B&B Short Recap Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Taylor drops by Forrester to see Ridge and Brooke before leaving town again. They discuss the kids again for a minute. Ridge promises to let Taylor know if anything further happens with Thomas. Later, Ridge complains again to Brooke about Eric insisting on doing his grand finale collection.

Eric is at Forrester with Luna and RJ, talking about his designs. When she asks him to sign something for Carter, he
has trouble holding the pen, so he gets annoyed at yells that he’s Eric Forrester (meaning that he doesn’t have to sign it). Then he leaves. RJ is upset and apologizes to Luna. He explains to her that he thinks something more is wrong with Eric than just arthritis. He wishes he could tell his dad about it. He also confides to her that he never wanted to be in the family business. Luna is impressed by how devoted he is to his grandfather.

Katie drops by the Forrester house to visit Donna. She admires Eric’s designs but wonders if they’re enough to beat Ridge’s. Donna remarks that Eric acts like his life depends on the collection, which strikes Katie as odd. Eric returns home, so Katie leaves. Donna can tell that Eric is upset, so he explains about what happened at the office. Eric’s doctor visits to tell him about his condition.

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