Days Short Recap Monday, May 1, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to see EJ. She couldn’t believe his emergency was about getting Gabi out of DiMera Enterprises. She reminded him about what Shawn was going through. EJ wanted to know what happened. She told him that Shawn accidentally shot Bo. He said that it sounded like Shawn screwed up. Belle punched him and called him an insensitive jerk. She was about to leave when he stopped her. He apologized for what he said. He offered to send her out to be with Shawn. She thought that it was a generous offer, but she had a trial. He said the offer was still there if she wanted it. He said he would handle Gabi. Harris turned his hotel key back in and ran into Shawn. He wanted to know if there was a change in Bo’s condition. Shawn told him the doctor wasn’t sure when he will come out of his coma. Harris apologized, but Shawn blamed himself for what happened. Harris said his actions led to what happened to Bo. Shawn agreed that some of what happened was his fault, but he was the one who shot his father. Harris thought he should pay for keeping Hope in the dark about Bo. Shawn told him that what he did wasn’t illegal so he didn’t commit a crime. Harris said he paid for it by losing Hope. Shawn wondered what he expected. He asked Harris if he expected him to feel sorry for him. Harris knew he had to live with what he did for the rest of his life. Shawn left to take a shower.

Kayla left to tell Hope that Kate was still alive. Steve and Andrew assured Roman they would help him find Kate. They realized she took a boat to get to one of the islands. They thought it was strange that she didn’t reach out to anyone once she arrived on land. Andrew thought the sea might have overpowered her, but Roman believed Kate was alive. Andrew let to get help. Kate wondered why she was on the fish boat. A man approached her and she thanked him for saving her. She asked him for a phone. He wanted to know how much she would pay for it. She reminded him that she didn’t have any money at the time. She said she would pay him when she got home. He motioned to her ring. Kate made the trade. He told her that she was only allowed to make a call. She made her call, but no one answered. She wanted to try again, but the man said she was only allowed one phone call. He told her to go back to work. Belle called Shawn. He told her about Bo squeezing his mother’s hand. He said he wasn’t expected to wake up any time soon. She told him not to give up. He wasn’t going to give up, but things were hard for him. Kayla found Chad and told him that Bo didn’t kill Kate. She told him that Kate was alive. Chad was excited and wanted to see her. They went inside to get more information from Steve and Roman. Andrew met Harris in the hotel lobby. Andrew said he needed his help finding Kate. Harris wanted to know why he needed his help. Andrew asked him if he wanted a chance to redeem himself.

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