen guesses that Stefan was in his dream since she noticed guilt all over his face. Li argues that it’s not guilt. Kristen asks if he’s afraid of getting caught and what makes him think that Stefan is going to find out what he did since she’s certainly not going to tell.

Johnny tells Wendy that they’ve kept what they found out in Jakarta for this long, so that has to count for something. Wendy points out that unlike him, she’s actually in the wedding and has to stand next to Gabi while Li promises to love and cherish her, knowing full well that he broke his promise before he even got to the ceremony. Wendy says part of her thinks that the only way to keep this secret is to suddenly come down with something and skip the wedding altogether.

Gabi questions Rafe doing this on her wedding day. Rafe says as her big brother, it’s his job to ask the important questions. Gabi accuses him of being a buzzkill and asks if he’s seriously questioning her feelings for Li. Rafe says if she is head over heels for Li by the time she says “I do” then they are all good, but he remembers how head over heels she was for Stefan before he died. Gabi says that’s why she was so hurt when Stefan came back and started treating her like something on the bottom of his shoe. Gabi adds that she’s not saying they would’ve gotten back together since she was already with Li, but Stefan’s rejection has proven to her that everything was a lie and he never really loved her. Rafe and Gabi sit together to eat breakfast. Gabi hopes they are past the questioning who she really loves part of the wedding day. Rafe jokes that being her big brother isn’t as easy at it looks. Gabi says he’s mostly great it and jokes that he could balance the playing field by starting to date again so she could give him grief too. Rafe responds that he’s actually enjoying his bachelor status. Gabi questions that and says she detected something between he and Jada at Christmas. Rafe says that was either her imagination or the egg nog. Rafe assures that Jada is a co-worker and that’s it. Rafe adds that even if he had interest, HR has rules against dating your subordinates so she’s not an option. Gabi argues that rules don’t apply to true love. Rafe says good thing it isn’t true love then. Gabi suggests Rafe invite Jada to the wedding. Rafe asks if she wasn’t listening to what he said. Gabi argues that he never listens to what she says and decides that if Rafe doesn’t invite Jada, she will.

Jada approaches Eric and Brady’s table at the Brady Pub. Eric comments that he didn’t see her come in which Jada notes was obvious. Jada tells him that she never sees him anymore, so she assumed he’s been avoiding her. Eric promises that he’s not. Jada says that would be childish and guesses Eric was just hoping that he’d never run in to her again.

Chloe tells Nancy that when she ran in to Kristen and Rachel on Christmas, Rachel did mention that Kristen and Brady aren’t sleeping in the same room yet so maybe things haven’t taken off yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Nancy argues that maybe that means there’s still a chance for Chloe and Brady. Chloe questions her being in denial about how close she and Stefan have become. Chloe goes over how they have had an amazing time in New York. Nancy questions if they are madly in love then. Chloe says she didn’t say that. Nancy asks if she’s not in love then. Chloe says they are taking the time to make things right and that fate has stepped in to give her and Stefan a second chance.

Li tells Kristen that he doesn’t think Stefan will find out. Kristen comments on his dream and says she should express her gratitude, since thanks to Li, Chloe is an afterthought for her and Brady which she calls a relief. Kristen confesses that she thought everything was going to implode when Wendy went to Jakarta but says obviously she and Johnny didn’t find out the truth. Li knows why she would assume that but tells Kristen to brace herself. Li then reveals to Kristen that Johnny and Wendy know everything.

Rafe takes the phone back from Gabi and declares that she’s not going to call Jada because it’s not her place to invite Jada to her wedding as his date. Gabi says she just thought it would be nice for him to have someone to talk to and for her not to have to worry about him being bored on her wedding day. Rafe tells her that he has to get to work. Gabi calls him a party pooper. Rafe assures Gabi that he just wants her to be happy. Gabi tells Rafe that is the reason she’s marrying Li, because he makes her happy. Rafe hopes so as he then exits.

Kristen questions Li about Wendy and Johnny knowing everything. Li assures that they won’t divulge it to anyone. Kristen asks why not. Li explains that Wendy is his sister and is extremely loyal to him, while Johnny has his own reasons for keeping quiet since EJ is still grieving and he doesn’t want to make things worse for him. Kristen hopes he’s right. Li insists that he is and that the bullet has been dodged. Kristen remains uncertain since it seems there is a lot riding on those two kids staying the course and especially for Li. Kristen says she could handle it becoming public but Li is a different story. Li responds that he’s confident that Johnny and Wendy will stay the course. Kristen hopes his confidence is justified and says she’ll see him at the wedding as she then exits the room.

Johnny questions Wendy suggesting skipping the wedding and says she can’t be serious. Wendy asks why not. Johnny thinks not showing up to the wedding would just raise even more questions. Wendy supposes he’s right. Johnny gets the guilt but says she has to fight it. Wendy agrees to try and says now it’s time to get to Gabi’s to start her maid of honor duties. Johnny jokes that it will be fun and apologizes as they get close. Johnny says maybe the only way to keep this secret is to realize that coming clean would just be swapping out one form of guilt for another. Wendy agrees since breaking her promise to his brother would ruin his life. Johnny adds that she’d have to live with it for the rest of her life.

