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Update written by Joseph

Chanel brings Paulina to Abe’s room and tells her not to worry as she’s sure when Abe sees her, it will all come back. They then discover that Abe is gone so Paulina questions where the hell her husband is. Paulina begins to panic while Chanel encourages her that he must have just been taken for tests and she goes to check.

The nurse pretending to be Paulina wheels Abe through the hospital and tells him not to worry because she’s going to get him out of here now as they wait on the elevator. She claims to Abe that she is Paulina and promises to get him out of the hospital and far away from anyone who wants to hurt him.

Sloan goes to Colin’s hospital room and finds the cop handcuffed to the bed. She questions who the hell he is and where her brother is. He informs her that the suspect got away which shocks Sloan.

Colin escapes the hospital dressed as a cop. He walks through the park where Leo rushes up and says he needs the officer’s help.

Marlena finds Kayla at the Brady Pub. Kayla says she was checking on Roman and Kate. Marlena mentions that she was going to do the same thing. Kayla informs her that Will called Kate so they are on a video chat. Kayla and Marlena decide to have coffee. Marlena asks Kayla about the viral outbreak at the hospital but Kayla doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Marlena explains that Eric called her about seeing Abe and wanted to know about the viral outbreak on the 10th floor. Kayla says she would be the first to know, so where ever Eric got his information, they were misinformed. Marlena informs Kayla that it came from Nicole, so either she is misinformed or she lied about it and she can’t think of why Nicole would do that.

Nicole prepares to leave the DiMera Mansion and opens the door right as Eric arrives. Nicole questions what he’s doing there. Eric says they need to talk but Nicole says it’s not a good time as she was on her way out. Eric reveals that he knows she was going to meet Sloan and that he knows she’s pregnant. Eric and Nicole head in to the living room. Nicole questions what he’s talking about and why he would say she’s pregnant. Eric asks her to stop lying to his face and explains that he confronted Sloan until she told him what the swab was for. Nicole complains that she knew Sloan couldn’t keep the secret.

Sloan argues with the cop that he had one simple job and screwed it up. Rafe enters, so Sloan asks if they found Colin but Rafe says not yet. Rafe sends the cop to go get dressed so they can go try and find the prisoner that he let get away. Sloan questions Rafe as to how he could let this happen. Sloan remarks that she knew the Salem PD was inept. Rafe argues that her psycho brother turned the gun on one of his officers and that Sloan could’ve stopped this a long time ago. Rafe asks if Colin has contacted Sloan. She says no but Rafe points out that she said that last time when she was lying to protect him. Rafe warns that Colin is out there alone and desperate with every cop in Salem hunting him down, so he is going to need some help and there’s only two people that he would contact. Rafe says one of them is being arraigned for her part and the other is Sloan. Sloan insists that Colin won’t contact her because he knows she would turn him in immediately. Sloan declares that the last thing she wants is her brother running around Salem loose.

Colin asks Leo what the problem is. Leo says that someone stole his phone. Colin says he doesn’t have time for this. Leo argues that his phone is his life and he has his contacts, his anonymous sources, and photos. Colin says he’s kind of in a rush and tries to leave but Leo stops him and says he just realized who he is and calls him a very naughty boy. Colin flashes back to knocking out Abe at the Bakery.

Abe asks the nurse where they are going. She responds that the man who attacked him is nearby, so they have to get him out of here. She then wheels Abe onto the elevator. Chanel comes around the corner, wondering where the hell Abe is.

Paulina remains in Abe’s hospital room, telling herself not to cry because Abe needs her to be strong. Chanel comes back and informs Paulina that Abe was not scheduled for any tests, so he should be here. Paulina complains that obviously he’s not and wonders where he is.

Marlena tells Kayla that a viral outbreak is a strange thing to lie about, explaining that Eric ran in to Nicole at the hospital while she had a rapid test kit. Kayla recalls telling Nicole that she would need a cheek swab for her paternity test. Kayla assures Marlena that she would be the first to know about a viral outbreak. Marlena wonders why Nicole would make up such a crazy story.

Eric tells Nicole that in Sloan’s defense, he found out about her bogus story from Marlena when he called her to ask if he needed a test to visit Abe because of the viral outbreak but she had no idea what he was talking about, so he confronted Sloan. Nicole bets Sloan couldn’t wait to spill the beans. Eric says he had to pull it out of her and she said that Nicole begged her not to tell him. Nicole complains that Sloan never should’ve known and it was a total fluke that she found out. Eric talks about Nicole making up stories for weeks and realizes what test he heard her talking to Kayla on the phone about when she told him that she was in early menopause. Nicole says she thought she was, so she took a blood test and found out she was pregnant which was shocking and overwhelming. Eric questions why she didn’t just tell him when he promised she could trust him, but she lied right to his face. Nicole says if it makes him feel any better, she lied to EJ too and he doesn’t know that she’s pregnant or that she doesn’t know which one of them is the father.

Colin tells Leo that they don’t know each other so he may have mixed up with someone else. Leo assures that he never forgets a face and he knows exactly who he is.

Rafe calls for the entire hospital staff to work with his officers to have the hospital on lockdown and to be advised that Colin stole an officer’s uniform and is armed and dangerous. Sloan warns about one of the cops getting trigger happy with her brother. Rafe tells Sloan not to threaten him because Colin could’ve cooperated but instead, chose to do this and made things much worse. Paulina and Chanel come over. Paulina says they need to talk to Rafe. Rafe says it will have to wait but Paulina refuses and informs him that Abe is missing.

The nurse brings Abe to her home.

Kayla suggests Marlena talk to Nicole. Marlena wonders if it has anything to do with Nicole’s secret as she was in the nurses station the other day and Nicole was talking to Sloan of all people. Marlena adds that when Sloan walked away, Nicole said she couldn’t stand her but she overheard Sloan say she would keep Nicole’s secret.

Nicole complains that she should’ve known Sloan would tell Eric or that the secret would come out another way because that’s what secrets do and no one knows that better than her. Nicole thought if she could control it, she could minimize the damage because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Eric says he’s sorry if he upset her. Nicole questions why he’s apologizing and says he has every right to be angry, so he doesn’t need to be nice to her. Nicole cries that she’s not upset about what he said, but because once again her life is a giant hot mess. Eric gives her a water while Nicole repeats that he does not need to be nice to her. Nicole states that they slept together once while drugged out of their minds and they agreed that it was a mistake. Nicole asks why she would tell him that she’s pregnant. Eric says he might be the father but Nicole says he might not be, so she didn’t see the point in telling him or EJ until she was sure and she doesn’t need them hovering over her or trying to kill each other. Nicole cries that she knows how much Eric wants to be a father and that having a child of his own has been a dream of his. Nicole brings up how devastated Eric was with Sarah and Jada, so she didn’t want to put him through that again or get his hopes up only to find out he’s not the father. Nicole says she does not want to break his heart but the truth is, she still might. Eric asks what she means. Nicole points out that the chances of her carrying the baby to term are practically zero, so if Eric is the father and she miscarries again, she will be making him experience the agony of yet another loss. Eric argues that a miscarriage would not be her fault and he would never blame her for it. Eric encourages that there have been medical advances to help her eliminate the risk and that Kayla could recommend a fertility doctor to help map out whatever she needs to do. Nicole says she just can’t think about planning the pregnancy until she knows who got her pregnant. Nicole cries that she’s sorry she’s such a wreck. Eric tells her not to apologize and that they are friends. Eric then asks her what is next. Nicole responds that she needed to be 7 weeks along to have the paternity test which she is today, but she couldn’t get a swab from EJ. Eric points out that she has his. Nicole says if she can use it, Kayla will take her blood and compare his DNA to the baby’s, so they will know if it’s EJ’s or his.

