Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nate is upset with Audra for sending Elena to Los Angeles to get hurt when she found out that he and Victoria slept together. Audra tells Nate Elena already suspected that he and Victoria were attracted to each other. Audra tells Nate she was once attracted to him and Nate figures out Audra wanted to blow up his relationship with Elena so she could clear the way with him.

Audra asks Nate to make her the CEO of Newman Media once he moves up in the company once he gets closer to Victoria. Nick catches Nate and Victoria kissing again and warns her that Nate wants power and he is using her to get it. Victoria assures Nick she is in this relationship with her eyes open and she won’t get hurt.

Summer is relieved when Chance tells her he thinks Diane didn’t mean to kill Phyllis…things just got out of hand for her.

Michael tells Lauren Phyllis is alive and that Jeremy died before he collected the inheritance Phyllis left him. Michael tells Lauren that his private investigator found the PO box Jeremy gave to the lawyer to send the inheritance check. The PO Box is near a motel just outside Genoa City. Michael and Lauren think Phyllis is hiding at the motel.

Ashley gets into an argument with Diane because Diane tells Ashley she won’t go to jail. Ashley asks Tucker to move into her room and he tells her he will think about it.

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