After Jada walks away, Brady tells Eric that was close and asks if he’s okay. Eric doesn’t blame Jada for being bitter but says they need to focus. Brady says he’s not looking forward to this, but he knows what he needs to do. Eric says he needs to relieve John and Marlena of babysitting, so they don’t realize what they are doing. Brady and Eric wish each other luck as Brady then exits the Pub. Eric gets up and goes over to Jada to ask if they can talk. Jada thought they just did. Eric means really talk as he just wants her to know that he hasn’t been avoiding her and he just hasn’t been staying at the Pub. Jada mentions hearing that Eric was in jail and that his lawyer is a full service attorney. Jada says she doesn’t care and they will live their lives. Jada knows why Eric got arrested and says she’s not interested in being the reason why he’s spinning out. Eric says he’s not spinning out and she’s not the reason he got arrested. Eric says the last few weeks have been a struggle for him, but he would like to find a way to get past that and for them to be friends again. Jada asks if he thinks that’s possible. Eric points out that it’s how they started. Jada argues that things have changed. Eric agrees that they will never see eye to eye on the pregnancy but says that wasn’t the real issue between them. Jada asks what was in his opinion. Eric states that it was him getting involved with her while he had unresolved feelings for Nicole. Eric thought he could handle it with time but he didn’t and he’s sorry for not being honest from the very beginning. Jada thanks him for saying that and says she’ll need some time for them to be friends again. Eric says he can wait. Jada is glad they talked and apologizes for being so hard on him before. Jada says she has to get to the police station. Eric says he’ll see her soon. Jada tells him to try to stay out of jail as she then walks away.

Nancy apologizes to Chloe as she’s not trying to put her on the spot. Nancy guesses it’s just because it’s New Year’s Eve and she was thinking about her favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally. Chloe argues that her life is not a movie. Nancy says it could be. Nancy says she could fly home to Salem to meet up with Brady just before midnight and how romantic that would be. Stefan returns and asks what he missed.

Gabi looks at photos of her and Li on her phone but then comes across an old photo of her and Stefan. Wendy then shows up and Gabi tells her she’s right on time as she excitedly hugs her and says it’s going to be so much fun. Gabi opens them a bottle of champagne.

Rafe and Jada work at the police station. Rafe asks if Jada has any more on the kidnapping case. Jada says not since they went over it on Christmas. Jada thanks Rafe for giving her a place to go on Christmas. Rafe is glad she came and says that Gabi likes her a lot. Jada says she likes Gabi too and calls her smart and funny like her brother. Rafe notes that today is the big day of Gabi’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Jada says it sounds like it will be a blast. Rafe then asks Jada if she’d like to come. Jada asks if he means with him.

Chloe tells Stefan that he did not miss a thing and that they were just talking about New Year’s. Stefan says the bagels took longer than anticipated so they won’t have time to indulge if they are going to make their flight to Miami to celebrate. Chloe suggests they start packing then. Stefan and Chloe head to their room while Nancy looks disappointed.

Johnny sits with his tablet, reading an article in the Spectator about Gabi and Li’s wedding until the doorbell rings. Johnny answers the door and is surprised to see Li. Johnny says EJ isn’t around but Li says he came to see him. Johnny argues that he was going to see him tonight at the wedding and asks if it couldn’t wait. Li explains that he came to make sure there would still be a tonight at the wedding.

Kristen walks through the town square. Brady spots her and pretends to be on a phone call as he walks through and bumps in to Kristen. Brady apologizes and claims he was distracted by trying to make sure Gabi and Li’s wedding gift got there on time. Kristen tells him it’s okay and that he can bump in to her anytime. Brady says he doesn’t know why this didn’t occur to him before but says they are both going to be leaving for the wedding at the same time, so it’d be silly for them to go separately. Kristen questions if he’s asking her to go with him. Brady asks if she doesn’t want to. Kristen says she does but she can’t figure out why he’s asking her. Brady says he kind of wanted to beat her to it and figured that with her access to the Orchid, she’d probably force him to go so he wanted to do it on his own terms. Brady asks if Kristen wants to go with him or not. Kristen says she does very much so Brady decides they will. Kristen then suggests they should bring Rachel because she would love an outing with her parents and says she will give her a call which worries Brady.

Rafe tells Jada that they could show up together but he meant since she and Gabi hit it off, she could be there to congratulate her in person. Jada thanks him but says she’s not a party crasher. Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be and there’s always room for one more. Rafe jokes that he has an in with the bride so Jada asks how she could say no.

Johnny reminds Li that he already assured him that he wouldn’t tell anybody what he did to Stefan, so he asks if Li doubts his sincerity. Li says when they first spoke, the knowledge was new to him. Johnny asks if he’s concerned that he changed his mind. Li just wants to cover his bases and it would keep him from sweating if he had his promise. Johnny calls him a crappy brother since Wendy is tied up in knots because of being loyal to him. Li asks how dare he speak to him like that and argues that he’s a good brother to Wendy. Johnny asks if he means like being a good husband to Gabi by starting off the marriage with a lie. Johnny warns that lies have a way of coming to the surface, so he might as well just level with her now and take his chances. Li responds that he can’t do that. Johnny says it’s his call but feels that he will live to regret it. Johnny says he’ll see him tonight as Li exits.

Gabi and Wendy drink champagne. Gabi says this is how to get a wedding day started. Wendy comments on how incredibly happy she looks. Gabi declares that starting tonight, she and Li will finally be officially together. Wendy says she will do her very best to make sure it’s a day she remembers for the rest of her life.

Stefan tells Nancy that it’s been great fun but they must say goodbye. Nancy wishes they could stay. Chloe says they’ll be back soon. Stefan thanks Nancy for letting them stay. Nancy thanks him for all the wonderful nights in the town. Stefan says he was just trying to impress his new girlfriend. Chloe responds that he definitely succeeded. Chloe tells Nancy that she loves her as they hug. Stefan takes his bags and exits. Chloe assures Nancy that this is what she wants and that she’s really over Brady. Chloe wishes Nancy a Happy New Year and then exits.

Brady stops Kristen from calling Rachel and points out that the wedding is at night and it’s New Year’s Eve, so the reception will probably go in to the morning. Kristen agrees that it’s too late for Rachel. Brady adds that John and Marlena are already set to babysit her anyway and suggests they stick to that plan. Brady remarks that maybe they would have more fun alone anyway. Kristen and Brady then walk off together.

Eric calls Marlena and says he knows she and John are watching Rachel tonight, but he doesn’t have any plans so there’s no reason they shouldn’t go have some fun tonight. Eric insists that he’d really like to watch Rachel. Eric says he will let Kristen and Brady know. Eric adds that he’s really looking forward to spending some time with his niece and hangs up.

