GH Short Recap Monday, February 6, 2023

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Recap written by Angela

Linc tells Brook Lynn to sign the contract to get her songs back but tells her he needs one more thing. Blaze tells Chase that when he leaves, she will be left with just Linc. Trina sees TJ at the hospital. Elizabeth tells Finn that she is going to turn herself in to the police, but Finn stops her. Laura asks Spencer what he has on Nikolas. Austin threatens Mason to stay away from Ava. Nikolas confronts Ava.

Chase wants to intervene with Brook Lynn and Linc, but Blaze talks him out of it. Finn is afraid that if Liz confesses it will cost her everything. Mason questions if Austin wants Ava. Trina tells TJ discuss Spencer. Spencer refuses to tell Laura what he has on Nikolas. Nikolas accuses Ava of only being out for revenge.

Chase interrupts Brook Lynn and Linc before Brooke Lynn signs the agreement, but she signs it anyway. Laura continues to question Spencer. Ava questions Nikolas about his affair with Elizabeth. Finn says he doesn’t feel obligated to Elizabeth. She questions why he wants to her help her.

Linc tells Brook Lynn she won’t regret it and leaves with Blaze. Chase questions Brook Lynn about what she had to give Linc to get her songs back. Mason says he is going to pay Ava a visit. Finn tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to see her throw her life away for Nikolas. Trina and TJ leave together for the rehearsal dinner. Laura reminds Spencer of how he felt without his father and asks if that is what he wants for his baby sibling. Nikolas tells Ava the truth about Elizabeth and Esme.

Brook Lynn lies to Chase about the agreement, and he tells her that he doesn’t want out just yet. Elizabeth tells Finn she has made up her mind to turn herself in. He stops her by asking about her sons. Ava tells Nikolas it doesn’t change anything between them. He tells her he had hope for them.

Chase wants to take Linc down with Brook Lynn’s help. Finn asks Elizabeth to sleep on it before she turns herself in. Laura questions how Spencer is going to take care of a baby. Nikolas tells Ava that he is going to remind her what it feels like to lose a child.

Chase suggests he and Blaze record an album together. Elizabeth agrees to wait to go to the police. Finn promises her she won’t be alone, and they hug. Austin tells Mason to stay away from Ava. Spencer tells Laura he will not help her with Nikolas. Laura blames herself for how Nikolas turned out. Nikolas tells Ava he is going to take Avery and she bashes him over the head.

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