Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Rachel were at the Brady Pub. He told her Marlena was alive. Chloe came in and was shocked at the news. He wanted to celebrate the news, but Rachel didn’t want to. She said she didn’t mind sharing her father, but she wasn’t sharing him with Chloe. He told her Kristen wanted her to be nice to Chloe. Rachel said her mother wrote the letter because he made her. He asked if Kristen told her that. Rachel said he told her. Chloe tried to make up with her by giving her a present. Rachel opened the stickers. Chloe said she remembered how proud she was of her collection. Rachel said she was, but she outgrew it. She told Chloe that she doesn’t take bribes. She told Chloe that they hated each other. Chloe admitted that she hated her. She apologized to her. He said they would talk about it later. He took Rachel with him. Rachel smirked at Chloe. Leo interrupted Gwen and Alex while they were having sex. When Alex let, Leo told Gwen that Xander was hooking up with Chloe. He showed her the picture of Xander and Chloe hugging each other. She didn’t believe the picture and told him not to print it. He said he didn’t have another story. She said people were possessed by the devil and came back from the dead all the time. She said he would find something.

At the Square, Xander heard Chanel making a doctor’s appointment with a cardiologist. He asked her if she was okay. She said the appointment was for her mother. She told him her mother had a panic attack. She told him what was going on with Sloan and what happened to her mother’s office. He seemed as if he cared about Paulina. She said there was no love lost between him and her mother. He said it wasn’t his finest hour. He apologized to her. She told him he was still in love with Sarah. She said she was sorry things didn’t work out for with her. He told her the same thing about her relationship with Johnny and Allie. He said he was rooting for her and Allie. He said he was shocked that Allie left town. She said Allie left after she slept with Alex. He told her that Alex slept with Gwen. He said Alex rubbed it in every chance he got. Alex showed up while they were talking. Alex told Xander he slept with Gwen again. Xander threatened him. Chanel stopped them from fighting. She told Alex that she wasn’t on his side. He said he was going to make things right with her. He told Xander that he broke Gwen’s heart twice. He said he needed to let her move on with someone else. Eric told Sloan his mother was alive. Paulina showed up. She accused Sloan of sending her a threatening note. Sloan said there was no proof she did it. She said a comma was missing and she would never make a mistake like that. Eric tried to defend Sloan. Paulina said Marlena would be rolling around in her grave. He said his mother was alive. Paulina continued to insult Sloan. Sloan threw her out. Paulina told her it wasn’t over. Xander saw Chloe at the pub. He asked her what happened. She told him what happened with Rachel. She cried because she messed things up with Brady. While Xander was holding her, Gwen walked in.

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