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GH Update Tuesday, December 27, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Michael comforted a pregnant Willow, who wasn’t feeling well. Wiley wanted to go sledding, but Willow said that she and Michael had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Wiley said “that’s all you ever do is go to the doctor.” As Carly and Drew walked in, they heard Wiley yell at Willow.

Michael took Wiley upstairs and told him never to speak to his mother that way again. Carly and Drew were there to babysit, and Michael and Willow left for the hospital. Michael instructed Carly and Drew that Wiley’s was in time out for at least 30 minutes.

Drew had stacks of files of men who might be “Josiah,” the man that Drew is looking for.  Carly pretended that it was all like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Drew’s phone rang and he left the room.  Carly continued the search for Josiah.  After flipping through one file, she came across the man Drew was looking for.  She said, “Hello Josiah.”  After glaring at the photograph, Carly was certain that she was looking at Willow’s birth father.  Carly then sneaked the file and the photo into her purse so that Drew would never find it.  Drew entered the room while Carly still had her hand in her purse.  She claimed she was retrieving her lip balm. Drew said that he had thought her lips felt very soft earlier when they shared a kiss. Carly was flattered but she said that she and Drew couldn’t be caught by Wiley in a compromising situation.  

Drew returned to the subject of Willow’s parents, and he couldn’t believe that the man who had lost his child had not filed multiple reports and had not come looking for Willow.  He said that if it were him in the same situation, he would move mountains to find his child. 

Carly left the room to check on Wiley.  Drew made a call and told the person on the other end,  “I wasn’t able to determine Josiah’s identity, so I’m going to need you to question every Josiah in the area. And do not stop until you find the right one,” Drew said forcefully.

Later, Willow and Michael appeared outside the newborn unit at the hospital. Michael told Willow that he loved her, and that pretty soon they would have a new little girl of their own.  He said they were going to have many more memories and happy times with their new family of four.

In Britt’s office at the hospital, Cody walked in. Britt said she wanted nothing to do with Cody, but agreed to listen to him, after he insisted that he had lied and he had to set things straight. Cody admitted that his intentions toward Britt were not on the up and up when they had first met at the Metro Court pool. Cody admitted that he had known that Faison had once been associated with Leopold and that it was the reason Cody had initially wanted to know Britt. Cody added that he had blackmailed Spinelli into matching Cody and Britt through Society Setups. Britt said that she wasn’t surprised by any of his shady dealings.

Cody hoped that Britt would give him another chance. Britt admitted that a part of her wanted to get back whatever she and Cody had lost, but she kept saying, “I can’t.” Cody demanded that she tell him what was keeping them from being together.

Britt said that she appreciated Cody coming to see her and she began to cry.  She said that it meant a lot to her that he had made the effort, but that it was simply too late for them.  She said, “Goodbye, Cody,” and she walked out of her office.

At the nurses’ station at the hospital, Brook Lynn told Maxie that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to be seen ASAP. On a bench nearby, Maxie asked Brook Lynn about her symptoms. Brook Lynn said that she had lost interest in things she had previously loved, had tightness in her chest and had a general sense of malaise about everything. Brook Lynn added that she also was having random crying spells. “You’re not sick, Brook Lynn. You’re in love,” Maxie said.

Brook Lynn offered no contest regarding being in love with Chase. Brook Lynn said she didn’t know the signs of being in love because she had never been in love before. Brook Lynn wondered if Chase had been in love with her, too. Maxie said that if he wasn’t in love with Brook Lynn he at least cared deeply for her.  “If you really love Chase, you’ve got to win him back,” Maxie said.

At the Metro Court, Sasha told Gladys about how Britt had helped deliver the “miracle baby” at the Quartermaine mansion on Christmas. Sasha thanked Gladys for helping her get through Brando’s death and by stepping up to be her guardian. Chase dropped by to say hello to Sasha, and Gladys told Chase that she caught his performance at the Gingerbread Jam and said she had downloaded the new single that very night. Sasha asked Chase what it was like to be newly famous.

Chase asked how the holidays had been for Sasha. Sasha admitted that her first Christmas without Brando had been a struggle, but she added that she had felt blessed to have been surrounded with friends and family like Sonny, Gladys and Nina.. Chase said that he was also one of Sasha’s friends. Sasha thanked Chase for saying that. Chase offered to be there for Sasha if she ever needed to talk.

Chase added that Sasha seemed to be doing so much better. Chase asked if Sasha’s guardianship would be over soon. Sasha was hopeful that the guardianship would end soon, but she admitted that Gladys had done “such a good job” as a guardian and that it had brought them closer than ever.

Chase was happy for Sasha. Sasha put her hand on Chase’s arm, and said she was always in his corner. “Right back at you,” Chase said, and the two smiled at one another.

After Gladys left, Selina appeared. Selina asked Gladys how she planned to repay the money she owed her. She said that she had dug herself in quite deep and she would have to work herself out. Selina wanted to know when Gladys planned on paying her the money she owes her. Gladys offered Selina a pair of diamond earrings that Sasha had paid for and said they should cover a good portion of the debt. After making a crack about them possibly being cubic zirconia, Selina agreed to grant Gladys a one-time line of credit to help her try to win her way out of the debt she had run up at Selina’s poker game.

Afterwards, Gladys rejoined Sasha at their table. Sasha excuse herself and after Sasha left, a waitress brought the check for Sasha and Gladys’ lunch. Gladys opened her purse, which contained a credit card with Sasha’s name on it. She paid for their meal with the credit card.

Also at the Metro Court, Britt met Selina in the lounge area. She asked Selina if she had everything she needed.  She said that if she had brought everything, she promised that after the following night, Britt would never see Brad again. “You’ve given me your word before, and you’ve gone back on it. How do I know that won’t happen again?” Selina asked. Britt explained that if she were to double cross Selina, then Selina was free to release the information that she had on Britt. Selina then handed Britt a small folder, and she remarked that it contained everything Britt had asked for. Britt opened the folder, and she found a passport and driver’s license under the name Rita Jenkins. “All the documents you need…to disappear,” Selina said.

