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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen wanted to know how Dimitri would get them out of prison when he’s in jail himself. Megan assured her that her son was a brilliant man. She said he was making negotiations as they spoke. Kristen wondered if Dimitri was really her son. Megan said she gave birth to him and raised him to be the man he is today. Steve and Harris went to see Dimitri. They demanded to know where Andrew was. Dimitri wanted his demands met first. They wanted to know why Megan was included in his deal. He informed them that she is his mother. A goon threw water on Andrew to wake him up. He remembered getting a call that Paul had been kidnapped.He was told not to tell anyone about the kidnapping. He was told to go to the storage room. He was grabbed from behind by someone carrying a knife. Andrew struggled to get out of his restraints when the goon left the room. Marlena was about to text John when Roman and Kate showed up at her place. She hugged Kate. They caught up with each other. Marlena told them that Dimitri took Andrew. Kristen wondered who Dimitri’s father was since she only had feelings for Bo. She explained how she met Dimitri’s father. Stefano wanted her to lay low after she was unfrozen. She met his father after she got out of the chamber. They hit it off when they first got together. She said that Dimitri’s father didn’t like the way she was raising him and wanted to send him to boarding school.

Steve believed that Dimitri told the truth about Megan because he’s a ruthless person. Dimitri didn’t care about their insults. He wanted to know if his demands were being met. Andrew pretended to be asleep when a goon came in the room. Andrew overpowered him and tried to escape. He was faced with a gun so he sat back down. Megan told Kristen that Dimitri’s father was a means to an end. She was in love with Bo. She planned to wait around until she found out how Bo was doing. She has her own agenda in Salem. Kristen said they had similar ideas for Salem and reminded her that she was supposed to help her get out of prison. Steve talks on the phone with Shane. He called in every favor to get Dimitri released from jail. After Steve got off the phone, he was approached by Sebastian Alamain. He told Steve that he was going to take him back to Alamania for what he did with the Alamanian Peacock. He said he would rot in prison for the rest of his life. He produced a paper that said he could do it. Steve told him that a good man would lose his life if he took Dimitri. He wanted Sebastian to do the right thing and help Andrew. Kristen reminded Megan that she was the reason she was in prison. She was going to give the women the orchid. She told Megan that she ordered Bo to steal the orchid. She also told her that she would need her on her side when she tried to claim her birthright. She promised to help Kristen, but she couldn’t mess up Dimitri’s plans. Kristen warned her that she would have an enemy if she kept her in prison. Steve went to see Dimitri again. Megan called Steve. Dimitri wanted to talk to Megan. He let Steve know that one more name had to be added to the deal. He wanted to add Kristen as part of the deal.

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