GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis offers Gregory a job at The Invader because she thinks he is bored teaching journalism.

Ava has a nightmare that Nikolas is telling her he loves her even though she killed him and she has blood on her hands. Ava and Austin come up with a story to tell Laura and Spencer in case they come looking for Nikolas. Ava decides that she is going to tell Laura and Spencer that Nicolas came by, and they fought because he wanted Spoon Island and Wyndamere back, after the argument Nicolas left, and she hasn’t seen him since. Laura arrives looking for Nikolas because she is worried that since he feels like he has lost everything he will be more vulnerable to Victoria’s influence. Ava assures Laura that Nikolas won’t be influenced by Victor anymore and Laura assumes Nikolas is off somewhere licking his wounds.

Elizabeth tells Scott she is in legal trouble and needs his help.

Willow awakens and tells Michael she heard him tell her to come home because her children needed her. Michael explains to Willow he was in the waiting area praying for her to survive the surgery. Michael and Willow decide to name the baby Amelia Grace and Willow gives Amelia a bottle for the first time. Michael and Willow wait anxiously for the stem cells to be harvested so she can have the stem cell transplant.

Nina decides to find out why Carly and Drew are trying to hide their romantic relationship from everyone.

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