Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria apologizes to Nate for not taking his side with her father. Nate tells Victoria he accepts her apology but he isn’t sure if he can have a romantic relationship with her again but he can be her friend. Nate advises Victoria not to leave Newman Enterprises because if her father decides to step down again she will be the CEO. Nate tells Victoria that if she leaves the company the CEO job will go to Adam since Nick doesn’t want the job.

Kyle finally sees the real Audra when she calls him a coward. He tells her that he isn’t sure if he wants to betray his family. Kyle realizes that Audra only wants to have power and she doesn’t care about him. Audra later sends Kyle a text apologizing for their argument.

Nikki awakens in a locked room inside the house in Blue Lake. Claire takes Nikki’s phone and sends a text message to her family telling them that she is spending the night with Claire and her Aunt Jordan because they invited her to dinner. Claire also tells the family Nikki will go visit Casey tomorrow. Nikki remembers that Claire drugged her tea and starts looking for something to open the locked door. Claire tells Nikki where she left her food because she has to go back to Genoa City to make some arrangements. Claire tells Nikki that she will soon be with her family.

Victor makes Nick the COO and tells Adam he will find a job for him. Victor tells Adam and Nick they have to persuade Victoria not to leave Newman Enterprises. Victor also tells Adam and Nick that if Victoria leaves the company Nick will become Co-CEO and Adam will become COO.

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