Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Summer tells Nikki that she and Kyle are getting a divorce and that Kyle has moved on with Audra Charles. Nikki decides that Audra needs to learn humility, so she decides to put Audra in her place. Nikki tells Audra to leave Kyle alone so Kyle and Summer can have a chance to reconcile. Nikki tells Audra if she doesn’t let Kyle go she can forget about a future at Newman Media.

Summer tells Kyle that Heather has agreed to represent her in their divorce.

Jack and Ashley have a long talk, and Ashley agrees to give Diane the benefit of the doubt unless Diane reverts back to her old self.

Jack agrees to be civil to Tucker.

Ashley tells Jack she needs time to think if she is going to stay at Jabot or start her own company.

Jack tells Billy about the truce between him and Ashley. Billy doesn’t believe Ashley wants a truce. Jack also wants to make up with Billy, but Billy doesn’t feel like talking about their earlier argument.

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