GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer visits Esme at the hospital to try and figure out if she is lying about her memory loss. Esme doesn’t remember that she dated Spencer or that she came to Port Charles with him.

Josslyn talks to Dex about her survivor’s guilt and he tells her the best way to honor Britt’s sacrifice is to live a life that honors her.

Sonny finds Willow’s medical records in the box of Britt’s belongings that Nina took from Britt’s office. Nina walks into the room and she also starts reading the medical records and they find out all the details of Willow’s condition. Sonny tells Nina that it is time for the family to put their differences aside and come together as a family.

Willow and Michael talk because she is worried that she won’t be around to see Wiley and their daughter grow up. Michael tells Willow that they are going to do everything possible to make sure she survives but if she doesn’t he will tell the kids, all about her. Michael also tells Willow he will love her the rest of his life.

Dante and Jordan search Wyndamere with e search warrant because they think Esme had hidden there before she showed up on the Haunted Star. Dante opens the room where Nikolas hid Esme and later tells Jordan that the room in the north tower has been cleaned in the past few hours and he thinks someone was staying in that room.

Josslyn gets a text message from Sonny asking her to come to his office for a meeting. Josslyn tells Dex that she is going to give Sonny a piece of her mind because he can’t tell her who she can date. Nina arrives at Michael’s house and tells him she wants to talk about Wiley.

Drew is furious with Carly because she has been blocking his search for Willow’s parents. Carly tells Drew that she was worried that if Willow found her parents the reunion wouldn’t be a happy one and would cause Willow more stress. Carly then admits to everything she did to mess up his search for Willow’s parents. Drew tells Carly that he doesn’t know if they can have a relationship with her anymore. Drew is so upset with Carly that he blurts out that Willow has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant and her best chance of survival is a relative. Carly tells Drew he doesn’t have to search for a relative because Nina is Willow’s mother.

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