Abe questions this being where they live which the nurse allows him to believe. Abe looks around and sees the room is surrounded by stuffed animal cats as well as pictures and statues of cats as he questions what’s with all the cats. The nurse questions him not remembering and says that she’s allergic to cats so she’s a crazy stuffed cat lady. Abe says that definitely does not ring a bell. She introduces Abe to the stuffed cats which she names Tasha, Masha, and Sasha and another that she claims Abe named as Cheesecake but Abe does not remember. She has Abe hold the stuffed animal but it causes Abe to sneeze. Abe blames the dust while the nurse claims she has been by Abe’s side since he was attacked so she didn’t have time to come home and clean. She mentions a house keeper named Whitley, so Abe questions who that is.

Paulina doesn’t care what else Rafe has going on and says he needs to find her husband. Rafe asks her to calm down and says if Abe is not in his room, they probably pulled him out for tests. Chanel informs him that she already talked to the nurses and they said he’s not scheduled for any tests. Paulina complains that Abe is missing and declares she’s going to look for him, so Rafe better do the same. Paulina tells Sloan to get out of her way, but Sloan says she needs to talk with Rafe about her brother. Rafe informs Paulina that there’s something he needs to tell her about Colin. Paulina says she was there when Rafe sent the cop to his room, so she assumes they have him locked up in a cage now but Rafe reveals they don’t which Paulina questions. Rafe explains that they had him in custody, but then he escaped.

Leo tells Colin that he definitely recognizes him and why he doesn’t want him to. Leo believes that Colin is an adult entertainer, but he says he has no idea what he’s talking about. Leo claims he saw him at his friend’s bachelorette party a few weeks ago and he thought it was a cop costume, but now sees it’s real. Colin insists that it wasn’t him. Leo says maybe not but he definitely knows him from somewhere. Leo then asks if he was in the gym at the Salem Inn, working out without a towel, but Colin says he’s wrong again. Leo decides maybe he does forget a face. Colin says they are done here but Leo stops him. Colin warns him to get his hands off of him. Leo questions Colin’s accent, but then realizes who he is.

The nurse tells Abe about Whitley, who they have come clean once a month. Abe says he doesn’t remember her either. The nurse says he’s just been through so much and says that she will get him in bed so he can rest, but Abe says he doesn’t want to rest as he has to figure out what’s happening. She tells him that she is his wife and a nurse, so he should listen to her when she tells him to rest. Abe suggests calling Chanel first which she questions.

Paulina questions Rafe letting Colin get away. Rafe says they are checking security cameras and they are going to find him. Chanel asks about Abe. Paulina argues that it can’t be a coincidence that Abe and Colin both went missing from the same place at the same time and questions if that evil man took her husband. Rafe admits that is possible. Paulina warns Sloan about having anything to do with this. Sloan swears that she didn’t and she just wants to help the police find her brother. Paulina says they don’t need her help. Rafe points out that if Colin does have Abe, they can’t be far. Paulina declares that Colin is a homicidal maniac and anyone who is with him is in terrible danger.

Leo realizes Colin is Sloan’s brother and says he’s late for an appointment so he tries to run but Colin stops him and questions if he’s going to tell the police that he ran in to him. Leo says he wouldn’t say a word. Leo mentions being a reporter but never paying attention to the real news. Leo talks about Gwen talking about him. Leo calls Colin a fascinating man and says now he has a chance to tell his side of the story. Leo encourages that Colin can give him an exclusive interview and say all the things he’s wanted to say for years about Chanel and Paulina. Leo promises people will listen and asks what he says.

Eric starts talking about if the baby is his but Nicole says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Nicole states that she is with EJ now, Eric is with Sloan, and they have moved on, so there is no reason to talk about this until they know that there is anything to talk about. Eric asks her to tell him as soon as she gets the results which she agrees to do. Nicole thanks him for the cheek swab. Eric then exits the mansion as Nicole holds back tears.

Marlena guesses she shouldn’t fret about it since regardless how she feels about Sloan, Eric wants to see where the relationship goes and she is going to support him. Kayla gets a call from Nicole, who informs her that she has the sample needed for the paternity test. Kayla says she will meet her at the hospital and will see her soon as they hang up.

The nurse questions Abe saying Chanel. Abe says he’s the one with memory problems and says he’s talking about her daughter. The nurse questions why he wants to talk to her now. Abe says that Chanel was with her when he woke up and he didn’t recognize them, which he knows upset her, so he’d like to reassure her since they left the hospital before he had the chance. The nurse claims she will call Chanel now. She pretends to call Chanel.

Rafe and Chanel lay Paulina in a hospital bed and encourage her to breathe. Paulina questions how she can just lie in a bed while her husband could be in the clutches of a mad man. Paulina asks why she’s in this bed anyway. Chanel explains that her blood pressure and heart rate were up, so they wanted to admit her to make sure she is okay. Rafe reminds Paulina that they don’t even know for sure that Colin has Abe and that Abe is tough and will fight. Paulina questions how Abe is supposed to fight when he just had brain surgery. Chanel assures that Abe loves her so much and that will make him strong enough to do whatever it takes to get back to her. Paulina hopes she’s right but warns that this is the second head injury Abe has had in the past year, so she’s not even sure he knows who he is. Rafe asks why she would say that. Chanel explains that when Abe woke up, he didn’t recognize her or Paulina, where he was, and didn’t even remember that he had been attacked. Paulina worries that it’s possible that Abe doesn’t even know he’s in danger…

The nurse pretends to be telling Chanel on the phone that Abe is home with her and everything is fine. She then tells Abe that Chanel is not angry and is glad that she called. She says they were all just worried that Colin was going to hurt him again.

Leo tells Colin that he will just grab his notebook to write everything down. Leo reaches in to his bag and then finds his phone, realizing it wasn’t stolen after all. Leo then begins recording his interview with Colin by asking how he responds to allegations that he’s an unhinged psychopath. Colin then grabs Leo’s phone, slams it down, and steps on it. Colin says he can confirm that and pushes past Leo as he walks away.

Eric walks past the Brady Pub and gets a call from Sloan. Eric says he was about to call her as he just got an alert that Colin broke out of the hospital. Sloan says she just came from there. Eric asks what happened. Sloan explains that he overpowered the cop assigned to his transfer and now he’s gone. Eric guesses he couldn’t have gone far. Sloan says she doesn’t know but she hopes they catch him before anyone else gets hurt. Sloan then asks what Eric did with the cheek swab. Eric informs her that he gave it to Nicole and she’s bringing to Kayla, then they will all know.

Nicole arrives at the hospital and thanks Kayla for meeting her. Kayla knows how anxious she is for answers. Nicole gives Kayla the cheek swab and says she never thought she’d be in this position at this stage of her life, pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Nicole asks if this will take awhile. Kayla says it shouldn’t as she should take her blood, compare it with the DNA sample and get back to her as soon as possible. Nicole declares the waiting will finally be over as they walk off together.

Sloan walks past Leo, who asks her for a comment on her brother’s escape. Sloan asks if he got the news alert on his phone. Leo explains that he got it in his face as Colin was just there, dressed like a cop. Sloan questions where he went. Leo asks how he should know and says he’s just glad he’s gone because Colin is seriously scary and he was lucky to escape with his life. As Sloan walks away, Leo shouts for her to tell her brother that he owes him a phone.

Kayla finds Rafe at the hospital and questions him about the hospital being on lockdown. Rafe explains that Colin escaped and Abe has gone missing. Kayla asks if he thinks Colin kidnapped Abe. Rafe says they don’t know for sure, but it’s possible. Kayla worries about Abe being so vulnerable and asks how she can help. Rafe says to just be ready when they find him.

