Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nikki asks Kyle to try and reconcile with Summer, but he tells her Summer broke his trust and their marriage can’t be fixed. Nikki decides to keep Kyle at Newman Media, but she doesn’t know what job she wants him to do yet. Nikki warns Kyle that she will fire both he and Audra if there is any inappropriate behavior between them. Kyle lies to Nikki that his relationship with Audra has ended. Nate later sees Audra with Kyle at the park and tells her she is taking a big risk lying to Nikki.

Abby talks to Kyle at the park and he tells her that Summer was holding him back and now he is free to have fun and make his own decisions. Abby calls Jack later and tells him she thinks Kyle is headed down a bad path in his life. Jack asks Kyle to come to the house and have a talk.

Billy tries to persuade Abby to vote with him so they can put a clause in the bylaws of Jabot that states that Diane has to wait ten years before she can have a seat on the board at Jabot. Abby tells Billy no and later brings the idea to Jack, but he refuses telling Billy that he trusts Diane and knows she doesn’t want to take over the company. Jack tells Diane he fears he will have to go to war with Billy.

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