Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to John in the hospital chapel. John told him he couldn’t believe Marlena was dying. Brady blamed himself for what was going on. John said he was in an impossible situation. Brady said he should have said something in the beginning. He apologized for not saying something sooner. John said he sacrificed his happiness to save the women the first time around. John said he and Marlena were meant to be together. He said their story isn’t over yet. Brady said he loved her like a mother. John said he knew. John said Kristen knew and that was why she used that to her advantage. He said she knew Brady would do anything for Marlena. Brady said Marlena would have done the same thing for him. Li told Stefan to apologize to Gabi. Stefan said he was sorry that she was a snake who only cared about herself. Li punched him. Stefan yelled at Li for brainwashing him. He told Gabi he would have hated her on his own. Stefan said Li and Gabi deserved each other. When Stefan left, Li told Gabi Stefan was wrong to talk to her the way he did. He asked why Stefan was so mad. She told him she wanted Marlena to reverse the brainwashing. He asked if Marlena was sick. She defended herself about why she wanted Marlena to reverse the brainwashing. He understood why she wanted to do it. He said she didn’t deserve Stefan’s anger. She said she wasn’t going to let him be nice to her when he was the reason why she was in this situation.

Li tried to reach out to Gabi. She took her hand away. She noticed his hand and thought he might have needed to get it checked. He said it was worth it. She said no one asked him to defend her. He said no one had to ask him. She went to get him some ice. She came back with a bucket of ice. He said it meant a lot to him. She dumped the bucket over his head. She said she couldn’t believe he thought she would be nice to him after what he did. He said he wasn’t worried about her being angry with him. He was worried about her not caring anymore. He thought the passion was gone, but he saw that it wasn’t. She ran away from him. At the police station, Rafe and Jada talk about not being able to find Rolf. Steve came in and said he should arrest his accomplice. Rafe said they didn’t have any evidence incriminating her. Steve played the recording of her confession. Steve told them how he got the confession. Rafe said the recording was inadmissible. Jada said she might know a loophole they might be able to use. Kristen tried to make Chloe leave. Chloe yelled at her for brainwashing Stefan. She also blamed Kristen for what happened to Kate and Kayla. Kristen said she didn’t know what she was talking about. Chloe said she wouldn’t let her gaslight her. Kristen tried to get rid of Chloe again, but Chloe grabbed a fire poker. Stefan walked in and tried to stop Chloe from using the poker. Chloe put the poker down and left the room. Kristen thanked him for saving her life. He said he should use the poker himself. They ended up arguing over what she did. He told her there was no going back to Brady if Marlena died. She asked if she was supposed to let Rachel go. He said she didn’t have any other option. He said Brady had custody of Rachel. He said any judge will see that she shouldn’t be around Rachel. He said he couldn’t stand being around her. He wanted her to get out of his sight. Rafe called Johnny and asked him to come to the police station. Johnny showed up. Rafe played Kristen’s confession for him. Jada said Johnny heard the confession directly which meant it wasn’t hearsay. Rafe said they needed a sworn statement that he had a conversation with Kristen about the orchid and that it was the one on the recording. He said that should be enough to get a warrant. Steve asked Johnny if he was willing to do that. Johnny said he would.

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