Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole woke up after dreaming about Eric asking her if the baby was his. EJ walked in the room and wanted to know if she told him the truth about her condition. She told him that she was telling the truth. She just wasn’t happy about it. He assured her that she was beautiful. She appreciated what he was doing for her. She was glad he was okay with her situation with Eric. He thought they should move on with their lives. Sloan saw Eric’s eye and was shocked. He told her about his run in with EJ. She thought he knew about it. She said she didn’t tell him out of spite. Eric knew she didn’t do it out of spite. She knew he’d never cheat on her. Paulina read Colin’s anonymous text. She demanded that Rafe arrest Sloan. Rafe reminded her that he didn’t have enough evidence it was her. He said the text came from a blocked number. Paulina got worked up about it so Rafe wanted her to calm down. He called Sloan for questioning. Colin opened the door to Jada. She showed her badge and questioned him about Talia. He denied knowing Talia. She told him that Xander and Chloe saw her there. He told her what his name is. She wanted to see his ID. He thought her visit was more personal than professional. She admitted that it was personal. She was talking about her sister. He understood because he wouldn’t allow anyone to go after his family. She asked him about knowing Talia. He tried to close the door on her, but she refused to go until she found out about her sister.

Anna went to see Nicole. Nicole told her that EJ found out that she slept with Eric. She told her that she had another secret. She admitted that she’s pregnant and didn’t know who the father was. Nicole wanted to be happy, but she didn’t know if she could carry the baby to term. Anna wanted to know who she hoped the father would be. She didn’t know. She just wanted a healthy baby. Nicole begged Anna to keep her secret. She told her that her secret was safe with her. Sloan arrived at the police station. Rafe wanted to know if Sloan sent a text to Paulina. Sloan denied sending threatening messages to Paulina and drugging the biscuits. She warned Paulina to watch her back since she’s not the other person out there that wants to get revenge on her. She stormed out of the room. Paulina told Rafe that what Sloan said was similar to the texts. He reminded her that wasn’t evidence. Paulina yelled at him for not being harder on Sloan. Paulina passed Jada on her way out of the station. Rafe and Jada talked about Colin Firth. Sloan overheard them talking about him. She heard Jada say what room Colin was staying in. Later, Sloan went to Colin’s room. He was surprised to see her. Anna met with Tony and EJ. She admitted that she knew about Nicole and Eric. She apologized for keeping the secret from EJ. He said everything was good now since things are in the open. Nicole left a message for Kayla. She needs to know who the father of her baby as soon as possible. She turned around and saw Eric.

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