Days Short Recaps Friday, October 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex was upset with Kate for telling Sarah to leave him. Sarah got a shock when she saw Susan at the town square. Sarah couldn’t believe that Susan was alive. She told her that it was all over the news that she was back. EJ wondered if she was okay. Sarah was upset with Xander for her death. Xander showed up at Sloan’s place. Eric wanted to know why he was there. He said Sloan was his lawyer. Sloan confirmed it. Rex told Kate that he wanted to stay with Sarah. He didn’t appreciate Kate talking to Sarah. She said she was looking out for him. He reminded her that it was his idea to help Sarah. Kate told him that Xander wanted to see his daughter. She told him that he was going to get hurt in the end. She advised him to agree to the divorce. Sarah couldn’t believe that Xander wasn’t a killer. Sloan defended Sarah to Xander. He thought that she would look bad if it came out that she lied about the baby’s paternity. He said she did it before. Sloan wanted to know how Sarah lied about the baby. He told her that Sarah did the same thing to Eric that she did to him. He thought that made her a bad mother. Sloan wondered if Xander hated her, and he said he did. Kate was afraid Rex was going to spend his life pining after someone who won’t love him. Sarah overheard Kate and Rex talking about her. Kate asked Sarah about wanting a divorce. Rex wanted Kate to leave. Kate wanted her to leave Rex alone. Sarah told Rex that Susan was alive.

Susan talked to EJ about how excited Sarah was when she found out that Xander didn’t kill her. EJ reminded her about the terrible things that Xander, Ava and Harris did. She said Xander was nice to her. He thought Xander was still a bad person. Susan made him promise not to hurt them. He said that he wouldn’t hurt them. She wanted him to promise her that he wouldn’t them because she wasn’t going to be there. Sloan let Xander know that they were going to have a hard time winning the case because she was a good mother. He didn’t think a woman like her deserved a second chance. Rex decided to give Sarah what she wanted. He was going to pack his things to leave town. Susan reminded EJ that she had a husband waiting for her in Memphis. Sloan talked to Eric about Sarah. He told her how he felt about that. He didn’t think what she did was right, and it hurt a lot of people. Sarah let Xander know that she and Rex were breaking up. She also told him that she saw Susan. Susan and EJ talked about someone else helping Edmund kidnap her. He wanted to know who it could have been. There was a shot of someone holding a tablet. He read about Susan being alive.


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