Paulina encourages having positive thoughts. Chanel assures that she’s there for her and Abe will be there too, very soon.

The nurse continues showing Abe the stuffed animal cats as he’s left confused.

Paulina tells Chanel that she always makes things better and encourages her to be strong, brave, and optimistic that Abe is okay.

Abe tells the nurse that he wishes he could say any of this looks familiar, but it doesn’t. She encourages that everything will come back in time but until then, she will take good care of him.

Eric enters the Brady Pub and greets Marlena, who says she just checked on Roman and Kate who are making up for lost time. Eric asks if she has a minute to talk as he has some news that might be big. Eric reveals to Marlena that he just found out Nicole is pregnant and it could be his.

Nicole joins EJ in his bedroom. They kiss and say they missed each other. EJ says he just got back awhile ago and he looked all over for her but he couldn’t find her, so he questions where she has been.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Daniel tells Nate to let Devon and Lily work out their own problems and advises him that if he gets involved he will only make things worse. Daniel later tells Lily about his talk with Nate and once again tries to get Lily to work things out with Devon.

Adam tells Victor that he wants to help him with the problems he is having acquiring McCall Unlimited. Victoria is upset when Victor wants Adam to run McCall Unlimited as its own entity rather than make it a part of Newnan Enterprises. Victoria tells Nate that McCall Unlimited will be hers no matter what her father wants to do with the company. Victoria tells Devon that Tucker offered to sell her the company first and then she asks Devon if he intends to buy the company because she needs to know if she needs to prepare for a fight. Devon doesn’t tell her anything about what he intends to do because he doesn’t trust her.

Devon later tells Abby that he has been looking at the financials for McCall Unlimited and he thinks that once he gets rid of the divisions of the company that are not profitable the company could become very valuable. Abby persuades Devon to talk to Tucker so he can decide whether or not to buy the company. Devon sends Tucker a text message telling him he has to talk to him and Tucker hopes this means he wants to buy McCall Unlimited.

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Days Short Recap Friday, March 3, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Alex that Victor was going to make him CEO until he got a call from Leo. She said Leo asked him about Alex’s threesome and how his affair with Allie ended her relationship with Chanel. He said that didn’t have anything to do with him being able to do the job. She said his personal life was a liability. He mentioned all the people who could be CEO. She said it was none of them. He wondered who was left. She said she was. He wondered what experience she had. She said she ran successful restaurants and picked up a couple of things from Victor. She said she had a lot to learn but she was hoping he would help her if she needed it. He wanted to call Victor to confirm what she said. He still couldn’t believe what was happening. She said she had good instincts. He asked if she had killer instincts. She ended up firing him. She told him she was kidding. She said she knows people will doubt her, but this was her family too. She said she would do anything to keep Titan on top. He said she was smart, but she wasn’t ruthless. She said she heard his issues but wanted to know if he wanted to move forward or not. Jack went to see Gwen at the Salem Inn. He gave her the keys to the paper. He told her not to turn his and Jennifer’s legacy into a cheap tabloid. She said she would do her best to live up to the standard they set. He said a part of him was grateful one of his children was looking out for something that meant so much to him. He let her know that he and Jennifer were going back to Boston. He said he would always love her. He said he hoped it would be easier to love each other with distance between them. He said he hoped she find happiness.

Jennifer talked to Julie about the paper. Julie asked if they lost their minds. Jennifer told her that Gwen and Xander blackmailed them. Jennifer told her about the hit and run. Julie wanted to finish the job. Jennifer stopped her from doing it. Julie said none of this would have happened if Jack kept it in his pants. Jack walked in while she was talking. He said he missed her. Jack and Jennifer told Julie goodbye. Julie said Gwen would answer to her if she did anything. Justin told Xander the clerk misplaced the paperwork, so his divorce wasn’t processed. Justin said he printed the paper over and needed him and Sarah to sign them again. Xander said he would look over the paperwork and get back to him. Gwen and Leo went to the Square. She told him that she might have made a mistake choosing Xander over Jack. Leo said he was certain Xander loved her. He told her to have faith. He said they would be together and soon as the divorce papers were processed. Justin showed up and told them the paperwork wasn’t filed. He said Xander seemed hesitant to sign the divorce papers. Sarah told Rex she was pregnant. He said it was amazing. He said they were having a baby. She said the baby was Xander’s. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do. He told her about the job opening at his hospital. He said the job was hers if she wanted it. She looked up the job and said it sounded great. She said things were complicated right now. Xander showed up. He asked Rex if he could speak to her alone. When Rex left, Xander told her the divorce didn’t go through. He asked if she really wanted to get the divorce before they signed the papers. He said it might have been a sign that they should give their marriage another chance. She touched her stomach. She said she got a sign too when he walked in. She said Rex told her about a job in Chicago and she was going to take it. She said the universe was telling her they should go their separate ways. She asked him for the papers. He gave her the papers. She signed the papers. He signed the papers. She said she would make sure the papers got filed properly. He wished her luck in Chicago. Xander ran into Leo and Gwen at the Square. Leo asked why he didn’t sign the divorce papers. Xander said he did. He said Sarah was leaving town with Rex. He said once the divorce was finalized there would be no connection between them. Sarah told Rex she was taking the job. She said she didn’t tell Xander about the baby. He asked if she was sure. She said she didn’t know what to do about the baby. She said this would give him a chance to figure out what to do without Xander breathing down her neck.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, February 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John saw Steve at Kayla’s grave. They talked about their wives’ funeral. John said it was hard to believe they were never going to see their wives again. Steve told him that he saw Kayla. John said that was a nice image. Steve said he and Kayla touched and kissed. He said she asked him for help. He said it was real. John asked if he was okay. Steve said he wasn’t. He said he would be grieving for the rest of his life. John said he understood which was why they were going after Orpheus. Roman called Lucas and told him they had to put their plan into effect. Lucas said he was ready to do it for his mother. Allie showed up while Roman was on the phone. Roman lied about why he was talking to Lucas. He said Lucas called about the funeral. She got on the phone and was concerned about how he was dealing with the grief. He told her not to worry about him. He told her to take care of herself and Henry. He said he loved her before they got off the phone. When Allie left, John and Steve went to see Roman. Roman told them Lucas was all set. Roman asked if they were ready. Steve said Orpheus wouldn’t know what hit him. Roman said he wished he was going with them. John and Steve thought it was better if he stayed on the outside in case something went wrong. Will told Sonny that he couldn’t put off going back to New Zealand. Will said he hated saying goodbye to him. Sonny said he was going with him. Sonny said he couldn’t stand being away from him. Will asked about Arianna and Titan. Sonny said Gabi said they could take her with them. He said Alex could take over Titan. He said he could work remotely. Will and Sonny were excited. Allie walked up and was happy for them. She asked if she could go with them. She wanted to take a chance and be impulsive. Will and Sonny were happy to have her with them.

Lucas told a guard that he wanted to see Orpheus right away. Orpheus showed up and asked if he was drunk. Lucas told him he wasn’t drunk enough. He said today was his mother’s funeral and he wasn’t there. He said he needed more alcohol to get through the day. Lucas tried to hit Orpheus but missed. Orpheus said he would be back. He came back with a bottle and wanted to make a toast to Kate. He wanted Lucas to go first. When Lucas was about to take a drink, the guard came back for Orpheus so he could go to therapy. When Orpheus was gone, Lucas put the alcohol on his face and put the rest in the garbage. The guard came back. Lucas said he wanted more alcohol. He went after the guard, but the guard threw him through a table. Lucas passed out. The guard called out for help to send him to the infirmary. When the nurse him in the infirmary alone, he let John and Steve inside. They were wearing scrubs. Nick let Marlena, Kayla and Kate know the devil was granting them an audience. The devil agreed to see Marlena. Nick took her to the staircase before he disappeared. Marlena saw the devil. The devil was Doug. He thought a familiar face would make her feel more comfortable. He said if she saw his real face, hers would melt away. He showed her the contracts they signed. She tried to bargain with the devil. She said Nick’s games were beneath the devil. She asked if he wanted to prove how strong he was without cheating. He said he would be willing to tear up the contracts if she would stay by his side for eternity. Kate and Kayla were worried about Marlena. Nick showed up and told them how sad their funerals were. When he talked about Steve, he told Kayla that she went to see Steve. She admitted to seeing him. She said she didn’t know how she was able to talk to him. He told her she wouldn’t be able to do it again. He told them John, Roman and Steve were avenging their deaths by killing Orpheus.


