Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to Sloan’s place to ask her some questions. Eric ended up answering the door. Brady questions him about being there after the funeral. Brady told Sloan that she needed to get Rolf to sign the statement saying Li was guilty. He said he needed Rolf out of jail to finish deprogramming Stefan so Chloe could come home. Sloan said Trask had ulterior motives, so it was in Rolf’s best interest not to sign the statement. Li called her. She said she had to leave. Brady said she had to leave because of Li. Brady decided to look through her things. Eric tried to stop him, but it didn’t work. Brady found Rolf’s statement. He said it proved she was working for Li. He asked Eric if he was going to help him divide and conquer. Sloan went to see Li. He told her to get started on stopping his divorce. He said he wanted to ask her something else. Stefan yelled at EJ for telling a reporter about a deal. EJ said he didn’t know what he was thinking. Stefan thought about drugging EJ’s drink. He told EJ he wasn’t upset, but they had to fix it. He said they could move forward as brothers in leadership. EJ was thankful for his support. When EJ left, Stefan said after a few more doses of the drug, he would be out. He started to put drugs in EJ’s coffee when Jada showed up. She told him that the police were building a case against Gabi and Rolf for deprogramming him. She asked if he wanted to testify. He said he couldn’t do that because he loved Gabi. He said he had mixed feelings about Rolf so he would think about it.

Nicole ran into Johnny at the DiMera mansion. He told her the company’s stock plummeted because EJ leaked out information. They were surprised EJ would do something like that. She said he wasn’t feeling well the night before. Johnny said he might not have gotten enough sleep. He said he saw her coming out of his father’s room. She said she and EJ have become closer. She asked him about his date with Wendy. He said they had a good date, but things were complicated. EJ came in and said he was going to go upstairs and forget that day happened. Nicole went to talk to EJ. He told her he was distracted lately. She told him to forgive himself. She said he was good at raising stocks. She said there were two things he was good at after last night. They said they were glad last night happened. She said she would be glad if it happened again. Gabi went to see Rafe. She wanted to know what was going on with Rolf. Rafe told her he still didn’t sign the statement. He changed the subject to ask about her Valentine’s Day with Stefan. She told him what happened. He was upset about what Stefan did to her. She said she knew Li hurt her, but he would never call her another woman’s name. She said Li wanted her and no one else. Rafe reminded her of the things he was willing to do to keep her. He said he knew she was hurting, but she couldn’t go back to Li. She said she didn’t want to spend the day alone the way he did. He said he was with Jada. She wanted to know what happened. He told her what happened. He said Jada was a friend and colleague and that was it. Gabi asked if he was sure about that. He said he was Jada’s boss. Gabi said they were consenting adults. Gabi left when Jada showed up. Jada told Rafe that Stefan was thinking about testifying against Rolf. He told her he was worried about Gabi going back to Li. She was about to leave to put the case together when he offered to help her with it. Eric showed up and wanted to see Rolf. Gabi went to see Li. He let her know that he was signing his DiMera shares over to her. He said they were worth a fortune, and she would be able to vote on future things. She asked him why he was doing that for her. He said to show her how much he loved her. She was happy about it but wanted to know the catch.

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