In a suite at Metro Court, Sonny, Dex, and Frank met a middle-aged man with graying hair named Roman Hume. Dex was intrigued that Roman Hume had come alone to this meeting when even Sonny had brought two guards. Sonny told Roman that no one did business in Port Charles without following his rules. Sonny told him the two rules were discretion (which Mr. Hume had said was an absolute necessity for Pikeman Security Group) and the second rule was that no innocent civilians would be harmed in any way.  Sonny said that if they could agree on those terms then they could do business.  Mr. Hume agreed. 

Sonny said that he also needed certain assurances.  Mr. Hume produced a huge briefcase filled with large sums of cash, his movements made Dex nervous and Dex briefly gripped his gun while the contents of the briefcase were revealed. Sonny gave the briefcase to Frank, who left the room. Alone in the room with Sonny, Dex remarked that he had noticed that Roman was ex-military. Sonny asked how Dex had known. Dex replied that he knew ex-military members when he saw them. Sonny remarked that the company Roman worked for, Pikeman, dabbled in military contracts. Dex asked if Pikeman was short for Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was impressed that Dex knew about the company. Dex shared that the company was a group that Dex and his unit had learned to steer clear of. “You worried about me, Dex? Don’t be. We’re gonna get everything under control, and the payoff is gonna be huge. You’ll see,” Sonny told Dex, who seemed unsettled.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Update written by Barbara

At Newman Enterprises, Nick is in Victoria’s office telling her all about how well Christian did with his older cousins on Christmas Day at the ranch. Nick gives her props for how she is handling the situation with Johnny and Chelsea. Victor comes into the office, sits down at Victoria’s desk and tells her and Nick that he ran into Adam earlier and the conversation was disheartening. He mentions that the goodwill he and Adam had at the Christmas Day party is gone.

Nick tells Victor that Adam will never change. Victor snaps at Nick, saying that this is coming from someone who has become his brother’s romantic rival. He asks Nick when the hell he is going to stop cavorting around with Sally Spector. Nick becomes frustrated, says that he’s had enough of the conversation and walks out.

After Nick leaves, Victor asks Victoria if she is still attempting to acquire Chancellor-Winters.  Victoria informs him that she no longer has her inside source of information and has lost the element of surprise, along with her leverage.  He also mentions that he wants her to learn how to let things go and step back when situations arise that necessitate it.

At Crimson Lights, Sally is sipping herbal tea while flashing back to her date with Nick and being  sick to her stomach. Adam comes into the coffeehouse and saunters over. He sits down with her, sees that there’s something bothering her and asks what’s wrong.  He asks her since when does she drink herbal tea at this time of day when she has triple espresso for her afternoon pick-me-up.

Chloe comes by to talk with Sally about their fledgling interior design business so Adam excuses himself and gets a coffee to go. Surprisingly, like Adam, Chloe notices that Sally is drinking herbal tea.  Chloe chomps on a huge cinnamon roll that she offers to share with Sally, who turns it down and looks queasy.

As the women start preparing their business proposal for Chancellor-Winters, Chloe becomes concerned, observing that Sally is not feeling well. She wonders if Adam is upsetting her. Sally can’t answer because she has to get and up to run to the bathroom.

At Society, Summer and Phyllis talk about recent happenings in their lives. Phyllis tells Summer that Danny is in town and Summer is thrilled. She says that she hopes he’ll have time for a visit with her.

Phyllis lets Summer know that Daniel has offered her a job, then hesitates to say anything further. Summer can tell that this is because Phyllis has been hoping that Summer will change her mind about firing her. Instead, Summer tells Phyllis she thinks Daniel’s job offer is  a perfect fit for Phyllis, given her computer skills and gaming experience.

Summer says that Daniel’s job offer is great and urges her to go through with her tentative acceptance of it. Phyllis tears up and becomes very emotional, crying about how she has lost her daughter. Summer tries to reassure her this is not the case, but Phyllis isn’t having it. She leaves in a state of distress.

At the Abbott house, Jack, Kyle and Diane strategize about Jeremy and how they can get rid of him. Jack does not like that Diane left the cabin and returned to Genoa City with Kyle, Summer and Harrison. Diane counters that it’s of no matter because they must stop Jeremy. To asuage Jack’s concern, Diane reminds him that she got away from Jeremy once before, so she could do it again if she needed to.

In his suite, Jeremy looks at the briefcase full of cash that Jack left and flips through a roll of bills. His phone rings and it’s Diane. She starts setting a trap by telling him she wants to talk to him, but not over the phone, it has to be in person. Jeremy wants her to come over to his hotel room, but Diane says that it’s too risky, opting for a public place. Jeremy agrees to meet her at Society. Jack is not in favor of this but Diane is confident that Jeremy will take the bait and Kyle says that he thinks his mother will be able to pull it off.

Adam is sitting at the bar in Society when Nick comes in. Nick gives Adam props for doing an excellent job at Newman Media and setting a solid foundation there for Sally. The men share beers and talk about tricky things that are part of being a Newman, with their father feeling he has to put his fingerprint on every part of their lives. Later, Adam goes for a walk in the park and flashes back to his conversation with Victor and how Victor told him that he’s nothing.

Over at Crimson Lights, Sally apologizes to Chloe for having to leave and get to the bathroom. Chloe leans in and asks Sally if she could be … and stops her sentence. Sally knows what Chloe is implying and tells her there is no way she could be.

Diane meets with Jeremy at Society and immediately starts fake flirting with him. Jack lurks near the entrance to the kitchen watching with an expression of grave concern on his face.

When Sally returns to her suite feeling sick, she takes out her phone to look at the calendar, and becomes deep in thought. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Nick arriving for their date. He reminds her that they’re supposed to have drinks. Sally tells him she can’t make it because she’s feeling under the weather.

