Days Short Recap Thursday, November 9, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle informed EJ that she was representing Gabi and planned to fight hard for her client. She thought he used his position as D.A. to get back at Gabi and Stefan for getting him fired from the family business. He told her that he didn’t know anything about Gabi when he accepted the position. EJ wondered what Belle planned to do about the mounting evidence against Gabi. Rafe and Jada talked about Gabi’s case. She told him there were two sets of prints on the knife. Gabi and Li’s prints were on it. Stefan visited Gabi at the station. She thought she was going to prison. He assured her that he would get her out of there. Rafe told Stefan what was on the knife. He told Gabi they were investigating the case. Belle arrived at the station, and they talked about Gabi’s arraignment. She informed everyone that EJ planned to make sure Gabi didn’t get bail. EJ arrived at the station and gloated. Stefan grabbed him by the throat. Stefan was going to hit EJ when Rafe stopped him. EJ warned Gabi to enjoy Statesville.

Jada went to see Wendy and questioned her about Li’s emotional state before he was killed. Wendy yelled at her for implying that Li committed suicide and framed Gabi for it. Jada wanted the truth. Gabi couldn’t believe the judge didn’t grant her bail. Belle and Stefan assured her that they would appeal it and ask for a new judge. Later, Belle ran into EJ in the park. She yelled at him for not offering Gabi bail. Belle let him now that she planned to appeal it. EJ wasn’t worried about her. She knew he was doing it to get revenge. Belle warned him that he wouldn’t win the war. She told him that Stefan wants revenge against him. Gabi called Arianna and told her what happened. She swore she was innocent. Stefan and Gabi shared an emotional goodbye before she went to prison. Rafe let Gabi know that he had to get her ready for Statesville.

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