GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Charlotte remembers getting a letter from her grandpa Victor in which he told her not to trust Anna. Victor also gave her some special tarot cards that he says will be of great use to her. Valentin sees the tarot cards and remembers that he saw a tarot card at Anna’s house the day the house burned. Valentin asks Charlotte where she got the tarot cards and Charlotte lies and tells him that a friend from camp gave them to her and taught her how to use them.

Cody turns himself in to the police as part of the plan to get evidence that Gladys was stealing Sasha’s money. Sam stays at the cabin with Sasha while Cody and Dante wait for Gladys to arrive at the police station. Gladys arrives at the station demanding to see Sasha. Chase tells Gladys that they only arrested Cody. Sam calls Gladys pretending to be the bank manager of the bank where Sasha keeps her money. Sam tells Gladys that the DA has given the bank a subpoena asking for Sasha’s bank records and the records will be turned over to the day’s office today. Gladys is packing up her things when there is a knock at the door of the house. Gladys opens the door expecting that it is her rideshare driver, but she is surprised to see Sasha at the door.

Drew’s family and friends wait for word on his condition. The doctor finally comes out to tell Carly that the surgery was a success and he will make a complete recovery.

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