Jeremy is seated at Society, looking at his phone when Diane comes in and joins him. She tells him she is there to broker a truce and she can do something to settle her debt and wipe the slate clean. Jeremy asks her what that would be, as Jack lurks near the hall leading to the restaurant’s kitchen.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nick: I wish I’d filmed that kid during christmas. Did you see how hard christian was trying to keep up with all the big kids?

Victoria: Yes, I did. From what I could tell, he did a fantastic job. You know when all the cousins get together, watch out.

Nick: After all the ice skating and snowball fights and the constant running around, by the time I got him home, he was talking to me — mid-sentence, he falls asleep.

Victoria: [ Chuckling ] You’re kidding me. Aw. Poor christian.

Nick: Yeah. It’s like somebody unplugged him. He was totally done. I don’t think he moved an inch the rest of the night.

Victoria: Well, I’m very glad that he had a good time.

Nick: Yeah. We all did. Uh, johnny and connor were inseparable. Seems like that’s going well.

Victoria: I’m proud of the way that johnny’s navigating the situation with chelsea since she took it upon herself to disclose that she’s his biological mother.

Nick: I think I’m more curious about how you’re dealing with it.

Victor: Hi.

Victoria: Is something wrong?

Victor: [ Sighs ] At christmastime, you asked me to have a conversation with mcfadden, right?

Victoria: Is everything okay?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: I think she’s asking because it seems like maybe you didn’t get what you wanted for christmas.

Victor: I didn’T.

Nick: What’s wrong?

Victor: Nothing. Really.

Victoria: Oh, come on, dad. You can tell us.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ]

Nick: I feel real good about my gift choice for you.

Sally: Oh. Good. Me too. You’re really gonna love your coffee mug. It’s got a really funny quote on it. I would tell you what it says, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise, you know?

Nick: Yeah. Okay. Well, I know you’re just gonna love your book of sudoku. I mean, it’s hours of entertainment.

Sally: Ooh. It’s snowing.

Nick: Wow.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Seems like, uh, perfect timing.

Adam: Hey. Can you stand some company?

Sally: It’s the holidays, and I’m feeling generous.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] So, remind me — which holiday did you celebrate while, um, the rest of us merrymakers were sipping our eggnog?

Sally: How was your christmas?

Adam: Connor had a blast. Got a lot of gifts he wanted.

Sally: What about you?

Adam: I spent the day with my family, biting my tongue the whole time. But being with connor made it worth it.

Sally: Kids.

Adam: Mm-hmm. What about you? How was yours?

Sally: It was good. Quiet.

Adam: What is going on with you?

Jack: I just checked in on harrison. He is sound asleep.

Kyle: Yeah, long car rides always seem to knock him out.

Jack: So, where is summer?

Kyle: She went to wish phyllis a belated merry christmas.

Jack: So the three of us can talk. Look, as thrilled as I am you had a wonderful holiday gathering…

Kyle: Oh, it was incredible.

Jack: …I think we need to discuss your decision to come back to genoa city, diane. Whose crazy idea was this?

Diane: It was mine. Jack, I know the lengths you went to, creating a cover story and keeping it alive that I fled town because I was terrified of jeremy stark. But now I know that you’re not sure that he’s going to take the deal you offered him, how could I stay in hiding?

Jack: Look, we should have at least discussed this before you came back.

Diane: There wasn’t any time. We need to get the upper hand with this man now.

Jack: My deal with stark stands. I am following through with my part of the bargain. I offered to double my initial payoff. The money is ready.

Kyle: My mom has a different idea.

Diane: We don’t go to him. We make jeremy come to me. Can I return this love-hate relationship with cookies?

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provided by…

[Swords clashing]

Jack: I don’t like it. There are too many variables, too many things that can go wrong, given how unpredictable stark is, especially if he disbelieves your claim that you had nothing to do with him being sent to prison.

Diane: I got away from him once before, and I will never let him control me again now that I have my family back.

Jack: I don’t see how this is gonna work out.

Diane: It’s our only option.

Jack: Kyle, reason with her, please.

Kyle: I did, all the way back from the cabin, but she has a point. You said yourself you didn’t believe stark would take the money and hold up his end of the deal to leave us all in peace. I’m with mom. We have to stop playing defense, and I think that she can pull this off…but not alone.

Diane: Look, I understand jeremy stark better than anyone. I know how his mind works and what he wants in and — and what he’s willing to do to get it. And I can use that knowledge to set my trap, and I’m confident that he will walk right into it.

Jack: He’s not gonna take anything you say at face value. His guard is up. He’s already suspicious.

Diane: Jack, I’m asking you to trust me that I can handle this.

Jack: I will. But kyle is right. We do this together.

Sally: Why would you think something’s going on with me?

Adam: On what planet do you drink herbal tea at this hour? I mean, usually it’s a triple espresso for the afternoon pick-me-up.

Sally: I’m starting early on my new year’s resolution.

Adam: Quitting caffeine?

Sally: It is for the best. Believe me, it has been making me jittery.

Adam: Hmm. Well, I guess that’s a good thing because I would never hire a jittery interior designer.

Sally: Why is that?

Adam: Uh, because it would appear they had something to hide. Anyway, what’s new on that front? Unless you don’t want to jinx it, that is. How’s the new company going?

Sally: Chloe and I are still crafting a business plan for our potential corporate clients, like chancellor-winters.

Adam: Well, I am sure they will jump at the chance to partner with you.

Sally: Mm. From your mouth to jill’s ears.

Adam: I wish you luck.

Chloe: Oh, she doesn’t need it. She has me. And we have work to do.

Adam: Then I will leave you to it.

Sally: We just ran into each other.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Nothing is ever simple with adam. And you, of all people, should know that by now.

Victor: I just ran into your brother. And it seems the goodwill he and I shared at the christmas party has vanished.

Victoria: Oh. Well, that’s hardly a surprise.

Victor: He was belligerent and argumentative, blamed the state of his life on everyone but himself.

