GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer has a talk with Esme and asks her to reconsider getting an apartment. Esme tells him she needs to move out because she wants to have her own life and maybe find love.

Ava advises Trina to tell Spencer how she feels about the Esme situation. Ava also tells Trina to listen to Spencer how he feels about the situation.

Portia and Terri tell Finn that he and the hospital are being sued for malpractice. Elizabeth tells Finn that she will help him prove that he wasn’t negligent in the treatment of his patient Mr. Muldoon.

Carly is determined to find out why Nina wants to sell her back her half of the Metro Court.

Laura tells Nina and Valentin what Charlotte told her about needing to protect her papa from Anna. Valentin finds the letter Victor wrote to Charlotte in Charlotte’s room. Laura reads the letter aloud to Nina and Valentin and they are all angry about the way Victor has manipulated Charlotte.

Cyrus demands that Mason tell the police he acted alone when he kidnapped Ava.

Dante advises Austin to tell the police the name of his boss in Ava’s kidnapping and maybe he won’t go to jail.

Cyrus leaves Austin a note telling him not to be foolish because it could be deadly.

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