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Days Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel talked to Johnny about her fight with Allie. He said he wanted to find Allie so he could to her what happened was his fault. Chanel said she couldn’t let him take the blame for what happened. She said she didn’t want to stop him when he tried to kiss her. She said at the time she didn’t want to. She said she was in love with Allie. They said they would be careful around each other. He said he cared about her and his sister. He said he didn’t want to come between them again. She said his thing with Wendy could be good. She said she was happy for him. He said he was happy for her and Allie. They hugged each other. Allie walked in the room. Belle and Paulina ran into each other in the Square. They talked about Marlena. Paulina mentioned she had to get in touch with her lawyer about Sloan’s lawsuit. Belle asked if she could join her legal team. She said working would help her. She said she liked Paulina just as much as she hated Sloan. Paulina wanted to strategize. Sloan let Nicole know she and Eric slept together. Nicole called her a sl*t. Sloan said Nicole still had feelings for Eric while lusting after EJ. Sloan called her desperate. Nicole slapped her. Sloan slapped her back. Eric showed up and stopped them from fighting. Nicole told him she knew he was grieving, but there was no excuse for him to be the terrible person he was becoming. She said if he ever broke the spell he was under, he would regret looking at Sloan. Nicole said she was sorry about his mother before she walked away.

Eric asked Sloan if she provoked Nicole. Sloan said she did. She said it was a mistake to provoke Nicole. Sloan said it was too easy to get under Nicole’s skin. She said she thought Nicole was jealous. She asked if he still had feelings for Nicole. He said there would always be a connection between them. He said they never made it work and they never would. She asked him if he had feelings for Nicole again since he didn’t answer her question. Paulina showed up and argued with Sloan. Sloan said she couldn’t wait to see who she got as a lawyer. Belle showed up and said she was Paulina’s lawyer. She reminded Sloan that she beat her before and would do it again. She asked Eric about being with Sloan after their mother died. He called Belle an ambulance chaser. He said she was on the wrong side of the case because Sloan was the victim. He said he could relate to Sloan since they just lost their mother. He said she should be able to relate too. Paulina and Belle left. When Stefan was pouring liquid in EJ’s drink, Gabi hit him in the head with a statue. She dragged him to the door. EJ called out to Stefan. He walked in and saw Gabi. He yelled at her for sneaking in the mansion. He told her to give up trying to convince Stefan to get deprogrammed. She said Stefan still loved her. She said he would be hers again. When she was about to leave, he grabbed her so he could throw her out himself. He went upstairs to look for Stefan. Gabi snuck back in the mansion. She grabbed Stefan so she could take him in the tunnel. Nicole went to the DiMera mansion. She told EJ what happened with Sloan. He wanted to toast Sloan for being with Eric and for Nicole for moving on from him. Nicole started to feel weird. She kept drinking until she dropped the glass. She almost kissed him. He took her upstairs. She wondered what was wrong with her. She said she could usually hold her liquor. He complimented her. He said Eric was a fool. She looked at him and realized she didn’t need Eric when she had him. They kissed each other. Stefan woke up tied in the wine cellar. He called Gabi a crazy b*tch. She said she was desperate. She said they were going to fix his skull whether he liked it or not. She said they would see where his heart lied. He yelled at her. She said her urge to fight for what she wanted was what he loved about her. He said he didn’t want to be with her. She said she knew it was the brainwashing talking. She said they would get through this together. She said when it was over, he would see that it was worth it. He asked how it was going to work when Rolf was missing, and Marlena was dead. She taped his mouth and called Li.

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GH Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

Dex stood waiting for someone on the pier.  Michael descended the stairs to meet Dex on the lower level.  Dex drew his gun, prompting Michael to say, “it’s just me.”  Michael and Dex spoke on the dock. Dex told Michael all about Sonny’s meeting with Pikeman Security Group. Michael knew of Pikeman and their shady reputation for shipping military weapons to private security people.  Dex told Michael that Pikeman was notorious for supplying weapons to people who probably shouldn’t have access to those weapons. Dex said that during his time in the military, Pikeman was a constant headache. Michael stated that this move by Sonny would easily get him indicted for aiding terrorists.  “This is how we bring Sonny down,” Michael stated. Dex warned that things could get “messy” if Pikeman were ever able to tie the evidence back to Michael. Michael didn’t seem too concerned about that fact and believed that he could get the evidence into the right hands without exposing himself as the source. Dex wondered if Michael was prepared for Sonny to go to prison forever. But Michael, who was unswayed by Dex’s advice on the amount of time that Sonny would be facing if convicted, said that this was a new low (even for Sonny).  MIchael said that he didn’t want Sonny around his family. “Forever is fine with me,” Michael said.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth gave Nikolas a list of things Esme needed, and he said he appreciated her. “I’m not doing it for you,” she said, and headed upstairs.  The doorbell rang and Nikolas answered it to find Laura waiting outside. He told her it wasn’t a good time, but she entered, anyway. She told him about visiting Cyrus, and learning some information from him had made her wonder what else she didn’t know, especially about Nikolas. Laura was tired of being kept in the dark and wanted to know what Nikolas had done to alienate Spencer.  

Elizabeth entered Esme’s room, and Esme wasn’t happy to see her. As Elizabeth examined Esme, Esme begged Elizabeth to help her get out of Wyndemere, as she feared that Nikolas would kill her after she gave birth. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn’t let anything happen to Esme or the baby. Esme was concerned about complications, and Elizabeth said her pregnancy was progressing normally. She said that she would ask Nikolas for a portable ultrasound machine so Esme could have a picture of the baby. Elizabeth again urged Esme not to worry, and she left the room.

A short while later, Demetrius served Esme with a candlelight dinner. When she was done eating, she expressed how sorry she was that Demetrius couldn’t join her, but she toasted to his kindness. She wished him a happy New Year, and he took the tray and left. She pulled one match out of her pocket and said, “Happy New Year to us.”

“I’m leaving now!” Elizabeth called out as she arrived downstairs. Laura greeted her and proposed that they catch up soon, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura sensed the awkwardness between Elizabeth and Nikolas until Elizabeth left. “Tell me it wasn’t Elizabeth,” Laura begged, and she scolded her son. Nikolas told Laura that he had an affair with Elizabeth.  Laura was shocked and said that Elizabeth was like family and now she understood why Spencer was so displeased with his father.  Laura’s inquiries finally drew a rebuke from Nikolas as he told her that there would be no baby, because Elizabeth had suffered a miscarriage. Laura apologized for the loss of his child. However, she was still worried about Spencer, and Nikolas informed her that Spencer’s release was contingent on Victor’s guardianship. A shocked Laura knew that Victor would try to use Spencer, and she vowed to do anything she could to take Victor down. Nikolas pleaded with her not to, he said that if she took down Victor, she would also take him down in the process. 