Victoria: That’s what adam does. That’s who he is. I don’t know why you would expect anything different. Look, dad, I know that family is a point of pride for you and that you want adam to feel the same way, that there’s something that you could do or offer or say that would make him respond, but he’s so entrenched in playing the role of the misunderstood outsider.

Victor: What you don’t understand is that he’s my son, okay? And I will never give up hope.

Nick: But you keep setting yourself up for heartache by continuing to reach out to him.

Victoria: How many times is he gonna threaten to change his name and leave town and never look back?

Nick: Or how many times has he said he wants to be better, to earn our love and respect? I mean, yeah, there are times when he does the right thing. He saved faith’s life. I will never, ever forget that. But his transformations don’t last long.

Victor: Well, I guess I keep on hoping for a different outcome.

Nick: He’s never gonna change, dad. You need to let that dream go, and this is coming from someone who actually wanted to believe that change was possible.

Victor: This is coming from someone who has become his brother’s romantic rival.

Nick: Excuse me?

Victor: When the hell are you gonna stop cavorting around with sally spectra? Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Nick: I understand you are upset about whatever it is adam has done, but I have done nothing but demonstrate my loyalty and commitment to this family.

Victor: And you make that sound as if it was a hardship.

Nick: I’ve had my reservations about joining the company, but I was able to overcome those because I wanted to put myself in a position where I can contribute on every level, where I can do everything I can to protect what you have worked so hard to achieve, and I will do that. You’ve given adam the same opportunities. What has he done with it? He throws it back in your face every single time. But you want to make this about sally? Okay. I’m not getting a lot of support over there.

Victoria: I think that dad has a point.

Victor: Son, if you won’t listen to me, listen to your sister, alright? There’s an inherent danger in getting involved with a woman of that ilk!

Nick: I won’t even dignify that with a response.

Victor: Did you even look at the dossier that I compiled about her?

Nick: I didn’t need to look at it. Sally gave me the highlights. She was willing to talk about as much as I wanted to.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Nick: But I’m getting sick and tired of you interfering in my personal life. And if you keep it up, watch what happens.

Victor: Be careful, son.

Nick: You know what? I look forward to spending even more time with sally so I can prove that the two of you are wrong about her.

Victoria: So, you’re going to continue to see her just to prove a point? That’s very mature.

Nick: I think I understand why adam is the way he is, why he turns down all of your offers at face value — because they always come with strings attached. I’ve stayed away from this company because of that, because of your incessant need to manipulate the lives of everyone in this family.

Chloe: Are you sure you don’t want something to eat?

Sally: No, I’m good, thanks.

[ Clears throat ] Um, as I was saying, if we could round out this pitch, then maybe we can give jill a taste of…

Chloe: A taste of what our interior design could do for chancellor-winters’ properties.

Sally: What is — what is that smell? I-I can’t quite — [ Sniffs ] I can’t quite place it.

Chloe: Well, it’s probably this. Do you want some? I mean, look at this ooey, gooey deliciousness. I mean, get a smell.

Sally: No. Really. I’m good. Thanks. I’m —

Chloe: Really? You want a piece?

Sally: I’m really full. Thank you.

Chloe: Okay. Okay, so, uh, where were we? Okay. Right. So, we have to walk in there and knock her off her feet with our design experience. And how do we do that?

Sally: I don’t know.

Chloe: Okay, I’m thinking that we do a mock-up online of a couple of rooms — an office, a hotel suite, a spa, a lobby. And that way, we can show and tell how our company can seamlessly reinvent any environment, from, you know, the — the textiles and the furnishings. And then we can show a number of color stories, you know, how, like, we’re loving, like, that warm honey, vanilla, and exotic ambers and — oh! — Like, a bright grapefruit. You get the idea.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Chloe: Okay, out with it.

Sally: Out with what?

Chloe: Whatever it is that you’re not saying. Do you not like my ideas?

Sally: No, I — I love them.

Chloe: I mean, are you having second thoughts about launching this new company and starting a new career? Is it freaking you out?

Sally: Nope.

Chloe: Okay, so, then it must be adam that’s got you thrown, which is all the more incentive for us to get this company off the ground and get an actual office. And then you won’t have to worry about running into someone who’s gonna make you sick all the time.

Sally: I — excuse me.

Chloe: What is…

[ Sighs ]

Summer: Hi, mom.

Phyllis: Hey. Ooh. Hey. Merry christmas.

Summer: Merry christmas. Uh, I’m so sorry that we didn’t get to spend any time together. I know that that was our plan.

Phyllis: Oh, you know, plans change.

Summer: It’s just that kyle and I — we were so busy trying to make the holiday special for harrison. It was his first one with the abbotts.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. Wow. Well, I’m sure you made it unforgettable for him.

Summer: I bet yours was special, too, getting to spend the day with daniel.

Phyllis: It was really great. Yeah. It was, uh, filled with surprises. There were a couple significant surprises, um…

Summer: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, the first one is danny came into town to spend it with daniel.

Summer: Oh, my gosh, that’s fantastic.

Phyllis: Yeah, on the holiday. Yeah.

Summer: Wow. How long is he here for?

Phyllis: Um, I don’t know. You know, he — he tours all the time, so…

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: I hope he gets a chance to squeeze me in.

Phyllis: Me too. You have a lot of family obligations, so hopefully he can — you can see him.

Summer: What was the other surprise?

Phyllis: Um — ah. Well, you know, the other surprise is, uh… daniel offered me a job.

Summer: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Wow.

Phyllis: It’s really cool. Yeah. It’s, um… you know, he — he is heading up the — the gaming division at chancellor-winters.

Summer: At chancellor-winters. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was telling me about that. He didn’t get a chance to give me all the details, but — wow.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Cool.

Phyllis: It’S… I can only reveal a little bit, of course. I’ll be, um, leading —

[ Chuckles ] I’ll be leading, um, the team of tech specialists, so…

Summer: That is so great, mom.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. It’s really cool. I’m beyond flattered, of course. It’s a dream come true to work with my son.

