Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chloe tells Summer and Chelsea that she is quitting Marchetti because she isn’t needed now that Chelsea is back in town. Chloe wishes them both the best and tells them she is sure they will do great things together.

Nate is angry that Victoria sided with Adam’s plan and didn’t defend him when Victor fired him.

Victoria is angry with Victor for putting her through a loyalty test. Victoria also thinks that Victor should have given Nate the benefit of the doubt and not fired him so quickly.

Nina and Christine are talking about Danny. Nina gets a call from the hospital telling her Chance has been shot. Nina and Christine arrive at the hospital and are told by a nurse that Chance was shot in the chest.

Sharon calls Esther and asks her to come look after Crimson Lights because she has to go to the hospital because Chance has been shot. Summer overheats Sharon’s call and looks worried about Chance.

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