Trina arrived on the deck of the Haunted Star for Britt’s party, and Spencer said she looked beautiful. He said that they should take a selfie and suggested they could post throughout the night to drive Esme crazy. Sonny and Nina arrived, and Sonny was disappointed that Spencer hadn’t visited him since his release. Spencer apologized to Sonny for not coming to see him following his release.  Sonny said that he was only kidding that he knew Spencer had a lot on his plate. Nina expressed her sympathy for Trina’s loss, and they talked about what a good man Rory had been.

When Sonny and Nina were gone, Spencer took his coat off and put it on Trina, and she reminded him that no one was watching. Trina feared that the Hook killer could be someone they’d never expected, but Spencer thought that Esme was the likeliest suspect. Trina apologized for telling Spencer that they weren’t friends and insisted that she hadn’t meant it. Spencer was glad to hear it, as he had few. He talked about how Britt had always stuck by him, and how much they had in common, like pushing people away when they needed them most. She suggested that they go in, but he asked for five more minutes. As they got closer, they invented a story about how they’d gone out for air, and old feelings had resurfaced.

Terry arrived at the party and waded through the people to find Finn. She joked that the party didn’t seem like his scene. 

Britt and Liesl made their entrance. Liesl went to see Scott as Maxie and Brad approached. Britt expressed how great of a job they’d done with her party. Austin walked over, and Maxie excused herself and Brad to check on Britt’s next surprise. Austin reiterated that it wasn’t a good idea for Britt to run away and that she had time to rethink the plan. 

Sonny and Nina entered, and Nina thanked him for accompanying her to the party. Nina commented on the huge toll that being with her had taken on his life. 

Maxie and Brad wheeled someone heavily covered up into the middle of the dance floor, and the person shook off the clothing to reveal the master of ceremonies for The Britch Fest, a drag queen. The drag queen called Britt to the center of the floor, and everyone began to dance. 

Terry asked Finn if Elizabeth was all right, but he told her that he was the wrong person to be asking. He told Terry that he and Elizabeth had broken up. 

Liesl got Britt off the dance floor and advised her not to overdo it, she said that dancing took a toll on your body. Britt told Liesl to stop worrying and have fun. 

Just then, the drag queen got up onstage and announced that Britt and Brad’s favorite pastime was karaoke, and she called them up to the stage. A song began to play, and Britt and Brad sang “I Knew You Were Waiting” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. They finished the song to a huge ovation. 

The drag queen asked the “boys” to show Britt what they had. They emerged from the back in a line with cake and flatware. Maxie knew that Britt hated the birthday song, but she wanted Britt to make a birthday wish. Britt made her wish and glanced over at Liesl. Britt looked around the room, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At Newman Media, Victoria and Nate discuss their upcoming business trip to Los Angeles. When he mentions that Elena is going to see if she can get time off from work and join him, Victoria is taken aback.  She doesn’t understand why he would bring Elena with him on a short business trip to Los Angeles. She says that they’re only going to be there one day, with non stop meetings. While they’re discussing this, Nate gets a text from Elena letting him know that she can’t join him on the trip because a couple of doctors are out sick and she has to fill in for them.

Devon knocks on the partially open door to Nate’s office and walks in, interrupting his meeting with Victoria. When he says that he wants to speak to Nate alone, Nate counters that he and Victoria are in a business meeting. She says that they’ve covered everything they needed to and leaves.

Once Devon and Nate are alone, they get into a heated argument about Nate inquiring to Lily and then Imani about what happened between Devon and Amanda. Devon lets Nate know in no uncertain terms that what happened between him and Amanda is none of Nate’s business.

Nate defends his call to Imani by saying that he wanted to find out how Naya was and was naturally curious about what happened with Amanda that resulted in her leaving Genoa City permanently and staying in Virginia. Nate tells Devon that he has a “holier than thou” attitude when he’s made his own mistakes.

Seeing as how Devon has jettisoned Nate from both his personal and professional lives, Nate tells him that he need not show up at his office anymore since they’re no longer family or colleagues. Devon storms out of Nate’s office, telling him one more time to mind his own business.

At Society, Daniel gets Lily to open up to him about what’s upsetting her. Reluctantly, she tells him about how Billy is helping a woman get through a difficult time in her life and she’s worried about the effect it’s having on him.

Billy is at Chelsea’s apartment, apologizing to Billy about what happened between them in Myanmar that led to Johnny’s conception. They discuss it in great detail and Chelsea tells him about her regrets. Billy mentions that what matters is that that Johnny is happy, healthy and striving.

Abby arrives at Devon’s penthouse with Dominic, both all bundled up after a cold day at the park. As she tells the baby that “Daddy Devon” told them to make themselves at home there, she has a flashback to having sex with Devon and talks to Dominic about being friends with Devon.

At Crimson Lights, Connor comes in and chats with Sharon and hints that he wants some hot chocolate. Shortly afterward, Johnny shows up. Sharon suggests that the boys find a table and she’ll bring their drinks over to them.  Connor and Johnny talk and laugh about how strict their mothers can be as they continue to bond.

Chance is also at the coffeehouse and opens up to Sharon about his situation with Abby and the effect it might have on Dominic. Sharon assures him that kids are resilient and things will all work out.

She points over toward Johnny and Connor and comments about how well the boys are doing. Chance decides to go over there, sits down at the table with the boys and asks them to teach him how to play the game they’re engrossed in. The boys are more than happy to do that and start telling Chance what it’s about.

Over at Chelsea’s apartment, Billy tells her that he appreciates her apology. She says that she would never repeat what she did all those years ago if the same situation presented itself. He agrees and assures her that she’s not the same person she was all those years ago. He also tells her she’s incredibly brave for taking accepting responsibility for her actions and choices that she made what was a “lifetime ago.”  He tells her that he acknowledges and appreciatse her making amends with him. She tells him  that she is not going to forgive herself for what she forget or excuse behavior grateful for his kindness, it’s more than she deserves.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, November 17, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady noticed that Nicole was wearing the same outfit she had on the day before. She told him that she told Rafe that she wanted to be with Eric. She also let Brady know that Jada was pregnant. She told him what happened when she found out about the baby. She told him that she hadn’t spoken to Eric since she found out the news. Brady told her to call Eric, but she felt like he would do the right thing and stay with Jada. Eric looked at Jada’s number while he was at the pub. Rafe showed up and saw Eric there. He gave him Nicole’s laptop because he thought she would need it. Eric told him that she wasn’t there. He apologized to Rafe, but he didn’t want to hear it. Rafe wondered why Nicole didn’t stay with him. Eric told him that Jada was pregnant. Rafe wondered what Eric was going to do about it. Jada walked in the pub to get her stuff. Rafe wondered if she needed help. He didn’t want her to keep lifting heavy things. Jada was upset with Eric for telling Rafe about her condition. She told him that he could have Nicole because she didn’t want anything to do with him. Eric told her that they were in it together now. Rafe left them alone to talk. Eric said that he would support any decision she made. She was surprised to hear him say that because he used to be a priest. He told her that he left the priesthood twice. He couldn’t make demands. He let her know that he always wanted a child. He told her that she would be able to count on him for support. She wanted to know where that left him and Nicole.

Nicole told Brady that she couldn’t ask Eric to turn his back on the one thing he wanted his entire life. Brady reminded her that he wanted her too. He felt like they deserved happiness. He hoped they would find it together. She thanked him for being her best friend. She hugged him just as Rafe walked in the room. He threw her laptop on the table and made a dig about her moving on from Eric so fast. She explained what she was doing with Brady. Rafe felt like she was trying to keep her options open. He told her that she could never come running back to him. Gabi and Stefan had a heated exchange at DiMera Enterprises. Chloe entered the room and saw them together. Gabi was surprised to find out that Li gave Chloe a promotion. Stefan implied that Li was hiding stuff from her. Gabi gets her wedding invitation proofs and shows them off. Stefan noticed their wedding date was on New Year’s Eve. She wanted to know if that bothered him. He thought she wanted more time to plan her wedding. Stefan reminded her that she just told him that she loved him. They talked about when he first arrived in Salem. She wanted to know if he moved on with Chloe. They proved he did so Gabi walked out. Stefan assured her that he had nothing but contempt for Gabi. Chloe wondered if he was sure about that. He said she was the only woman for him. He kissed her.