Summer: So, what did you tell him?

Phyllis: Well, um… tentatively, I said yes.

Summer: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. I just wanted to go over everything with you before I — I made it definite.

Summer: Ah. In case I wanted to reconsider firing you from marchetti. Welcome to my digestive system.

Summer: Mom, I hate that things have gotten so tense between us.

Phyllis: Oh, so do I.

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: I hate that it even got to the point where I felt like I had to fire you from marchetti.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, listen, summer. Um, listen. I, uh, loved working with you. I loved it. I loved contributing to your dream and this incredible company that you’re building.

Summer: I know. That’s why this is so difficult to say. I still think it’s for the best.

Phyllis: I don’t — I don’t really understand that, because diane is gone.

Summer: But this new opportunity with daniel — i mean, that’s the perfect fit, mom. You get to put your computer skills and your gaming knowledge to use. I mean, this is — this is good.

Phyllis: Is it?

Summer: Yes. To get away from the place where things got so complicated? Yes.

Phyllis: I’ve lost you, haven’t I?

Summer: No, you haven’t, mom.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I have. I’ve lost you. I don’t know what happened. I was so excited when you came back into town and, um [Sighs] Decided to put down roots here and we could work together. It was like I had my soul companion, you know, my — my fierce defender and the one person who understood me when nobody else in this town seems to, and — like mother, like daughters, you know?

Summer: Mom, you know how much I love you.

Phyllis: I-I-I don’t understand. It’s like you and your husband are still blaming me for what happened with diane. I don’t get it.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Mom, y-you don’t understand.

Phyllis: No, I don’T. I don’T.

[ Voice breaking ] Help me understand, summer. See, because this is the one thing I was afraid of. Let me tell you something. And I want you to remember this. Diane was chased out of town because of her past and her past alone. Has nothing to do with me. You turned your back on me. You break my heart.

Summer: Mom —

Phyllis: You break my heart.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Jeremy: [ Scoffs ] What a lovely surprise to hear from you, taylor. Oh. I mean diane. Old habits die hard, don’t they? Tell me — have you changed your name yet again?

Diane: I am sure you know the answer to that.

Jeremy: No. You haven’t had enough time. Or maybe you have a bag stashed, packed and ready to go in the dead of night, a secret escape plan for when this day came.

Diane: But is there anywhere I could go that you wouldn’t eventually find me?

Jeremy: You know me too well. So, why’d you call? What do you want?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Seeing you again brought back a lot of memories.

Jeremy: So you ran away?

Diane: I was afraid.

Jeremy: Of me?

Diane: Who else? You came to town believing that I was responsible for sending you to prison, but — you know, actually, um, this isn’t something that I want to talk about on the phone. Why don’t we continue this conversation in person and I can tell you what I have in mind?

Jeremy: Hmm. So, you’re here? Come to my hotel room.

Diane: That’s too risky. Uh, let’s meet in public.

Jeremy: Okay. Whatever makes you comfortable. Name the place.

Diane: Society?

Jeremy: Sounds good.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] It’s on.

Kyle: I’m going with you.

Diane: No.

Jack: It’s kyle or it’s me.

Diane: You guys, that would wreck everything I’m trying to accomplish. This first meeting has to be one-on-one. And jeremy is too smart to try anything while we’re in public. And I think he’s enjoying this too much to let it end so soon. But I’ll be safe. And if he takes the bait, we’ll — we’ll all be involved.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: Okay. Thanks a lot. Yeah. We’ll talk soon. Sorry. Sorry about the interruption, daddy. Where were we?

Victor: I was asking if you had abandoned your plan to acquire chancellor-winters.

Victoria: I have lost my inside source, the element of surprise, and not to mention leverage, now that I no longer have the shares that nate was going to provide us.

Victor: Interesting how you’re avoiding the question.

Victoria: Are you asking me if I still stay awake at night dreaming about ways to gain the majority share of chancellor-winters? Well, what kind of ceo would i be if I didn’t?

Victor: It was a good plan, you know. But now your plan fell through, my baby, for reasons beyond your control. So you must learn to let things go.

Victoria: Is that what you would do if you were in my place?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] You didn’t leave after seeing me here.

Nick: Maybe I’m looking for a fight.

Adam: Is there something you want to get off your chest?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Nah. Just some office stuff.

Adam: Mm. Over the holidays. That sucks.

Nick: Yeah. How are things at jabot?

Adam: Job’s fine. I go in, I do my thing, I leave. But sometimes I feel like I’ll never fit in there. You know, this is where the king of dad jokes should say something like, “adam, you will never fit in anywhere.”

Nick: First off, that’s not a dad joke. Second, that’s just too easy for me. And third… where’s the bartender?

Adam: No. Come on. What were you gonna say?

Nick: Alright. Uh…

[ Chuckles ] Actually, I was gonna say that i thought you did an excellent job at newman media. A lot of the things sally was able to accomplish are due to the groundwork that you put in place.

Adam: That — that sounded like a compliment. I-I assume that there’s a dig coming?

Nick: No. I meant it.

Adam: Alright. Well, um, what the hell happened to make you say something like that?

Nick: I don’t know.

Adam: Office stuff?

Nick: [ Sighs heavily ] Yeah. Uh… you know how dad does that, uh, manipulation thing, where he feels like he needs his fingerprints on every part of your life?

Adam: No. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about, nicholas.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m beginning to understand why you got fed up and walked away.

Adam: Let me guess. Victor wants you to cut sally loose.

Sally: Sorry about that.

[ Clears throat ] Um, where were we?

Chloe: Ohh. You’re really not feeling well.

Sally: I’m the picture of health.

Chloe: A scary picture. I mean, is it serious? I mean, can you keep anything down? Is the room spinning? Wait. Do you smell burnt toast?

Sally: Do you smell burnt toast?

Chloe: Are you hungover? No judgments. Look, I hate sounding like everybody’s mom, but we have a lot riding on this interior design deal, and any little slip-up is… wait, sally. Is there a possibility you might be…?

