Y&R Short Recap Thursday, January 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Abby tells Devon that she hasn’t felt so happy in a long time but she does feel guilty about living in the Chancellor Mansion when she isn’t a Chancellor anymore. Devon thinks Abby should take some time to decide what is right for her and Dominic.

Abby sees Daniel at the Grand Phoenix and they catch up on their lives. Abby tells Daniel that she and Chance have gotten a divorce. Daniel has to leave for a meeting, and when Abby is alone, she takes off her wedding ring.

Daniel talks to Lily and tells her that his relationship with Heather is in trouble and he is hoping that when he launches this gaming platform that Heather will see that he is getting his life back on track and give him another chance.

Ashley and Jack have an argument about Diane. Ashley tells Jack she doesn’t trust Diane and will never accept her in the family or at Jabot.

Diane tells Kyle that she can handle Jeremy on her own and she doesn’t want to put him and Jack in danger. Diane asks Kyle to trust her because she will do this alone.

Summer asks Kyle if she can take Harrison with her to Paris for a textile show because she needs a break from all the tension.

Devon and Lily argue because she and Jill want to take the company public and Devon wants to keep the company private. Lily tells Devon he needs to give her a legitimate reason why they shouldn’t take the company public.

Aura gets a text message from Tucker with a unique text message tone. Aura walks out of the meeting with Devon and Lily telling them that she needs to tend to the message. Devon later sees Tucker at Society and Tucker thinks Devon should consider buying Hamilton Winters back from Chancellor Industries. Devon gets up to leave just after telling Tucker he will think about the idea. Tucker gets a text message with the same text message alert tone that Devon heard Audra get earlier at the Chancellor Winters office. Once Devon says goodbye to Tucker and walks outside he calls a private investigator and asks the investigator to see if there is a connection between Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

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