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GH Update Tuesday, October 25, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At Kelly’s, Dex confronted Josslyn and asked if the current state of things between them was how it was going to be from now on. She asked him if he still worked for Sonny, he replied in the affirmative and she then said that she didn’t see a change in things on the horizon.  Josslyn tried to appeal to Dex to quit Sonny’s organization by bringing up Jason.  She told Dex how loyal Jason and her Mom had been to Sonny and she asked him to look where they all are now.  She told Dex that Jason had been working for Sonny since he was younger than Dex is currently and that Sonny regarded Jason as family.  She reiterated that Sonny had still betrayed Jason and asked Dex how long he thought it would be before Sonny betrayed him.  Dex recalled his secret arrangement with Michael to take down Sonny and told Josslyn that he needed the job with Sonny.  Cameron then walked into Kelly’s and noticed that Josslyn was upset.  He asked what was going on.  Dex said that he had upset Josslyn by bringing up Sonny.  He apologized to Cameron.  When Dex left, Josslyn admitted to Cameron that she had known Dex longer than she previous admitted and that she had saved him from one of Sonny’s “employees.”  Cameron told Josslyn that he had known Josslyn had rescued Dex because Michael had already told him. Cameron wondered why Josslyn hadn’t told him, and she claimed it had been because she didn’t want Cameron involved in any of Sonny’s dealings.  Cameron said that he and Josslyn had been distant for months and that they needed to plan something together soon.  Josslyn agreed and the two embraced.  But, Josslyn still had a look of disappointment on her face.

Earlier, at the hospital, Cameron had been worried about an upcoming trip that Elizabeth planned to take with Terry to Monterey. Cameron noted that Elizabeth’s parents, Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey, but Elizabeth thought the chances of seeing her parents were slim.

Cameron confided that things hadn’t been going well with Josslyn. Elizabeth blamed Esme and said she hated what that horrible girl had done to them. Elizabeth vowed to spend time with Cameron and his brothers when she and Terry returned.

Later, Elizabeth appeared in Finn’s office. Elizabeth saw that Finn, Violet, and Gregory looked sad. Violet and Gregory left, and Finn said that he had just told Violet about Reiko’s death. Elizabeth asked if Finn would check on her boys while she was gone. Finn said that he would and then Elizabeth and Terry departed for Monterrey.

Britt and Cody, at an undisclosed bank location, wondered what was inside Peter’s safe deposit box. A man returned with the box, and Britt briefly hesitated before she agreed to search the box. Britt was shocked to discover a heavy diamond necklace inside. Cody said he knew how to tell if the necklace was real, and he used a compact from Britt’s purse to scratch the glass with one of the diamonds. Cody noted that real diamonds scratched glass, and he said the necklace was authentic.

Britt wondered about the necklace’s origins and how Peter had gotten his hands on it. Britt decided to keep the necklace stored away at its current location. 

At Nina’s penthouse, Ava and Nina shared martinis, and the two recalled the events of their day. Nina surmised that something was wrong with Ava, and she asked why Ava was avoiding her problems with Nikolas. Ava said she couldn’t decide what to do about Nikolas. Nina assured Ava that she wouldn’t judge Ava, regardless of her decision. Ava admitted that part of her wanted to cut Nikolas out of her life but that she’d reconsidered after Nikolas’ offer to confess to a crime. Nina wanted to know what Nikolas had done. “That’s just it. He didn’t do anything. I did,” Ava said. Ava said that if the secret ever became public, it could be the end for both Nikolas and her. Nina wondered why Ava hadn’t made Nikolas pay. Ava said it was because Nikolas would lay down his life for her. Nina’s phone rang, and she promised to continue her conversation with Ava when she returned. After Nina excused herself, Ava went to her purse to retrieve what she thought was Nikolas’ letter of confession. Instead, Ava was startled when she saw a letter that had been written on the same stationary. “Missing something???” 

At the Metro Court, Victor and Nikolas argued over whether Nikolas should divorce Ava. Victor called Nikolas’ feelings for Ava an “obsession.” Victor stated that he wouldn’t allow Nikolas to put the Cassadines at risk because of Ava, and he added that he had gone to great lengths to ensure the Cassadines’ future.

Nikolas said the Cassadine legacy was in his hands, not Victor’s. Victor wanted to know what Nikolas had meant, and Nikolas suggested that the two agree to a mutual exchange of information.

Victor remarked that Nikolas and Valentin were a lot alike because they were each focused on their own desires instead of the greater good. Victor and Nikolas’ argument became heated, and Victor accused Nikolas of loving Ava more than Spencer. Victor said that Nikolas had allowed Ava to destroy Nikolas’ relationship with Spencer. Victor remarked that Nikolas had not once visited Spencer in Pentonville.  Nikolas remained surprisingly cool throughout Victor’s grilling until he learned that Victor had stolen his letter of confession that he had given to Ava.  Nikolas was stunned that Victor had found the confession. “You will do exactly as I say and divorce Ava, or one way or the other, Nikolas, I will take you out,” Victor threatened.  Victor was still unaware that not only is there a letter of confession, but also a video.

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Days Update Monday, September 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Justin joins Bonnie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where Bonnie informs him that she has the most wonderful news. Bonnie announces that Nancy and Clyde are getting married today. Bonnie adds that it’s all because of her, revealing to Justin that when Nancy’s marriage crashed and burned, she set her up on a dating app which is where she met Clyde. Bonnie says she’s so thrilled for Nancy since she was so crushed by Craig cheating on her with a man while now she has found someone to make her happy for the rest of her life.

Chloe begs Craig to talk Nancy out of this wedding. Craig argues that she won’t listen to him after he broke her heart. Chloe asks what he thinks is going to happen when Nancy becomes Mrs. Clyde Weston and calls it the biggest mistake of her life. Craig understands her concerns but says she can’t put him in the middle because it’s not his place to tell Nancy who she should or shouldn’t marry. Craig declares that he’s sorry but he just won’t do it.

Nancy and Clyde talk in the town square. Nancy informs him that Brady, Chloe, and Craig are going to meet them at City Hall. Clyde decides they are all set then. Nancy thought her life was over until Clyde came along and gave her hope. Nancy tells Clyde that she loves him and can’t wait to be his wife as they kiss.

Rafe can’t believe Clyde’s alibi was bogus. Jada confirms there’s no doubt that he doctored the footage. Rafe credits Jada as they would’ve never known without her. Jada thanks him but points out that Rafe is the one who told her to go over everything again. Rafe declares that it looks like Chad was right about Leo being framed for Abigail’s murder, he was just wrong about who was doing it. Rafe decides they need to issue an arrest warrant for Clyde fast but by the book. Rafe wants to assure Chad that his wife’s killer is not going to slip through their hands again. Rafe then makes a call.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes a gun from the safe. Chad loads the gun and puts it in his pocket but EJ arrives and asks what he’s doing there.

Chloe pleads with Craig to go talk to Nancy and tell her she can’t go through with this wedding. Brady suggests Chloe take a minute but Chloe points out that they don’t have a minute as they are due at City Hal. Craig argues that Chloe isn’t hearing him while Chloe complains that Craig wasn’t hearing them when they warned him about Leo. Chloe asks what if they stopped trying and then Craig would be broke and married to Leo. Craig is grateful for them caring enough to tell him the truth even though he didn’t want to listen. Chloe says they did it because they love him and she knows he loves Nancy, so he needs to go talk sense in to her. Craig declares that Nancy has made her choice, adding that Clyde has paid his debt to society and is staying on that side of the law.

