GH Short Recap Friday, November 3, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis is thrilled that Molly and Kristina have made up. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly have dinner at Molly’s and TJ’s place.

Willow tells Michael she had the dream about Harmony again. Willow thinks Harmony is trying to tell her that someone close to her is lying to her. Willow tells Michael that Harmony never tells her anything because she moves her mouth but doesn’t make a sound. Willow also tells Michael that she is excited about going to Montreal with the kids and Sonny because she has never been to Montreal. Willow is sad that Nina can’t go because it won’t be a real family vacation without her. Michael tells Willow he will do anything he has to do to make her happy.

Carly is surprised when Drew arrives at Kelly’s after closing time. Drew explains to Carly that someone at Pentonville told him he was free to go so he came straight to see her.

Charlotte slips away from Jake and Georgie while trick or treating and changes costumes. Charlotte goes to Anna’s apartment and opens the door to Anna’s apartment with the key she stole from Anna. Anna arrives home and sees someone sitting in her darkened living room. Anna opens the door, shouts “Freeze,” and fires a shot.

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