Sally: Oh, my god. No. Look, don’t be ridiculous, okay? Can — can we just get down to work?

[ Sighs ]

[ Wrapper crinkling ] When you’re ready to go, but static says “whoa.”

Adam: So, let me just make sure that I’m following along. You feel we have a certain kinship because victor asked you to stop seeing the woman that i proposed to. If you’re looking for someone to commiserate about the old man meddling in your personal life, I think you’ve come to the wrong place, nick.

Nick: Clearly.

Adam: Mm-hmm. You know, I actually agree with victor on this one. You don’t belong with sally. You’ll never love her the way i do.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You know what, adam? I’m actually sorry that things didn’t work out with you and sally, but that was her choice. And that has no bearing whatsoever on my feelings for her ’cause I like her. I like her a lot. I like spending time with her. And there isn’t anything that anybody is gonna say that’s gonna change that.

Adam: Well, I wish I could believe you, but my instincts tell me that you’re gonna break her heart.

Nick: And by “instincts,” we’re talking about your jealous streak or your never-ending desire to compete with me, right?

Adam: Oh, yeah. Of course you would reduce this to a contest.

Nick: Hey, you’re the one who said I’m only with her to get back at you. Mm-hmm. Sally told me that. And you’re wrong, by the way.

Adam: I know you, nick. See, I see what’s under the “aww shucks” good guy demeanor, just so diplomatic, without a whiff of passion or desire. “I like sally. I like spending time with her.”

Nick: Is there something wrong with that?

Adam: Yeah. You like your doctor or your neighbor. But a woman like sally! I mean, what did you tell her? You guys shouldn’t rush it? Should get to know each other a little better? I mean, I’m sure you said all the appropriate things, making her think that you two have a future together, that she’s the one. But we both know she never will be, that that’ll never happen.

Nick: Well, what are you gonna do now? Bring up my history with sharon?

Adam: [ Laughs ] I didn’t have to.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I am not hungover or physically ill from seeing adam, okay? Come on. Really?

Chloe: It’s happened to me. I thought it was a thing.

Sally: There’s a stomach bug going around, okay? It’s no big deal.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Sally: Look, we’ve already spent too much time talking about it, okay? And I-I-I refuse to let anything slow us down. We have a company to build. Are you with me?

Chloe: Every step.

Sally: Okay, so, let’s get down to the task at hand, alright? We need to know what impact supply-chain issues are gonna have on the materials and furnishings that we’re gonna need for an undertaking this enormous.

Chloe: Alright. Well, what’s more exciting than supply-chain considerations? Am I right?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] I have some numbers here.

[ Clears throat ]

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Come here.

Summer: That was so hard.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: My mom hates me.

Kyle: No, phyllis could never hate you.

Summer: Yeah. She does. And I don’t blame her.

Kyle: Okay, tell me what happened.

Summer: Well, daniel offered her a job at the gaming division that he’s launching.

Kyle: That sounds like good news.

Summer: Yeah, but when she told me about it, it was like she was hoping that I would ask her not to take it — because what she really wants is to come back and work at marchetti.

Kyle: You’re supposed to forget that she’s the one who contacted jeremy stark and told him my mom was the one who turned them into the feds?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Which, you know, diane did.

Kyle: Yeah, but phyllis didn’t know that.

Summer: Kyle, she’s my mom. I don’t want things to be like this. And what makes it even worse is I can’t even tell her what’s actually going on with diane. And now she thinks I’m punishing her.

Kyle: Okay, did it occur to her that maybe she should face the consequences of her own actions?

Summer: [ Scoffs ]

Kyle: Listen. I’m sorry. I know you want to find a way to heal this rift, but look at the way she’s turning all of this around, making you feel guilty, as if she was let go for no good reason and as if it was all up to you and my dad didn’t want her gone. And I feel the same way.

Summer: Still, I can’t help but feel responsible.

Kyle: Hey, you have nothing to apologize for. And the fact that Phyllis is making you feel like you’ve done something wrong, after everything she’s engineered, it proves we made the right decision.

Jeremy: Diane. I’d forgotten what a pleasure it is to watch you walk into a room. Please.

Diane: I hope you’ll feel the same way when you hear what I’ve come to say.

[Lock whirs, disengages]

Sally: [ Exhales sharply] [Sighs] [Breathing heavily] [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sally: Nick.

Nick: Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. I was pretty convinced I was unforgettable.

Sally: [Stammers] Of course. I remember.

Nick: We were supposed to have drinks.

Sally: Um… I can’t. I’m sorry.

Nick: Oh, it’s okay. Everything alright?

Sally: Yeah, I’m just a little under the weather. I think it’s just something I ate, probably.

Nick: I’m sorry to hear that.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Nick: That’s okay. But I know just the thing for you.

Adam: [Breathes deeply]

Victor: You’re your own worst enemy, son. All the hurdles in your path have been created by you. What other than your son do you have? You have nothing, son. Nothing! And it’s your own damn fault.

Victor: Far be it from me to tell you how to run this company. You have done a hell of a job, I got to tell you. I’m proud of you.  We have grown, made bigger profits.

Victoria: Yes. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for saying that.

Victor: But — but take a step back every so often. Take a deep breath. Look at what you’ve accomplished, alright?  And your next move — I promise you – will, whether you like it or not, reveal itself.

Victoria: Well, you know waiting has never been my forte.

Victor: I know. I know. I know. You’re my daughter. You want to go after the big fish, no matter how treacherous the waters are, right?

Victoria: Yes. It’s in my DNA.

Victor:  I know whereof you speak. But I’m telling you sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back, alright?

Victori:  Don’t allow that restlessness to prompt you to make foolish decisions.

Diane: I’m here to broker a truce.

Jeremy: And what would that involve?

Diane: Something I could do for you. Something that would settle my debt and wipe the slate clean.

Jeremy: Mm, something I would find, um… desirable?

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