Justin tells Bonnie that this marriage is a bit sudden. Bonnie asks why wait when you find the one. Bonnie questions if he doesn’t agree. Justin responds that in this case, he definitely does not agree. Justin questions how Bonnie could be excited about Nancy marrying a criminal like Clyde Weston. Justin adds that he believes Clyde had Sonny stabbed several years ago as a way to send Victor a message during a business deal, but no one could ever prove Clyde was involved. Justin says he’s sorry to rain on Bonnie’s parade but declares that this wedding is nothing to celebrate.

Clyde tells Nancy that he can’t wait to be her husband. Clyde says he’s one lucky man to have her in his life and calls her his miracle. Clyde talks about not thinking he had a chance of meeting anyone on the dating app, but she took a chance on him and he’s forever grateful. Nancy is so glad she did because every day keeps getting better. Clyde calls this the best one yet. Nancy says she has to go make herself beautiful and she will see him soon. Nancy walks away. Clyde then turns around to see Belle in the town square.

Chad tells EJ that he just came to pick something up and now he has it, so he’s going. EJ stops him and asks if he’s alright. Chad tells EJ to get out of his way. EJ asks if there’s any news on Leo. Chad responds that Leo is innocent. EJ questions what he means. Chad then reveals that Leo wasn’t the one who killed his wife, it was Clyde Weston, and now he’s going to make damn sure he pays.

Clyde greets Belle and asks where she’s off to in such a hurry. Belle says it’s none of his business. Clyde asks her how EJ is doing. Belle responds that as far as she knows, he’s fine. Clyde sends his best and says he’s in a hurry himself as he’s going to the City Hall to get married. Clyde informs Belle that he and Nancy are getting married. Belle is surprised and questions it happening now. Clyde declares that his second chance comes tonight.

Chloe argues that Clyde is a career criminal and questions if he didn’t just get out of prison and pick up where he left off. Craig points out that Clyde is making an honest living at the Brady Pub. Chloe argues that he’s probably dealing drugs out of the Pub. Craig laughs that off, reminding her that Roman runs the place. Chloe questions why Craig is being so easy on Clyde. Chloe complains that Clyde is a psycho, who abused his own children and their mother. Chloe asks what if he does the same thing to Nancy. Chloe talks about Clyde beating Ben so badly that it turned him into a serial killer. Craig says that was a long time ago. Craig admits that he doesn’t think Clyde is good for Nancy, but Nancy has made her choice and Clyde has shown no sign of going back to the other side so they can’t judge and have to be fair. Chloe argues that Nancy barely knows Clyde and thinks it’s too soon for her to be marrying anyone. Craig points out that Nancy is very happy right now so he doesn’t want to deprive her by being negative. Craig declares that all they have to do is be positive and show her their support.

Justin calls Alex and promises to talk to Sonny and try to smooth things over. Bonnie asks what that was about. Justin informs her that Alex and Sonny got in a big fight over Titan, so now he has to go call Sonny. After Justin exits, Nancy rushes in to ask Bonnie for help getting ready for her wedding. Bonnie agrees to work her magic and transform her to the most beautiful bride.

Rafe calls Chad and leaves a message, giving him a heads up that Clyde Weston’s alibi for Abigail’s murder fell apart so they just got the arrest warrant and are going to pick him up. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and hangs up. Rafe tells Jada that now all they have to do is find Clyde as they hurry out of the station.

Chad reminds EJ that he should’ve told him that Clyde threatened their family. EJ responds that he’ll never stop being sorry for that. EJ asks about Clyde’s alibi. Chad says he doesn’t have time to answer his questions. EJ stops him and says he wants to help but Chad tells him to go to Hell and storms out.

Craig tells Chloe that if Nancy’s marriage falls apart, he will be there for her, but right now they owe her all the support and have to be positive. Chloe complains that she can’t do that while Nancy is marrying a thug. Chloe asks Brady to help her convince Craig that they have to get Nancy to reconsider. Brady apologizes but thinks Craig is right. Brady hears what Chloe is saying and wishes Nancy wasn’t marrying Clyde but it is her decision. Brady tells Chloe that unless she plans on no showing, they should get ready for a wedding.

Bonnie gets Nancy dressed and tells her that she’s never seen her look more beautiful. Bonnie gives Nancy a bouquet of flowers wrapped in blue while her outfit is new and borrowed from her while the jewelry is old, so she has all the bridal bases covered. Nancy thanks Bonnie and says their wedding is going to be very small with just family, but she would love it if Bonnie and Justin would come. Justin comes back in to the room with a serious look. Bonnie asks about the call with Sonny and if things between he and Alex are that bad. Justin responds that he doesn’t know how to say this, but Clyde was the one who stabbed Sonny. Bonnie questions why he would lay that old news on Nancy on her wedding day when that happened so long ago. Bonnie starts explaining but Justin cuts her off and reveals he’s talking about the stabbing that just happened that landed Sonny in the hospital. Nancy tries to argue it was Leo but Justin reveals that Sonny just told him that it was Clyde who attacked him.

EJ calls Chad, asking him to call him back because he really does want to help. Belle arrives and informs EJ that she just had a run in with Clyde and he asked about EJ in a way that was very unsettling. Belle adds that Clyde is marrying Nancy tonight. Belle calls that horrifying and says they can’t let Nancy marry a guy who put a hit on EJ and left him to die. EJ says that’s not all Clyde did and reveals that according to Chad, Clyde is also the one who murdered Abigail.

Clyde goes to City Hall and prepares to head inside when Chad grabs him from behind with his gun to his back.

Nancy questions what Justin is talking about, arguing that Clyde did not stab anyone. Bonnie points out that Sonny was stabbed behind and didn’t see who did it. Justin reveals that Sonny only identified the smell of vanilla. Nancy argues that doesn’t prove anything. Justin then adds that Sonny almost remembered seeing Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame. Nancy complains that Sonny is in the hospital being pumped full of drugs so they can’t trust anything he says and asks why Clyde would go after Sonny. Justin explains that Sonny is convinced that Clyde was trying to frame Leo. Nancy calls that even more ridiculous since Leo is out for revenge and has his hit list. Justin brings up Leo being cleared after Abigail’s murder, so Clyde had to find a way to implicate him again. Justin declares that Clyde did not just stab Sonny, he also murdered Abigail.

Belle thought Clyde had an alibi. EJ says he did too and asked Chad what had changed, but he just stormed off. EJ worries about Chad being in a bad way. Belle suggests they should call the police but EJ decides he’s going to handle Clyde himself.

Rafe and Jada search the Brady Pub but find out that Clyde is not there and that he’s getting married at City Hall, so they rush back out.

Clyde questions what Chad is doing. Chad warns him not to make a scene, pretend everything is normal, and come with him or he will kill him right here, right now.

Nancy insists to Justin that Clyde is innocent and has an alibi for the night that Abigail was killed as there is video of him fishing. Justin suggests Nancy speak to Sonny. Nancy argues that Sonny must be confused and she’s sorry for what he’s been through, but she has to get to her wedding. Nancy thanks Bonnie for everything. Justin advises Nancy to rethink her wedding but she refuses. Nancy yells at Justin to stop trying to ruin this for her. Nancy cries that Clyde is innocent and he loves her, so she is getting married today. Justin warns that this is a big step and asks her to talk to Sonny before she takes it. Nancy refuses to listen to anything else and declares that she’s getting married today, so nothing can stop her. Nancy thanks Bonnie again but decides it’s not a good idea for them to come to her wedding after all because of how Justin is acting. Nancy then exits the mansion. Bonnie says that Nancy must be right that Clyde wouldn’t stab anyone. Justin questions her believing that. Bonnie talks about believing in innocent until proven guilty while Justin sticks by what Sonny said. Bonnie believes Sonny could be mistaken. Justin doesn’t think so. Bonnie suggests Sonny could be thinking about his past stabbing. Justin talks about Clyde doing terrible things. Bonnie relates to being unfairly judged by your past, noting that she was a rotten person but she changed, so maybe Clyde has too. Justin hopes that she’s right for Nancy’s sake.

