Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle let Marlena know that she was trying to get in touch with Shawn. She didn’t know where he was. Shawn was at the station and muted Belle’s message. He said sorry while he was staring at his gun. He picked up the gun. Belle admitted to Marlena that her plan made things worse with Shawn. Marlena tried to comfort her. Belle wanted to know what Shawn said in therapy. She told her that she couldn’t break confidentiality. Belle reminded her that she could do it if Shawn was a danger to himself or others. Belle wanted to know if she thought he was as danger to himself. Marlena said she was concerned about him. Belle begged her to tell her what Shawn said and she agreed to do it. Paulina went to Shawn’s office and told him that she was going to give Shawn his job back. He was glad that Rawlings was gone. He let her know that he wanted him to arrest her for assault. He told him that he wouldn’t arrest her. She wanted him to stay as a detective. She thought reinstating Rafe would a good idea. Shawn agreed with her and she thanked him for understanding. She wanted to make sure he was okay. He told her that he was okay and that she would be a great mayor. Belle didn’t understand why he wanted to give up on his therapy when he was making progress. Marlena told her that he was making progress, but he didn’t see a point in it since it didn’t change Bo or Victor’s situations. Marlena told her that Shawn hit rock bottom and that he needed to in order to get better. Belle was scared of what he would do if he didn’t get better. She wanted to go to the station when Shawn showed up at Marlena’s office. He put his gun on her desk. He wanted her to take the gun from him because he wasn’t in a good place. She wanted to know if he was going to hurt himself. He wasn’t sure if he was going to hurt himself, but he knew he needed help. Marlena and Belle assured him that they would help him. Marlena wanted to put him on a 24-hour hold and he agreed to it.

Paulina ran into Rafe and Jada. She let Rafe know that he could have his job back. He wanted to know about the fraternization policy. She said that she would fix it, but it would be on a case by case basis. He wanted to wait until the policy was changed before he would consider taking the job back. Paulina promised to rush it. Jada thought Rafe should take his job back. He wanted to keep seeing her. She said they could wait until the policy was changed. He said he was falling in love with her. Abe talked to Steve about not being able to remember Paulina. He wished he could remember loving her. Steve told him about what happened with him and Kayla when he had amnesia. He said Abe should take things slow with her and ask her out on a date. Paulina showed up to tell Abe that she offered Rafe his job back. Abe was happy about that and thanked her. He asked her out on a date and she said yes. Brady was surprised to see Philip at Chloe’s place. He hugged Philip. He was happy to see that he was alive. He thought Kristen kidnapped him and faked his death to frame him for his murder. Brady wanted to use what she did in his case. Chloe told him that Kristen didn’t do it. Philip admitted that he did it. Philip told Brady everything that he did. Philip wanted to know if Brady could forgive him. He punched Philip and knocked him on the floor. He was upset and demanded to know where he was. He told Brady that he was in a mental institution trying to get help. Brady was about to call the police, but Chloe stopped him. She reminded him to have compassion because he was mentally ill. She reminded him that he lost his father.

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