B&B Short Recap Friday, August 11, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Today’s episode was just more rehashing of what’s been going on all week. Finn begs Steffy to forgive him and come home. They argue a bit. He apologizes for hugging Sheila and asking Steffy to cut her some slack. He’s very remorseful about taking his eyes off Kelly for a second. He swears he’s not seen Sheila again and won’t.

Ridge chats with Liam about his divorce from Hope and how he feels about Steffy. Liam tells Ridge that he’s not trying to break up her marriage, but he wishes he’d never let her go.

RJ visits Hope while she’s working on her designs. He flirst with the model, Skylar and then asks Hope about her relationship with Thomas. RJ is shocked that she’s giving up on Liam so easily. She shares her idea that he never really let go of Steffy.

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