Brady, Chloe, and Craig arrive at City Hall and wonder where everyone is. Brady jokes that he thought they were running late. Chloe hopes it’s a good sign that maybe Nancy changed her mind and cancelled the wedding. Craig suggests she’s probably just taking extra time getting ready. Craig reminds Chloe to be supportive. Brady points out that Clyde isn’t even there, so he wonders what’s keeping him. Chloe feels it’s the perfect excuse to leave since they came but the bride and groom weren’t there. Craig says they can’t do that. Chloe points out that no one is there. Craig assures they are on their way. Chloe wants to wait two more minutes. Craig insists that they are not bailing on Nancy on her big day when she asked them to come. Craig tells her to think of how hurt Nancy would be. Rafe and Jada arrive. Craig gets upset, thinking that they tracked him there and repeats that he had nothing to do with Abigail or Sonny. Rafe responds that they know he didn’t stab anyone. Brady asks if they know who did. Rafe reveals they have reason to believe it was Clyde Weston. Chloe thought he had an alibi. Rafe and Jada explain that it fell apart as the footage was doctored. Chloe complains that she knew Clyde was a bad guy but questions if he’s that bad that he stabbed Sonny and killed Abigail. Rafe confirms it looks that way. Chloe worries about Nancy marrying him. Rafe says that’s why they are here, to get to Clyde before he walks down the aisle.

Chad brings Clyde to Abigail’s grave and orders him to look at her headstone. Chad wants to know why Clyde put her in the ground. Clyde claims he has the wrong guy and that he had nothing to do with it as he has an alibi. Chad screams that is the wrong answer as Rafe told him that the footage was tampered with. Chad warns that everyone knows he’s trying to cover his tracks and asks why he would do that if he wasn’t guilty. Chad wants to know why he slaughtered his wife. Chad screams at Clyde to start talking. Chad asks if Clyde did it to send a message to EJ. Clyde says it wasn’t like that at all. Chad asks for the truth. Clyde responds that Abigail wasn’t the one he meant to kill. Chad asks who was then and demands he start talking. Clyde then reveals that Belle was the one he was after.

Belle questions what EJ plans to do by handling Clyde. EJ says he should’ve put Clyde down the minute he remembered that Clyde had him shot. EJ complains that he lost everything because of him. EJ declares that this ends now. EJ goes to the safe. Belle worries that if EJ kills Clyde, he’ll lose everything again and will be behind bars for the rest of his life. EJ blames himself for Abigail’s death and says now he intends to make things right. EJ then opens the safe, only to find the gun is gone.

Justin loves that Bonnie has such a forgiving heart but not everyone is able to turn their life around like she did. Bonnie says she was able to because she had the love of a good man and now Clyde has the love of a good woman. Bonnie asks Justin to try to give Clyde the benefit of the doubt. Justin notes that Sonny was pretty sure about what happened but agrees to talk to him again. Bonnie worries about Nancy and asks how she can handle getting her heart broken all over again. Justin says she’ll just have to lean on her friends like her. Justin kisses Bonnie and then exits.

Chloe argues that they were supposed to be here by now and worries that Clyde found out the cops were after him and kidnapped Nancy. Nancy then arrives. Chloe asks if she’s okay. Nancy says she’s fine and asks what’s going on and where Clyde is. Rafe says they are actually trying to find him and questions if Nancy doesn’t know where he is. Nancy responds that she doesn’t, but she knows why they are hunting him down because of what Sonny said. Nancy says that Justin told her all about it. Rafe says they just need to find him. Nancy mocks this being about vanilla cologne and Clyde’s reflection. Nancy insists that Clyde didn’t stab Sonny. Rafe and Jada question what Sonny said. Nancy explains that Sonny said he saw Clyde’s reflection in a picture frame in his office but argues that he must have been hallucinating from the drugs they are giving him in the hospital. Craig tries to calm her down but Nancy shouts that she is getting married. Chloe brings up Abigail’s murder as well. Nancy brings up Clyde’s alibi but Chloe informs her that it’s fake and was altered. Nancy starts to cry. Jada confirms they have a warrant out for Clyde’s arrest.

Chad questions why Clyde would go after Belle. Clyde states that EJ blabbed to her after he told him to keep his mouth shut about their history. Chad questions what that has to do with Abigail. Clyde explains that he went to the DiMera Mansion one night with the excuse that he was there to talk business with EJ, but he didn’t trust him, so he planted a bug in the house to keep tabs on him. Clyde reveals that’s how he found out that EJ betrayed him and heard him talking to Belle. Clyde complains that EJ lied after assuring him that what happened in the park would be their secret. Clyde recalls hearing EJ talking about his plan to make sure Clyde would never be able to hurt anyone again but Belle talked him out of it. Clyde knew Belle still had every intention of making him pay, so he knew they were coming after him one way or another, so he decided to send EJ a message since he knew Belle was living at the mansion and wanted to teach her a lesson…

EJ remembers Chad saying he came to pick something up and realizes it was the gun. EJ tells Belle that Chad just found out who really murdered his wife and is going to handle Clyde himself, by killing him.

Rafe calls to put an APB out on Clyde Weston, wanted for murder and attempted murder so he’s considered extremely dangerous. Nancy cries that this can’t be true. Craig tries to comfort her but Nancy tells him not to touch her. Nancy runs out of the room, so Chloe and Craig go after her. Rafe decides they need to find Clyde and exits with Jada.

Belle says she’s really calling the police now as they have to do something. EJ feels they need to find Chad themselves before it’s too late.

Chad still wants to know how Clyde went from taking Belle out to murdering his wife. Clyde explains that when he got to the mansion that night, there was no sign of Belle or EJ. Chad asks if he just decided to kill his wife then. Clyde says that’s not how it went down. Chad screams at him to tell him what happened because he wants to know everything about how his wife died.

EJ tells Belle that Clyde’s been living with Nancy so maybe he’s there. Belle reminds him that they are getting married today at City Hall. Belle decides she’s going with EJ despite EJ saying no. Belle adds that first she’s going to call Shawn to let him know that they think Clyde is at City Hall. EJ still doesn’t want to involve police. Belle worries that Chad isn’t experienced with guns while Clyde is and asks if he’s prepared to deal with what happens if Clyde gets the gun away from Chad. EJ then agrees to let Belle call the police, but tells her to do it from the car as they rush out of the mansion.

Nancy returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits with Bonnie. Bonnie apologizes as she knows what Justin said upset her. Nancy responds that it’s ok because Justin was right as Clyde never showed up for the wedding, but the police did with a warrant for his arrest. Nancy cries that Clyde stabbed Sonny, and even worse, they said he killed Abigail. Bonnie tells her she’s so sorry. Nancy doesn’t want to believe it and kept arguing that the Clyde she knows would never do such horrible things but she couldn’t change their minds. Nancy breaks down crying as Bonnie hugs her.

Chad screams at Clyde to start talking. Clyde says he doesn’t want to do this. Clyde doesn’t think it will do him any good to hear about it. Chad accuses him of stalling as he holds the gun on him. Chad points out a freshly dug grave and threatens to put Clyde in it.

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