Days Short Recap Monday, November 20, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe talked to Harris about Gabi’s case. He’s convinced his sister is innocent and wanted Harris to investigate her case on the low. Paulina overheard them talking and said they couldn’t do it. She threatened to fire both of them if they went through with the plan. Rafe understood her position and agreed to drop it. She wanted them to work on the drug cartel situation. Paulina wanted them to shut it down. They agreed to investigate the drug cartel. After Paulina left, Harris agreed to help Rafe investigate Gabi’s case. Harris felt they should focus on the drug cartel too. Maggie thanked Konstantin for getting Victoria back. He kissed her and she pushed him away. She was horrified that he kissed her. Konstantin said he would go back to Greece immediately. Maggie informed him that it wasn’t necessary, but he said he needed to go. She walked away from him. He beat himself up for messing up his plan. Konstantin wondered if he could fix it after all. Xander and Sarah were ecstatic to have their daughter back. He told her that he wanted to drop the custody battle. She was surprised by his decision. He didn’t want to take their daughter away from her. Xander wondered if they could co-parent Victoria. Sarah agreed to that. They were about to kiss when Maggie walked in the room. She apologized for interrupting them. They told her the good news about the case. Maggie was happy about the news. Konstantin prepared to leave the mansion. Sarah was shocked that he was leaving. Maggie and Sarah talked him into staying. He pretended to think about it before changing his mind.

Theresa left a message for Konstantin in Alex’s office when Brady overheard her. He wanted to know what she didn’t want anyone else to know. She lied to him and said she was talking to Stephanie about sleeping with Alex. Theresa didn’t want anyone to know about it. They argued when Alex walked in the room. He told them about Victoria’s kidnapping. Brady was thankful and hoped the kidnapper was punished. Theresa was uncomfortable about the conversation. Gil arrived at Ava’s apartment and told her that he wanted her to steal the key to the Salem PD’s evidence room from Harris, He told her that one of the dealers got arrested and they needed to get the evidence, so the dealer didn’t flip on them. She told him that she couldn’t do it because Harris would get suspicious and blow the investigation. Gil told her that he would have to tell Clyde that she refused to do it. He offered her another alternative. Gil told her that he would keep quiet if she had sex with him. She refused and pulled away from him. He ripped her shirt and got rough with her. Gil told her that she didn’t have a choice. Ava pretended to give in and grabbed his gun. He didn’t think she would shoot him, so he continued to approach her. Harris was outside the door. He burst into Ava’s apartment with his gun drawn when he heard a gunshot. He found Ava holding a gun while Gil was on the floor with a gunshot wound.

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