Days Short Recap Thursday, February 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John saw Steve at Kayla’s grave. They talked about their wives’ funeral. John said it was hard to believe they were never going to see their wives again. Steve told him that he saw Kayla. John said that was a nice image. Steve said he and Kayla touched and kissed. He said she asked him for help. He said it was real. John asked if he was okay. Steve said he wasn’t. He said he would be grieving for the rest of his life. John said he understood which was why they were going after Orpheus. Roman called Lucas and told him they had to put their plan into effect. Lucas said he was ready to do it for his mother. Allie showed up while Roman was on the phone. Roman lied about why he was talking to Lucas. He said Lucas called about the funeral. She got on the phone and was concerned about how he was dealing with the grief. He told her not to worry about him. He told her to take care of herself and Henry. He said he loved her before they got off the phone. When Allie left, John and Steve went to see Roman. Roman told them Lucas was all set. Roman asked if they were ready. Steve said Orpheus wouldn’t know what hit him. Roman said he wished he was going with them. John and Steve thought it was better if he stayed on the outside in case something went wrong. Will told Sonny that he couldn’t put off going back to New Zealand. Will said he hated saying goodbye to him. Sonny said he was going with him. Sonny said he couldn’t stand being away from him. Will asked about Arianna and Titan. Sonny said Gabi said they could take her with them. He said Alex could take over Titan. He said he could work remotely. Will and Sonny were excited. Allie walked up and was happy for them. She asked if she could go with them. She wanted to take a chance and be impulsive. Will and Sonny were happy to have her with them.

Lucas told a guard that he wanted to see Orpheus right away. Orpheus showed up and asked if he was drunk. Lucas told him he wasn’t drunk enough. He said today was his mother’s funeral and he wasn’t there. He said he needed more alcohol to get through the day. Lucas tried to hit Orpheus but missed. Orpheus said he would be back. He came back with a bottle and wanted to make a toast to Kate. He wanted Lucas to go first. When Lucas was about to take a drink, the guard came back for Orpheus so he could go to therapy. When Orpheus was gone, Lucas put the alcohol on his face and put the rest in the garbage. The guard came back. Lucas said he wanted more alcohol. He went after the guard, but the guard threw him through a table. Lucas passed out. The guard called out for help to send him to the infirmary. When the nurse him in the infirmary alone, he let John and Steve inside. They were wearing scrubs. Nick let Marlena, Kayla and Kate know the devil was granting them an audience. The devil agreed to see Marlena. Nick took her to the staircase before he disappeared. Marlena saw the devil. The devil was Doug. He thought a familiar face would make her feel more comfortable. He said if she saw his real face, hers would melt away. He showed her the contracts they signed. She tried to bargain with the devil. She said Nick’s games were beneath the devil. She asked if he wanted to prove how strong he was without cheating. He said he would be willing to tear up the contracts if she would stay by his side for eternity. Kate and Kayla were worried about Marlena. Nick showed up and told them how sad their funerals were. When he talked about Steve, he told Kayla that she went to see Steve. She admitted to seeing him. She said she didn’t know how she was able to talk to him. He told her she wouldn’t be able to do it again. He told them John, Roman and Steve were avenging their deaths by killing Orpheus.


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